Qubool Hai 19th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Qubool Hai 19th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1:
Location: Ahil’s residence
The new bride waits anxiously out on the proch, while Sanam waits on the other side. tanveer watches them in glee, from the terrace. Seher is anxiously getting frustrated as to why has rehaan not reached yet, having called her here. rehaan is surprised and asks whats she doing here. she asks if he was expecting anyone else, and begins to go away. She begins to go, but rehaan stops her amusingly, and turns her towards him. she eyes him lovingly. He tells her that there was noone before and there wont be anyone after, as she made him believe in love, and till his last breath, she would be forever in his life. He confesses his love to her, and she hugs him, overwhelmingly. Tanveer watches this amusedly, while gazalla and razaak too come, and are shocked to find sanam hugging rehaan, and tanveer being happy with it. Tanveer asks them to focus on what ahil shall do, when he sees the both of them together. In her nervousness, she anxiously drops the dessert, and goes to get another bowl, while ahil comes. Meanwhile, tanveer asks them to go and find why hasnt ahil come yet. they tell him that a tensed ahil has come in the garden. He walks tensedly oblivious that on the other side, rehaan is hugging seher. tanveer watches this in excitement, waiting for him to see the both of them together. She thinks that sanam would be exposed now.

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In the garden, ahil is surprised to see sanam standing behind her, lovingly, with the dessert plate in her hand. He stands baffled as he watches her and her bowl. Tanveer meanwhile is boggled, as sanam’s back is towards her. she thinks that this is the new sanam, who was waiting for ahil, in the backlawn. gazalla tells tanveer that the moon is turning blue, as both the couples get to romancing. tanveer hopes that ahil sees the other side, and thinks that everything is okay, but ahil is still not seeing anything. Meanwhile, sanam says that she knew he wont be able to turn away from love, and she knew that he would come here. She says that it doesnt matter, whats his reason of being here, but it matters that he is here before her right now, and today is the blue moon night, and she had made dessert for him, which she shall feed him. Sanam finds ahil, and he gets tensed, as she tells him, that the fact they are here together, means that they are meant to be together forever. Rehaan too on the otherside, asks seher if she would just keep him waiting or feed him too. She lovingly complies. Meanwhile, the new bride too come, and is shocked to see ahil and sanam together. Tanveer is boggled, as to who this girl is. As sanam turns around to feed the moon, tanveer is shocked to find both the sisters together, finally in front of her eyes. She is dumbfounded. Both the sisters enjoy this moment, on the other sides of the lawn. Rehaan finally eats from seher. sanam too after praying, takes the spoon towards ahil. Ahil wonders if she is loving him so much, and wants them to be together alwats, then why did she leave him and go, in the first place. he is tensed. Sanam asks ahil to eat, if he ever loved her even for an instant. He waits tensedly. The new bride is distraught, as she finds sanam about to feed ahil. he bowl drops in horror, and this distracts sanam and ahil’s attention, both of whom are tensed, at the awkwardness of the situation. sanam looks at ahil and then at the new bride tensedly, who is teary eyed, watching them both together. Ahil walks from Sanam’s side, and moves to the new bride, and then walks past her too. Both the girls are distraught, as they face each other. the new bride leaves emotionally. Sanam too leaves.

Scene 2:
Location: Rahat’s residence
Haya is shocked and terrified to find faiz taking dessert from her spoon, while he stands evilly amused, as she remembers killing him. she drops her plate in shock, and retreats in fear, while he continues smiling. rahat hears her screams and concerned, rushes outside. She drops unconscious on the floor. Faiz dives back in water, wickedly amused. rahat rushes to haya, and finds her unconscious. He wakes her back up, and she is scared, and narrates her tale, saying that faiz was there. But rahat assures her that there was noone. She is apalled, as she hugs him.

Inside, she tries to convince rahat that it was faiz, who has come to kill her. she asks if he doesnt believe her, and assures him vehemently that faiz is alive. rahat says that he knows that she is not lying, and tells about the inspector’s phone call. Haya is shocked. She is boggled to know that faiz is alive, as she recounts that horror he had put her through. haya is berserk, and starts closing all the doors and windows. He asks whats she doing. She goes distraught, saying that he needs to take care or else faiz shall

Scene 3:
Location: Ahil’s residence
From the terrace, Tanveer remembers the difference in the two sides of sanam, that she had been thinking all along, and how they had been playing the twin card. Tanveer is shocked to have seen the both of them, one with ahil and the other with Rehaan, thinking that this means both of the twins, that zoya and asad were parents to, are alive. She is dumbfounded. gazalla is tensed to hear this, that they have two enemies to handle now. Tanveer thinks that the children are alive, who she thought were dead, and is amused, and guffaws, while razaak and gazalla thinks that she has gone mad, and blame it on the shock received. Tanveer is amused at their bafflement. She asks them to remember that noone should know, that sanam has a twin sister, and asks them to go and have a background check, on sanam’s twin sister. tanveer says that the biggest mistake of sanam, was using her sister. Tanveer says that both the sisters thought that they could befool her forever with their trick, and were playing a smart game, but now she would play a game against both of them, and then she would find it better to die than live with the betrayal of her sister. She says that they both have given her much defeat, but now she would play one sister as a pawn against the other. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Ahil takes the bowl of dessert that sanam had made, from the kitchen, and says that he eats it for sanam. sanam watches him from a distance, and is overwhelmed with emotions. The new bride watches from behind her and is shocked. Ahil hungrily eats the dessert. Meanwhile haya is shocked, as she finds faiz approaching them with a knife, and then to her horror, stabs it in rahat’s chest as he sleeps in the night.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

  1. Tanveer has to be exposed, its about time. And Faiz should stay dead. Nobody like the jerk ,evil and selfish person. Now I think two sisters should gang up on Tanveer and tape her while she is taling big about her evil deeds and let Ahil see his mother in action. Put the snake in her bed and see if she jumps or not…..

  2. Really the actors of this show are wasting their talents in this bakwass serial plz some one stop this nonsense writers

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