Qubool Hai 18th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Qubool Hai 18th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1:
Location: Shaad’s residence, Faislabad, Lahore
sanam is extremely upset as she is changin, when shaad comes behind her. he apologises, while she asks if he even means what he says, and thought that what he did downstairs was so trivial. she asks if this is an excuse of helplessness. she asks if he has a better excuse. He stands complying. sanam says to Shaad that all men have this problem that they all know how to break hearts, but dont know how to apologise. she asks if this is the way to apologise, and it should feel a genuine heartfelt apology, straight from the heart, lamenting how he doesnt know how to say sorry. she asks him to get down on his ness, and catch his ears and apologise. He is disbelieving. she asks him to do so, or else she wont talk to him. he looks around, while she asks him to get down to business, as she is waiting. He gets down on his knees, cautious that noone sees him, he says I AM SORRY. sanam eyes him angrily. She asks if he is doing a favour, and asks him to catch his ears and repeat it again. he complies angrily. she pretends not to be able to hear and then makes him say that this wont happen again. he complies. she says that she forgave him then. He is shocked that she let go of her anger so easily. she says that a husband cant keep his wife mad for long. she assures him that she would set everything straight between him and his family. She leaves to change, while he feels guilty that he is using advantage of her, to get to the friend’s murderer, so that he can bridge the gap between the two warring nations and any amount of apology is insufficient.

while misbah is changing, distraught and in tears, her mother apologises for what she is going through and vehemently tries to state, that she had no clue of this, and had she known, she would never have gotten her here. Aaftab, shaad’s father stands outside, saying that she shouldnt apologise, instead he should as its his fault. he asks her to compose herself. Wazira asks what good his apology would do, and wants his help, saying that he doesnt know how important this marriage is for her, and her daughter’s life. He says that pairs are made in heaven, and hence Misbah is meant to be with someone else, and promises that he shall get a betyter groom for misbah than shaad, and till it doesnt happen, she would stay here as his daughter. misbah hears this tensedly. He says that he is completely mortified and embarassed. Misbah asks why is he embarassed and apologising, as he isnt guilty of any mistake, and that when pairs are made in heaven, maybe she has someone else in her destiny, as god always does everything for the best, and if she had gotten married to Shaad, she would have become his Bahu, and she woulodnt have been able to be his daughter. he blesses her to be happy.

Scene 2:
Location: Mamta Maternity home, India
The nurse gives the doctor the report, who inspects it under the scanner, while the new bride is tensed. He finds a knife stabbed in the new bride’s rib cage, in her X-ray films. He wonders how is this possible. Later, in darkness, as the lights start flickering, the new bride comes in her devilish form, and reminds the doctor that he had been instructed not to take the X-ray. she tells the doctor that the reason he didnt hear her heartbeat, is because her heart is dead. the doctor is scared and petrified. he asks who is she, and she smiles evilly. he says that she isnt a human, and she looks at him in a ghost like manner, while he clutches at his chest painfully, and finally collapses on the floor, under her steely gaze. She takes off his glasses, while he is severely palpitating. She says that whoever sees her dead heart, isnt able to control his own heart. he finally dies of cardiac arrest, and she lays the glasses beside him. she then takes the X-ray films, and shreds it to pieces with scissors. she meanwhile starts searching for her pregnancy reports.

Outside, ahil wonders impatiently whats taking sanam so long. shazia comes to tell him, that she had been to the washroom, which took time, and takes his permission to go to meet her friend. Ahil progresses towards the doctor’s chamber. he starts knocking on the door, unaware that she is frantically searching for the papers, which she finally gets. Before she can open, ahil walks in, asking what happened. She says that everything is fine as all reports are normal. he asks for the doctor, and she lies that he just went out.he denies having seen him, but she insists that he went on an emergency case. He decides to call him. She says that it isnt needed, and the doctor has said, that if he gets the husban’ds love and attention, all would be okay. he is frustrated. he notices that she is hiding the X-ray films. he takes them from her, and asks her to come along. She is terribly nervous and tensed, thinking that if he reads them, he shall know the truth. Outside, ahil makes her sit in the car, and she asks him to give the reports but he doesnt comply. He sits, and gets a business call, and gets busy in talking, lying that he was in a meeting, while she eyes the reports. she accuses him of lying, as he doesnt want anyone to know that she is bearing his child. he says that isnt the case as he did come with her. she says that he didnt come for her, as he thinks that this child is a mistake which he isnt ready to admit. He is tensed as he has no answer. she pretends to be hurt. They finally arrive home, while she eyes the reports, that he kept in the car, and thinks that she would get the right time to take them out. just then, ahil turns around, and gets in the car, much to her surprise, and takes the reports out. She is irritated, as he goes inside with the reports.

