Qubool Hai 18th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Qubool Hai 18th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1:
Location: Ahil’s residence
sanam enters the room with the hunter, remembering ahil’s scare of the hunter, and wonders if this is the same one that ahil talks about, and if his father used to hit him with this. she decides that she cant show him this, as it would haunt him terribly, and that he wont be able to handle it, and she wont be able to see him traumatised like that. sher wonders how else would she be able to find out. As ahil enters, sanam hides the hunter below the blanket. Ahil asks why’s she so tensed. she says that she was thinking about the dreamhouse, and she is very happy with it. ahil says that he too is very hapy. He goes to freshen up. she is relieved that ahil didnt see the hunter, or else he would have been in a rage.

Later, sanam starts explaining the rooms, and their interior and decor. Ahil is surprised to find that sanam has planned a baby’s room alongside their master bedroom, in their dreamhouse, and tries to ask sanam, hesitatingly if she is insinuating about their kids. she is shy and embarassed as she eyes him awkwardly, while he eyes her with a mischievous smile. She urgently says that they would be faiz and haya’s kids, and hence would need a separate room. He amusingly plays along with this excuse. she starts explaining the kids’ room. He insistently keeps verifying that they are for faiz and haya’s kids, and places him incharge of english and sports like cricket, adding that she knows that he was the captain of his sports team. He asks how does she know that. she says that she saw his trophies. he says that they are in the attic. she says that she went eher only, just like that. He gets in a rage, saying that she went there with a motive to find about the past. she asks whats so wrong with it. He says that he has been telling her not to dig up her past, and she continues to defy him. she asks whats so wrong and she just wanted to know. He continues to lash at her. Just then, altif comes and tells him that he has been called by tanveer. He leaves angrily. Sanam wonders how could she be so stupid, and got him angered like this.

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Scene 2:
Location: Faiz’s residence
As faiz begins to go, haya gives him a lunch box. he irritatedly asks whats this. she says that she packed some food for them, as she cant undo whats already done, and wants to make up for the mistake that she did. faiz rudely says that when she cant change, then why does she bother. She is tensed, but still tries to please him. faiz gets a call, and says that he would reach in two minutes. but is told that the director doesnt need him at all, and asks him not to come. faiz is super upset. haya asks whose phone it was, and if everything is alright. faiz angrily asks her how is everything right, and why would someone give him work, after the way she insulted them. She asks why can they do this, and insists to talk to them. He stops her what would she say and how would she talk. Faiz asks why did she get married to her, and why did she ruin his life, if she was to behave like this. He asks why doesnt she even let him get close to her In their scuffle, she jerks him away, and his head hits the table and starts bleeding. she runs off, while his aunt comes rushing to her, and starts instigating him against haya. Faiz says that it isnt haya’s fault, and asks her not to interfere. He leaves. his aunt thinks that when things happen once, its an accident, but when they recur, its a habit, and now which would happen, shall lead to their divorce.

Haya cries desperately and then eyeing the phone, she dials rahat’s call, and as she hears him speak Hello, she is apalled, and tries hard to speak, so that rahat can understand. rahat thinks that the line isnt clear, but then the sound of haya’s bangles, make her recognise that its haya on the other end. He is taken back to his memories with her, and gets emotional, getting a call from her. He identifies her, and he is sick with helplessness, as she cries on the other end, as she distraughtedly clangs her bagles to express what she feels, and he keeps uttering her name over and over again. She finally cancels the call. Rehaan is disturbed.

Scene 3:
Location: Rehaan’s office
rehaan gives seher some office work, saying that he would be back in 2-3 hours. Seher is excited thinking that she gets her time to pry open the safe. she is about to get into it, when a door knock scares her. she turns around to find that same irritable doorman, saying that a woman came from the orphanage to give a packet to rehaan. She vents out her frustration at him for coming at the wrong time. she takes the packet and thwarts him away. she finds pics of rehaan with a small girl, and finds that a girl from the orphanage who has sent him a birthday card, and whose fees for education, rehaan takes care of. She smiels thinking that rehaan is weird, and that people dont have times for their own kids, and he cares for orphans. She gets to her work, distracting herself from rehaan’s thoughts and tries to pry open into the safe, but is haunted by rehaan’s concern for her. She starts reprimanding herself as to whats taking so long for her this time, and wonders why are rehaan’s good deeds stopping her from working.

Scene 4:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Tnveer tells ahil that she has had a talk with the lawyer, saying that the divorce papers shall be ready in two days, along with the property papers, and onmce the property is transferred he would be free. He is astounded. she asks if she isnt happy. He resignedly sits on the bed. she reminds him that h ewanted life like this, and didnt want to get married, and now those days would be back again for him, like his past life. But ahil is far from being happy. tanveer asks whats the matter. she says that he must be thinking about sanam, and her life having a divorced status, and asks him not to care fo sanam, as she has done all this for money only. She tells him that such girls can go to any length for money. ahil says that he doesnt think so, and that they may be being hasty in judging her, and that he doesnt think sanam is a girl like that. tanveer says that he did fall into her words, and that he cant see the reality, and that he is being swayed away by emotions. He says that it isnt like that. She asks if it isnt like that, then why is he having nightmares again. He asks how does she know. Tanveer evilly tells her that sanam came to her to tell this. Tanveer also tells ahil that sanam is taking much interest in his childhood, and tells how she came asking from tanveer about the same. She asks ahil how much would she know if she continues to probe about his childhood like this, and about his father and how would that affect him. ahil is tensed and disturbed. tanveer pretends to be tensed, but says that she has borne a lot due to him, and always wanted good for him, but now when its all paying off, he shouldnt do anything hasty that spoils it all. he is disturbed. she asks him to remember that those who are close to the heart are the one who always hurt it. Ahil is disturbed, and leaves. the screen freezes on tanveer’s evil face.

Precap: Sanam is shocked and distraught that ahil finally finds the hunter that she had hidden to escape ahil’s eyes. He gets into a rage, and breaks their dreamhouse with that hunter. Ahil asks sanam that he finally realised that she did marry him for money. He says that this marriage is wrong and false, and this relation is fake, and that he doesnt care for either of them. sanam is shocked. Meanwhile, as faiz takes a steam bath, his aunt turns on the temnperature way down, and faiz somehow manages to come out, and collapse on the floor, while haya coming from the opposite side is shocked. His aunt pretends to be shocked too.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  2. nice one
    i luv this show

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    why dont he understand sanam
    shez so nyc
    i lv her
    sehr do understand that ur in love with rehan nd accept ur love
    as jt is ur tomboish so u only propose rehan for marriage
    dilshad speak up..!!!
    razia bi has done a good deed first time in thos show by bringing dilshad
    tanveer get lost
    latof iz soo irritating
    🙂 🙂 🙂 <3 <3 lv sahil nd sehan

  5. Rahat cme fst…faiz is too immature

  6. Faiz is too stupid. Obviously if Haya is mute and deaf and he left the message with his Aunt, how the hell is Haya at fault?!?! Why he doesn’t lay the blame where it belongs on the Aunt?

  7. Tomorrow’s episode is going to be bad

  8. Love rahhat and haya scene. Miss u dude

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