Qubool Hai 19th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Qubool Hai 19th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1:
Location: Open grounds
sanam looks at the star lit sky, and thinks that today she hopes all gets correct in her life, and that she unites with the one she loves. she turns around but doesnt find shaad behind her and gets tensed. Meanwhile, at another location, in the ground, Shaad finds a child, trying to go towards a desolately kept teddy bear. He gets suspicious and tensed, if its shashi’s plan. he immediately rushes and takes him aside. He startss crying, and it attracts the mother’s attention, who is reprimanded by shaad for her recklessness. She says that its his toy, and hence he went back to get it, and she had her eyes on him all along. She reprimands him and then leaves. he is tensed. Shaad thinks that jannat is being neglected due to his obsession with shashi kapoor, and that he should get back to her.

Scene 2:
Location: Ahil’s residence and Hotel room
Ahil leaves, while gazalla stop him to ask where is he going. he says that he is going to see the stars. They are boggled. the new bride comes and warns them if she doesnt grab ahil today, she wouldnt spare them both. the doorbell rings. The new bride opens the door, to find saif dishevelled and distraught. She says that she isnt interested to talk to him. But he insists. She asks him to stop being immature, and childish. He says that he is now becoming the father, and that he cant spend life without her. She thinks that he is drunk and she would have to get rid of him soon. she complies to his statements, and says that he can be angry and that she forgave him, and expects him to do so too. He says that he wants her to be pleased with him. She asks him to shush as nazia might hear. he says that she can hear, as he doesnt care for nazia, and cares just for her. Nazia hears this from a distance, and is shocked to seee them. She hollers to saif, while the new bride turns around, shocked herself. nazia asks whats going on. saif smiles drunk. The new bride tries to cover the situation, saying that saif feels she is angry at him, and that after what happened recently, ahil specially doesnt want her to attend the marriage. She says that saif wants her to take all responsibilities of marriage. Nazia asks saif if its true, and to the new bride’s relief, he complies. Nazia gets happy and complies to his wishes too. The new bride agrees. nazia takes saif inside, and tells about the meteor shower, and its significance. The new bride gets alert when she hears this.

Scene 3:
Location: Open grounds
Sanam gets a tap on the shoulder, and she turns around presuming its shaad, but then finds ahil, asking when did he come here. Ahil says that he was right here but she went far away, addressing her as sanam. she corrects it as Jannat. he apologises. she doesnt mind it. he asks about shaad. She says that she cant find him. Ahil points out two stars, as Dilshad and Rashid, sanam’s pareents, and she sys in surprise, that she too sees these two stars everyday.Ahil and sanam look at the moonlit sky, while she is tensed where shaad went. just then, ahil spots a shooting star, and then points it to her excitedly, and holds her hand instinctively, asking her to make a wish. She wishes that true love is rare to find, and asks the lord not to keep him away from his true love for long, and that she wishes he finds his sanam soon. He opens his eyes, to find sanam praying with closed eyes. he prays that sanam brought happiness in his life, and nothing matters to him now more than her happiness, and hopes his prayers are accepted. Shaad comes back and notices them together hand in hand and is upset. They both open their eyes, and then she notices their hands together, and takes it off. She says that she wanted to see this bful moment with her husband. She says that she wanted to see this with shaad, and Shaad smiles. Ahil thinks that she is actually seeing this with his wife. he leaves from there without turning, and hence doesnt see shaad standing behind them. Shaad thinks that the reason he is so insecure about jannat is because he has himself formed the relation on a lie, and hence his insecurities reflect in the relation. he decides that he would have to tell jannat the truth. He progresses towards her, while recapitulating how his relation with jannat was. he takes the taveez in his hand as he comes in closer.

Just then, the new bride arrives there and comes face to face with ahil, who is shocked. They both are oblivious that sanam is standing behind them only at a distance. She asks him whats he doing here. he says that he came just like that. she taunts that she doesnt believe it, as habit would have it, even though she wants to believe. He says that its her problem entirely. Ahil turns away and leaves, with the new bride in tow.

Shaad taps on her shoulder. She reprimands shaad for having missed the bful view, of shooting stars, and that he should have been there, and frustratedly asks where was he. he sternly tells her that there’s something that he wants to say. She hears intently, saying that they can talk, but first they should inform ahil, as he is searching for him, and she wasnt even polite. she moves ahead. he apologises to himself for not being able to bare out his heart today and that he shall do it the first thing tomorrow. The screen freezes on his face.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Oho wats wrng wid ahil… Y u brought dat witch 2 home ?

