Qubool Hai 18th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1:
Location: Ahil’s residence
As tanveer is tensed in her room, sanam enters angrily, and tanveer is shocked. sanam starts reprimanding tanveer, that she knows her true face now, which dilshad exposed to her, and that she now knows that she killed her parents mercilessly, in this very house. Sanam grabs her by the throat, and says that she wont let her live todsay, and would kill her right here and now. Tanveer gasps for breath, as sanam strongly strangulates her. With a startle, tanveer finally wakes up from her dream, horrified at what she saw. she thinks that before dilshad oppens her mouth, she has to act, as she has paid a lot of sacrifices to reach here, but she wont let it be ruined, at any cost, in destiny’s hands.

Scene 2:
Location: Hotel room
Seher grows up to have same eating habits like zoya, as she eyes her next victim’s pic. finally she goes to the window, and eyes the sheikh, her next victim, handing bundles of notes to his 3 wives, and they adorning heavy jewellery, and thinks that these arent really suiting them, and thinks that sunehri, herself, would look much better. She thinks that Sheikh is going tomorrow to Begum tanveer’s house, and that he would be a pauper by the time his meeting is over.

Scene 3:
Location: Rahat’s residence
Rahat emotionally and tearfully goes down the memory lane, of his memories with haya. He thinks that life always plays a cruel joke with him, those he loves, detatch themselves, and those he like, always get distant. he thinks that he had promised his little brother that he wouldnt deny him anything, and today he had to give away his life, meaning haya.

Sanam is shocked, to hear from haya, the next morning, that haya plans to get married tomorrow. rahat asks if she has a problem they can postpone. haya says that she too agrees, as she wanted dilshad to be there. faiz tells her that if dilshad gets to know that the wedding was delayed due to her, she would be upset. haya resignedly agrees. faiz says that he can do it today itself, if need be. He says that sudden things have their own charms, just like sanam’s. tanveer comes in saying that its absolutely right. She then asks about dilshad. rahat tells that she isnt conscious yet, relieving yet. sanam asks haya if she is happy and willing to get married. haya eyes rahat, and then says yes. rahat is apalled, while faiz is excited. sanam says that she was tensed, only due to the haste of marriage preps. Faiz says that its all their duty, and they shall manage, and they dont want it to be grand, just close relatives. faiz asks ahil and tanveer if they shall come. sanam is tensed. Ahil says that they definitely shall attend the marriage. tanveer too excitedly gives her consent to be there. all are happy. tanveer thinks that finally she got what she had wanted, so that she can put dilshad to rest finally, and she shall do so, by becoming a guest in her house, and then she shall leave forever, so that dilshad doesnt have to be a guest anymore.

In the kitchen, sanam asks haya if this marriage is out of helplessness. She asks haya not to be afraid and hide anything, and get time to know each other better. Sanam says that if they need time, she can talk to rahat. Haya says that she knows that living with someone is strange, and she may not be mature, but her heart says that god has sent him for her, and he wont ever make her sad. sanam hugs and says that faiz shall keep her very happy. haya thinks that rahat shall keep her very happy. Each is oblivious of the other person’s wish.

Downstairs, tanveer takes leave to attend to the sheikh’s meeting and make preps. ahil stays behind. He tries to give a sweet to rahat but he denies. faiz tries to forcibly feed him, while rahat tries to deny. Seeing their brotherly love, sanam and haya are very happy. haya says that faiz is like a son to him. sanam says that she would be very happy in this house. she finds ahil mingling with them, and is happy.

Scene 4
Location: Ahil’s residence
Ahil is very urgent on the phone, about everything being right for the sheikh meeting, so that the deal can be finalised. sanam thanks ahil for his gesture, and consent to come for haya’s marriage, as she never thought that he would, as he doesnt like such stuff, being in celebrations and amidst crowd. Ahil says that he’s her husband, and its his duty, hence he is doing, just for the world to see, as they would have to set an example for everyone. He gets busy in his work. sanam eyes the dresses and asks why he got so many. Ahil tells her about the sheikh’s meeting, and their deal, hence she should have nice clothes. She says that for dinner, one dress is sufficient, then why so many. ahil is silenced, but then makes an excuse, saying that he also shopped for haya’s marriage and hastily excuses himself. She smiles as he moves out. he comes back and finds her smiling, and she gets tensed. he leaves, while she starts smiling again. Sanam gets ready and thinks that only he cant be a good husband, she too would be a good wife, and would make such a sdelicious meal, that the sheikh would love it.

Razia and latif are working in the kitchen, where latif is reprimanding razia to work faster. a fight ensues, and sanam comes in to break them. Sanam sees their animosity and asks them to leave, as she would make herself. latif and razia leave. sanam gets to making food.

As the sheikh gets down the car with his wives, seher, lustily eyes the jewellery, and money that the wives are loaded with, and thinks that this time she is in for a bigger plan. As seher, aka sunehri enters tanveer’s mansion, disguised as one of sheikh’s wife, underneath the burqa, she starts looking at the bigger picture, thinking that she was after the petty sheikh, whereas the real treasure hunt is in this house. oblivious to all this, sanam is gleefully preparing dessert, not knowing that her own sister would be tasting it. The screen freezes on both the sisters’ faces.

Precap: As seher lies down on the bed in ahil’s room, she thinks that this is exactly what she needs, resting in the lap of luxury, unaware of her own parents’ pic lying on the bed stand, with the same locket, having her childhood pic with sanam. later, she eyes sanam, from behind, talking to haya on the phone, excited about her happiness, and after cancelling the call, she thanks the lord, and asks him to be as kind to them always. She tries to stealthily leave from there,ithout catching sanam’s attention. She is happily gorging on the Kheer that sanam, her own sister had made with much effort, and is surprised as she remembers something. While, later seeing a girl from behind, ahil hollers at her, and seher turns around, and he, confusing her to be sanam, is shocked to see her in western attire.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

  1. she eyes sanam, from behind, talking to haya on the phone, excited about her happiness, —- how can she talk on the phone ?

  2. she eyes sanam, from behind, talking to haya on the phone, excited about her happiness, —- how can any one talk to haya on the phone.
    Did not know you can lip read on the phone 🙂

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