Qubool Hai 17th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Qubool Hai 17th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1:
Location: In the graveyard
As azhar’s parents reach and frantically dig the grave, they find sanam’s dead body underneath it, and are shocked.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
Rahat drives frantically to reach to haya asap, but in doing so, he hits the car on a boulder.

Scene 3
Location: Haya’s residence
Haya waits impatiently for rahat to arrive, but a sudden hand on the shoulder alarms haya, and she happily believes that its rahat, but is shocked when she finds that its faiz, in a drunken state, and inebriated starts ranting lustily, as he pins her against the wlal, while she is disgusted, by his proximity, as he pleads her to get close to him. she asks him to go to his room, as he is drunk. he says that he is inebriated with love, and shall go to his room but with her. He takes her forcibly to his room, and tries to get close to her. Haya tries to tell him that he had promised to wait, but he says that he cant stay away from her anymore, and her love in her eyes, always attarcts him to her. He pushes her on the bed, and he catches her in a compromising position. She desperately tries to struggle, and then grabs the flower vase, on the nighttstand and hits him with it, causing a blackout.

Rahat returns home and is shocked to find the house in a dishevelled state. he screams out to haya, and then rushes to her room, to find it all upset too, along with the bed, and then starts imagining what must have happened, and how the bangles must have broken, when faiz stopped her hand midway, while imposing himelf on her. rahat is apalled, as he reimagimes the trauma that haya must have gone through, when faiz became violent with her, as the scene tells him, and then finally haya being tied by faiz, and then taken in his arms, while she helplessly and distraught watches rahat. Finally he screams and exctends his hand out to her, as she is being taken away. He collapses on the floor, refusing to believe the unimaginable, while recalling their intimate romantic past moments together and screams out haya’s name.

Scene 4:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Tanveer is tensed that gazalla and razaak havent returned yet, and then is aware of someone’s suddfen presence. she is shocked, when a hand approaches her. Tanveer surely asks that sanam’s grave is empty, and that she isnt there. they are shocked. Razaak tells tanveer that god is playing a game with her. azhar’s parents tell tanveer that they went and found sanam’s dead body inside the grave itself. tanveer asks if its so, then how can she hear sanam’s voice here. the masked stranger hears them from a distance. tanveer is shocked to know this, and wonders how is this possible, as she doesnt believe in souls. gazalla says that this might be a hallucination, and tanveer shuts her up and shooes them away.

In her room, while gazalla is applying cream on the scratches tanveer made on her face, and curses tanveer for this. Razaak comes too, and they both are shocked to see sanam’s ghost behind the curtains. They are scared and go to tanver, but are scared to silence with the shock of having seen sanam’s ghost. tanveer says that they are useless, and decides to take the matter in her own hands. tanveer lights a fire and burns all of ahil and sanam’s pics, in the middle of the hall, while gazalla is scared. tanveer says that sanam’s soul is in this house, hence they have to burn her off here too. Tanveer says that when a person loves some thing terribly, then that person’s untimely death leads to the soul wandering around for it. Tanveer finally takes the dreamhouse, remembering the lovbe and affection behind it, and when sanam isnt there, then there’s no point to keep the dreamhouse. A hand stops them, and she is surprised. gazalla and razaak are shocked to find sanam holding tanveer’s hand. sanam snatches the house, while tanveer smiles, thinking that its said, that souls cant feel, but she proved her otherwise, and this was all just a drama to expose her. She smiles evilly. She also reminds sanam that noone can defeat her, and tells her that she would accept defeat from now on, so that sanam can try her best. she says that this time, sanam may have saved hsrelf, but not the next time. Sanam doesnt say anything. tanveer begins to go but then grabs her. tanveer holds sanam and says that she had given her one month, but she is giving her four days, and within those four days, she shall throw her out of the house, and sanam wont be able to do anything. She guffaws, while sanam is tensed. They all leave, while sanam emotionally eyes the house. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: sanam comes to seher, in the graveyard, and they both hug each other. they are surprised to find that the stranger who saved them is actually the new bride. They all confront each other.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. thank god both are safe…

  2. Thank you Rimjhim for the update.
    Loved today’s episode.Hope nothing happens to haya and rahat

    1. aditi gupta rocks

  3. I liked the precap, thanks God Seher is safe, but how did she survived under the grave? Just saw in Facebook, Aahil is coming back. KV,I missed you a lottttttt. I hope QH will show something interesting 🙂

  4. what the hell is going on with haya rahatt and faiz every time its coming to a climax it all takes a turn writers stop this merry go round and let haya and rehatt unite once and for all and kill faiz off the show this storyline is prolonging tooooooooooo much if yaha knock faiz out how come he still got hold of her before rahatt arrive come on you dumb writers you are frustrating the viewers don’t talk for the sanam seher ahil tanveer and her accomplices storyline this too is toooooooo much nonsense why on earth this soap cannot wrap up we the viewers are all so disappointed it is going on tooooooooo long

  5. Wth is happening in this seriel..now its a horror seriel

  6. Imran , Nikhiat, Aryan and Humirar had all remained alive. They must have had children also.

  7. Roma, kel es cet chose ki di ke Aahil va revenir ?!
    Now ou plu tard?!

    1. naylana, I couldn’t understand you. Would you write in english? Please…..

  8. I thought that Haya would have killed Faiz with that vase or something like that, and there will be a small separation of RaHa and then once for all they r together. But no, it took a u turn!
    There are lots of stories unfold, y can’t directors concentrate on them!

  9. haya rehan forever

    Just kill faiz already im sick of this

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