  2. I don’t get it…why why why???????

  3. This is my best show , i am angry that Ahil brought that b*t*h Vamp home but then all left for us to see what happens .I am enjoying looking at the love Ahil feels in his heart for his beloved Sanam .

  4. Where is the Queen of comments? Gloria just waiting to see your funny comments, no disrespect nor insult meant but girl pls your comments sucks!

  5. Please post the precap, Rimjhim

  6. Ahil should not take the witch home and sanaam should get her memory back ….and i like nazia to get to find out truth about her boyfriend

  7. quboolhai4ever

    I love this show

  8. What the hell yaar ..kya ahil nayi sanam ka kuchh khake betha h jo itna darta h usse use ghar le aya … I mean koi b ho yaar itna bura hone h baad koi esi idiotic harkat nhi karta h …nd nayi sanam k kapde to nilam hogye the fir uske pass wapis kese aa gye nd one more thing …jab nayi sanam ko alih ne latif k kamre me sone ko kaha to laga nokar bna kar laya h …but nhi ..wo to firse malkin bankar beth gai …lol it so funny yaar stupid…

  9. I am so disappointed right now.Why the hell Ahil brings this disgusting witch back in his life.Ahil knows she is wicked and you have her their.He knows she tried to kill the love of his life and he is allowing her to come back.I do not believe this baby is his because since the night they were together .if she was pregnant then she should have been far more advanced with child.I believe if she does it is Ahil’s sister child father who she was having an affair with.She is back to interrupt Sanam and Ahil”s love life.Shaad should be told the truth and show him the evidence of their marriage life.I do not believe Shaad and Sanam was ever married legally.Get rid of The witch and Tanveer please I cannot go through watching this killing and witch craft again.

  10. barlinda you will find my comments sucks because I speak the truth for instance these writers are prolonging these serials tooooooooooooooo long when they should come to happy ending they always find some shit script to bring in and if you follow these serials long enough will agree with what I am saying the serial always begin good and then escalate to all sorts of stupid storyline without even paying attention to solving what they started you want to tell me soooooooooo long sanam lost her memory and she cannot get it back as yet and what about seher she just disapper off the scene and what became of dilshad the grandmother and rahatt and haya now back to ahil he should have been a trini because after what he has been through with long toenail sanam 2 you could not get rid of her and when you did you turn the table and let her back into your home now what I am saying is true sanam 2 is a criminal she killed the old man who took care of ahil when he was small she is pure evil down to gazalla and latif when they saw her coming back into the house they reprimanded ahil about it so what sucks for you the truth now ahil felt sorry for sanam 2 because she is pregnant and did not eat for two days ok fine leave her some money to take care of herself but nay big mistake you ahil brought her back into the home and see how she starts again with demands and ruling and following ahil to see where he is going and keeping tabs on what he is doing now for heaven sake tell me you find this is right no so go to hell with your stupid comment

    1. Gloria Ahil is a backside and do not even know it according to the script written for us to comment on.

  11. I am so glad that rosey and others agree with me about the issue of ahil bringing sanam 2 back in his house the only person who would tolerate what is going on with that long toenail witch sanam 2 is you

    1. Go girl defend your right to make your comments.

  12. bhandan started off on a good storyline a father mother their little girl child and their pet elephant they called their son then this serial escalated to all sorts of criminal activities which took the lives of the little girls parents and to make a long story short a lot of innocent and good people got kill by the evil one in the process now what I comment on is the truth then there is doli amaano ki poor urmi she has been through hell with that husband samrat alias sam the rat imagine no one would want to have a husband like him now that man is soooooooooooooo evil he fed his own child fatal pills to make his sick enough to die he got shauyras medical reports altered to show as if shauyra had cancer after he bribed the lab technician now tell me what kind of a beast of a man is samrat and all this just to hurt urmi because she love her son sooooo much I can go on and on explaining but I leave it up to you barlinda samrat has no love or respect for women he looks at all women like they are the pr*stitutes he go to the hotel with any way do your research now

  13. It’s shocking that Sanam will help nayi sanam to win over ahil ????


  15. Ahil’s house was sold out right how he come back home

    1. It was set up to get back at the witch for what she did to Ahil.

  16. Throw away that fake sanam.
    One show should have different villan but here same villi for long time. That’s not fair.:|

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