Qubool Hai 17th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Qubool Hai 17th December 2013 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 17th December 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Zya is frustrated with haider, that he got rid of the plaster. Zoya is unable to see his idea. Haider is about to tell, when a knock on the dorr, makes zoya panic and hide him behind the curtain. After he is hidden, humaira and her friends come to the storeroom, and ask zoya who was she talking to. she concocts up an excuse. A girl who’s humaira’s friend, says that she wants her to answer some questions regarding female health. Zoya agrees and takes them outside. But humaira finds feet peeking out of the curtain. meanwhile, haider scares humaira, when she finds him hiding in the closet, but dressed as a woman, but is unable to recognise him, whil he winks at zoya, who’s extremely shocked. zoya recognises him but makes up for this, saying

that its her friend from hyderabad, Heena. He makes a female voice, qand says that she qwas helping out zoya in this closet, and says that being very shy, she hid herself in the closet. Humaira says that she feels that she has seen her before. Zoya says that its impossible, and inadvertently tries to get their attention distracted from haider. The friends take haider away for the survey, while zoya is tensed, that his secret might be up. Inside, zoya is very tensed as haider starts with the questionaire. haider intentionally takes humaira’s hand, but says that its just out of nervousness, while humaira is visibly at discomfort. zoya intentionally makes up for it, saying that it just slipped off her mind this time. zoya makes all sorts of stories, to prevent them from doubting him. But as the questions start, haider has difficulty making up with the ladies, when they start asking about her past relations. The dorrbell rings and haider finds it an oppurtunity to duck outside. Zoya inside, says that she’s shy just as she told them about her. zoya asks her to tend to her friends while she goes to get riya. Zoya goes outside and asks haider to compose himself, while she sees who is it. She is shocked to find many ladies at the doorstep, lamenting about her dressing sense. Zoya bravely faces them saying that she is very mannered, but is taken to taunts by all the ladies, and insult her in the name of jeans and tshirt that she has worn. dilshad comes to her rescue and asks them to sit down. but they are adamant that they would throw her out ofd this house. But dilshad says that they wont let that happen. Dilshad says that zoya is her would be bride, and hence has every right to stay in this house. they are shocked that she is staying hegre without even getting married. They all the more try to throw her out. razia comes in pretending to be very concerned, but the neighbours say that they can let one girl spoil the society and remind razia how she had been insulted due to this girl. razia too agrees that she isnt a good girl, shocking dilshad and zoya. The ladies begin to take her by the hand, and throw her outside. Dilshad vehemently tries to protest.

Scene 2:
Location: Haseena’s residence
While nikhat sits tensed, she is extremely surprised to see farhan. she says that its good that he came back early. He brings out a gift, and says that he got it for her, just to try and make an effort to be a good husband. she shyly accepts it. she opens it to find a beautiful ring inside. farhan is very conscious that she maynt like it. she says that its impossible that he get a gift for her the first time, and she doesnt like it. She says that its very beautiful. He grows into remembering sameera, and what she liked, and nikhat gets tensed, remembering her attacks, matching his description of sameera.

Scene 3:
Location: On the road
While filling petrol in his car, he accidentally comes across Zoya’s morphed pics and is scandalised.

Scene 4:
Location: Ayan’s residence
razia corners zoya along with the other ladies, insulting her for her dressing sense. Asad stops them finally with his scream, to let go of her hand, or else he would forget that they are ladies. he takes zoya by his side and dilshad too, while razia is angered. He retaliates back at them saying that what they are doing is also wrong. Asad stands up for her. But mamu asks whats his basis to stand by her, as they had never been targeted before, as they never gave a chance, like zoya did. He questions asad about her dressing sense. but mamu doesnt agree, saying that the first impression is through the clothes, but asad stops him midway. they get into a verbal conflict. He says that zoya wont go anywhere as the clothes dont paint her character, and its just her dress sense. while all are shocked, zoya is overwhelmed to see asad supporting her. asad says that he too did this mistake, but the mistake is in the thinking. Zoya stands up for whats true and rightful, saying that she represents the modern woman, who doesnt take shit from anyone, and isnt disrespected for her dressing sense, or her descision taking ability. She says that she would never allow a woman to get diesrespecrted, and she cant be forced to live in a certain way. asad says that he is ashamed that being women herself, they are doing this to another woman. He says that he wont ever bear anything against zoya and dilshad, till they are in this house. the screen freezes on asad’s face.

Precap: Nikhat asks haseena why didnt she tell her about farhan’s first marriage. haseena asks what was there to tell about someone whos’ dead. nikhat asks her how’s she so sure. haseena is visibly tensed. A lady’s hand mixes a tablet in zoya’s water. later, asad gives her a painkiller along with the same water. she drinks it down. Zoya starts feeling dizzy, and dozes off, while razia stands from a distance, smiling that her plan finally worked..

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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