Scene 3:
Location: Lahore, Pakistan
The lights start flickering in the middle of the night, and finally go off. Shashi Kapoor stealthily finds his way through Shaad’s house, in the wee hours of the night, and eyes sanam sleeping peacefully in her room, unaware of his presence. The screen freezes on his face.

Precap: While he is embararsed to see sanam finding him bare torsoed, after taking a bath, she makes fun of him and his shy nature. He insists that she doesnt need his help in picking out clothes, and asks her to leave. she is amused and then boggled. meanwhile, ahil keeps the reports carelessly on the table, and leave. she is about to take them, when he comes back and takes them and opens it. She says that she shall keep it properly. He ignores her. She asks when he doesnt even care for the child, why does he want to read the reports. He says that had he not cared for the child, she wouldnt have been here. He is tensed as he reads the reports, while she is worried.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. What ???? Cardiac arrest

  2. i hate new sanam .

  3. I wish Sanam should regain her memory fastly.

  4. I am having a bad feeling that the report is saying that sanam 2 is having ahil’s child.

  5. So sanam 2 is a ghost..bt the point is where were her powers at the time when tanveer went to her house before her mariage..at that time she was siting in a corner bare footd scared n weeping..

    1. I also was sanam 2 a ghost . Then how can she behave nicely with our ahil’s own sanam in the begining of her entry. What a story is this how can a human being believe this soooo much of stupidity

      1. Sorry i mean i also was surprised that sanam 2 is a ghost . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

      2. Yeah..n 1st thing k ghosts doesn’t exist..n 2ndly if exists then humans can’t see them..or vaise bhi vo ghost to tb ayega agr koi uska human lyf ka revenge pending ho..or real sanam is acting too much..wedding was happening in front of her eyes n she didnt remembr nything regarding her mariage..n dont tell that shashi kapoor turns out to be tanveer’s daughter

  6. And where is seher has she vanished from earth . I wish rehaan was alive . Anyway tanveer’s daughter is not like her mother .

  7. Nw Suddnly hw can be so powrful

  8. Nw sudnly hw can she be so pwrful

  9. Boring dyanan chorale new Sanam out pls…Ahil catch her out pls….



  12. i could bet she switch d reports

  13. Sahar kha gai. Plz……… sahae ko dikhao vo mar gai ya jinda h

  14. Sahar kha h mar gai. Plz……… sahar ko dikhao.

  15. Sahar kha h. Plz sahar ko dikhao. Plz


  16. You can sign a petition for SAHIL to get a happy ending before KVB leaves you can go onto Karanvir’s wife’s twitter and she has tweeted a link (her name is teejay sidhu or @bombay sunshine) .

  17. What will happen when Sanam regains her memory and realizes that this man is claimed to be her husband?She is happy now but this will be for awhile.I hope that Kapoor does not kidnap her.This witch can only work magic for her own convenience.Why did she not turn all these things when she was treated badly before Tanveer took her.Why is she not controlling Ahil.I believe she took someone else’s report.Her witch skills need to be thrown out the window.She is a liar and murderer.Girl your end will be like Tanveer and every one will hate you.Go and act in fear files.Your witch craft is not convincing.

  18. Im so now seein why ahil leavin the bs they airin is for kids….ghost seriously? ????

  19. I think that the reports got mixed up with someone else’s reports and that it will say that nahi sanam is pregnant.

  20. Why can’t you guys change the track of QH so ahil can stay longer.

  21. finally! qh is back to old times 🙂 love it

  22. still watching dis bakwas qabool hai, I quit long ago coz it’s becoming worst serial i have ever watched…qabool was most amazing serial but now ruin it for good, n now karanvir bohra is leavin the show so it’s getting worst!!!

  23. Ya write without karanveer bohra this serial worst

  24. I don’t think we supposed to get upset or hate Sanam2. The story writers,creatives and producers supposed to be blamed. They changed her to act negative correcter. The black magic things is unnecessary scenes. She is excellent actress and willing to act any scenes. I think it’s sign of true artist. SRK and other big heroes started with negative correcter. now they are big stars. Aditi Gupta AND HARSHAD CHOPRA’S ” KIS DESH MEIN HAI MERAA DILL” MAGICAL ETERNAL LOVE STORY AS A PREM AND HEER. hit serial. she had won 3 awards in her first serial with Harshad Chopra!!. She is a lead actress but she wanted try all different correcters. Producer Gul Khan knows she is a talented actress . ADITI GUPTA IS VERSATILE ACTRESS!!
    please don’t offended for this message!!! I understand that we hate negative correcters but we need to respect and give them courage to their acting. ACTING IS NOT A PIECE OF CAKE!! I THINK WE HAVE TO USE PROPER LANGUAGE TO DISCUSS ABOUT THEIR ACTING AND THE STORY. ACTING IS THEIR JOB AND WE HAVE TO RESPECT THEIR ACTING!!!

  25. Where d hell is seher??

  26. Tanvir is very good in sweet words plz dont show her evil..

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