Qubool Hai 19th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Qubool Hai 19th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Saher enters wearing a black burka with a veil , saying ” They are fools who call this a mansion , this is a palace . Fortune has smiled on me ”
She has flash backs of being little and being with Sanam in that house .
The sheikh introduces his 3 wives .
There’s an awkward moment when the 2 wives show their faces , but Saher doesn’t .
Sanam enters , Aahil couldn’t take his eyes off her , as she’s dressed in one of the outfits that he had chosen for her .
Saher turns around and sees , only Sanam’s back .

Faiz got the best designer dresses , begs Rahat to show them to Haya , he refuses , saying that he has done all else , but won’t do this .
Faiz continues to beg , saying that he has no one but Rahat and who else would do it . Rahat finally agrees , Faiz calls him the best bro.

Saher asks to go to the washroom .
The Sheikh praises Sanam’s beauty , he gives a gift to Sanam . .
a diamond necklace worth 5 million saying that the glow of the diamond is nothing compared to Sanam’s beauty . Sanam refuses at first , saying that it’s too expensive , Aahil says don’t refuse , Sheikh asks if there is a prob. Sanam says no and accepts . Tanveer takes the necklace for safe keeping and asks for the safe keys from Sanam .
Saher watches all this while on her way to the washroom , she was being escorted by Latif . Saher wants to steal the necklace at any cost , she says :
” Oh my God , they are filthy rich !! If I succeed in robbing them , I’ll be rich ” .
She tells Latif that she’ll be fine on her own when they get to the washroom .

Saher sees Tanveer walking past with the necklace and follows her . She enters Aahil’s room , telling God that she wants this room with all it’s amenities , big bed , cupboards , 3 televisions etc .
Tanveer passes outside and Saher hides very close to AsYa pic.
Tanveer passes without sensing her presence . Saher drops the pic and the locket while getting up . She resets the pic. but looks at the locket and decides to keep it .
She then watches as Tanveer stores the necklace in the safe .

Rahat gives the dresses to Haya . She asks if he selected the dresses .
He says no it was Faiz .
She says he’s very lucky to have a brother who cares for his family . She gave Rahat a Sherwani and when Rahat asks who is it for , she says it’s for the groom . ( she just couldn’t say that it’s for you Rahat 🙄 ) .

At the dinner table , Aahil and the Sheikh talk business .
Aahil assures him of quality rates and services and says that their meeting is being recorded on camera , so as to avoid future conflict about their interaction .
Sanam notices that the sheikh’s 3rd wife is missing and offers to search for her . Saher is shown cracking open the safe code and stealing the cash and jewelry , placing it below her burka , while Sanam is walking outside .

Precap: Ahil sees Saher and asks her what’s makeup and all that? What’s wrong with her? Saher is confused. Later, Saher is in burka (without veil) in store room. Sanam comes there and they see each other.

Update Credit to: Phoenix

  1. Oh god…what happened to yesterdays precap?????????????

    1. dats so wndrful…wow ab khel mein maza ayega…

  2. Hope ahil get married both sisters as a privilage of muslim law

    1. No in ISLAM
      A man can not marraige to 2 sis at a time….

  3. I like role of latief choi moi

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