Qubool Hai 16th May 2014 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1:
Location: Asad’s old residence
Dilshad and sanam step out of the auto, and dilshad is taken back to her nostalgic lane, while she reminisces with sanam, her prior family, and how this was where her parents lived. Sanam is surprised. Dilshad says that when old memories clutch at you, its better to refrain them off, and be a stranger, and she too has been such from her own city bhopal, but destiny brought her here yet again, and maybe its time to move on, forgetting the past. Dilshad says that maybe thats the reason she has got a job in bhopal. sanam is tensed.

As dilshad rings the doorbell, sanam asks who lives here. Dilshad says that she sold this house to her sister’s daughter. when a lady opens the door, and dilshad refers to her by name, she is surprised. dilshad asks for permission to step in, and when she does, she is taken back to her memory lane, with asad, zoya and nazma there. While dilshad is overwhelmed, sanam is surprised to see her get so emotional. Dilshad places a reassuring hand on her shoulder, as the past almost relays before her. the lady tells dilshad that she didnt recognise her, and when dilshad gives her identity, she is super happy, and then introduces her to sanam too. She hugs her too. dilshad says that she is here for some work, and apologises for coming in so sudden and unannounced. she dsays that sanam has a job and hence she would stay there, but she needs a place to crash. Munisa is tensed. Sanam is tensed to see her hesitating. Dilshad asks her not to be tensed, and knows that she doesnt have any right on this house. but she is relieved when she welcomes her with open arms. Dilshad tells sanam that nice people still prevail. Munisa, the lady asks if she would be here alone. dilshad tells about haya and says that she too would be staying here. Munisa tells her that there’s only one room free, and dilshad says that she would manage in that one room only. sanam is tensed.

As they move to her room, sanam finds someone’s shadow in one of the rooms and is suspicious. she asks munisa, who else stays here along with her. She says that since her husband is in dubai and only visits her occassionally, she stays alone. Sanam asks who’s in that room. Munisa asks her to think that there’s noone, and she shouldnt even think of going there. she distracts them to her room. Munisa finds that the room isnt tidy, and tries to apologise and also hints that there are no servanmts. dilshad readily offers that she would clear the room herself with sanam’s help. The ladyt leaves for tea, while they both eye the room together. As dilshad eyes the room with nostalgia, sanam is tensed to see that she would be staying here. She is angry at munisa who she caught lying, and also behaving very weird. She is however consoled by dilshad saying that she would manage. when sanam is insistent that she would do the cleaning, dilshad reminds her about her job and asks her to take it seriously now that she has landed such a nice job. sanam is tensed as she is left with no option but to leave. dilshad offers that she would do everything herself. Sanam is still insistent that munisa is lying. Dilshad agrees and asks her to go. as she turns around, overwhelmed with emotions. sanam is apallled to leave her in such a condition, but leaves nevertheless.

Scene 2:
Location: Ahil’s haveli
sanam enters ahil’s haveli stealthily, thinking that if she finds rehaan once, she would thank him, and also move on with finding a new job. as she finds ahil’s uncle and aunt approaching, she hides. meanwhile, ahil too passes by the pool. Sanam doesnt see him, and starts walking ahead, but when she does, she ducks so as not to be seen. ahil passes by without noticing her. Sanam finds rehaan working near the pool. she crosses over and addresses him, and he is shocked to see her. she says that she wants to thank him, for the huge favour that he did. He is confused and asks why. she talks about the medical bills reimbursement. rehaan tries to clarify that it was ahil, but she doesnt listen completely, and goes on a rant as to how he is so good natured, and is so modest about it. she says that she wanted to talk about something, and that she may have been helped by him hugely, and that she doesnt like to take money, and always is insistent that she earns it, and requests him to get her a job. rehaan tries to talk about ahil. she gets frustrated at its mention. He tries to tell about ahil’s good deeds, but she continues to vent out her frustration, talking about how does he bear to be with him. she vehemently says that she isnt the person who bows before anyone’s money. Sanam tells rehaan that she has already broken Ahil’s ego once, and if given another chance, she would ruin him so bad, and suddenly notices ahil’s reflection in the pool waters. She is stunned into silence. she looks up to find herself confronted with ahil. rehaan says that she tried to warn her, and her medical bills were paid by ahil. Sanam is taunted by ahil, while she understands that she misunderstood all along, when the nurse was trying to tell about ahil, and is shocked that he did his for her. rehaan says that she should thank him, and leaves. But she is defiant, and begins to leave, when he asks her not to even dare to move. she thanks him profusely, and apologises too as she cant believe that she did this, as she always thought he was wrong, and then begins to clarify too, saying that always he comes along as a wrong person, reminding her of the past incidents. Sanam tells him that dilshad tells her that people are tested over time, and that she admits her mistake in prejudging him, and she is happy to be proven wrong, and again thanks and apologises for the favour that he has done on her. she continues to rant, but is put to stop, when he asks her to shut up, saying that what she thinks of him is completely right, and that he doesnt really care about her family, and even if he did pay the bills, there’s always a reason behind it, and it was true in this case too.

Sanam is surprised to see his stance. Ahil tells sanam that when people meet him, they always do so with bowed heads, but she had the guts and daring to go against the wind and face him boldly. He says that he decided her fate right there and then, that he would break her ego bit by bit. he talks of his plan how to torture her. He reminds her that she had said that she cant be bought, but now by his one gesture, he only has already bought her and her self respect, but the fact of the matter is that now he owns her. Sanam is apalled to hear him talk like that and helpless thinking that she doesnt have any other option, but to hear him. the screen freezes on Sanam’s shocked face.

Precap: Ahil tauntingly asks her if she wants to be free from his slavery forever. When she eyes him questioningly, he says that she just has to bend on her knees, and with her head bowed, and her nose with her self respect touching the ground, she would have to ask for an apology and beg for forgiveness. sanam says that the head should always bows in front of the lord, and not the devil. She defiantly says that her shoulders dont support a head that bows down for sympathy. she faces ahil with consternation, while ahil is tensed.

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