Qubool Hai 17th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Qubool Hai 17th April 2013 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 17th April 2013 Written Update

Rasia looks at a burkha clad Zoya who covers her face in the nick of time and someone starts talking to Rasia meanwhile Zoya goes to Ayan and he questions who she is, Zoya shows herself,Ayan asks about Asad and she assures him soon he can see Asad. Tanu calls Dhurinder from another Sim number & says AsYa are lying about their sagai and no such thing is happening.Dhurinder decides to find it out himself, Dolly says AsYa look so lovey dovey, Dhurinder says AsYa are just pretending.

Zoya & Ayan install a camera and Zoya says Asad will watch your Sagai through this camera Live and Ayan cans ee him through this Ipad, Zoya also says this whole event will be recorded, Ayan asks what if Asad wont see this event, Zoya says Asad likes you a lot though he hides his feelings he will not miss this , he too has a heart though he behaves cold hearted. Ayan is relieved.

Tanu comes to Asad’s room and finds the engagement ring and is about to pick when she gets a call from Zoya and asks if she is ready. Tanu assures she will take care, Tanu checks if Zoya took the gift pack with ehr & Zoya assures all is well, Its shown how Tanu added some poisonous liquid into the sweet pack which Zoya took and is happy that Rasia’s life & Zoya’s will be ruined.

Rasia searching for burkha clad girl when she finds her with Ayan who says she is humeira’s friend & zoya covers herself.Rasia is sceptical.Tanu looks at the Sagai ring and decides this engagement can never happen, Asad comes & Tanu says she wants to show him something.

Zoya is charging the Ipad adapter and ends up being in Humeira’s room, Zoya compliments Humeira on her beauty & says I am the same girl whom you had met in the fashion show & says finally Ayan is in love with you, Humeira happily hugs Zoya & thanks her. Zoya about to show her face to humeira when someone knocks the door and Zoya hides. Siddiqui comes and gets emotional seeing Humeira

Zoya watches them when Siddiqui gives a gift to Humeira saying he got it long back and now giving her Zoya gets emotional seeing father-daughter duo. Siddiqui leaves when Zoya says she too has to go and comes out but is met by Rasia at the door who stares at Zoya. Humeira says she is my friend Gul.Rasia gets doubt as she has 2 different names, Zoya says ehr name is nagma gul & leaves.

Tanu switches on the laptop and says Zoya has done some arrangements, Asad looks on when Zoya comes on the camera and gives him a thumps up. Asad worried calls her and tells her to come back, Zoya asks how did he find her surprise and her great plan. Asad gets furious at her childishness while Tanu is very happy.

Humeira opens the gift box and the music starts to play which surprises Zoya who is passing nearby, Zoya remembers having same musical instrument.Zoya starts searching for the place from where this music is coming.

Precap – Nikhat & Nuzzat dancinncog on Hontonpe Aisi baat, Zoya feeds sweets to Humeira who faints on Nikhat’s lap, All are shocked, Zoya uncovers her face, Rasia slaps her while Asad, Dilshad and Najma atch through the laptop in shock.

Update Credit to: tulipdaisy

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