Qubool Hai 15th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Qubool Hai 15th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1:
Location: Party Venue
Sanam tells tanveer that she knows the entire mystery behind Ahil’s father’s death and that she actually is the murderer, and she only got ahil to believe that actually he killed his father and trapped him. She also tells her that she would see to it that Ahil knows her double face and how she has manipulated him all her life. Sanam says that even if the price to tell this secret to ahil is her life, she is willing to pay the price. Tanveer smirks and says that if she tells the truth to ahil, then she wont take hers, but ahil’s life from her, and that behind all this is a motive, and if that doesnt be fulfilled, why would she bother for anyone. she says that she made ahil like this, as she wanted him to be like this, and faked all the sacrifices, so that he could sacrifice his at the end, and if she can kill ahil’s father with such ease, so can she do with ahil. sanam is shocked. tanveer says that if ahil signs the property and the empire to her, then she wont care for him, but if she stops him from signing, then she would take his life, right this minute. tanveer asks her to think before opening her mouth, as if she too declines to sign the papers, then also ahil would die right on the stage, and gives her a deadline to come to the stage by 9 o clock, if she wants ahil alive. She leaves the descision on sanam and then leaves. sanam is shocked and stunned.

Ahil and haya are searching for sanam, when they come across tanveer, who tells them that she is waiting for them only, as rahat is looking for haya, and sends her, after she conveys the message to him, that sanam is waiting for him in the corridor. Ahil tries to go, but he is taken by tanveer to the stage insistently. Tanveer tells the reporters that she is very happy today and they have increased her happiness, and that this evening is not only memorable for the hotel, but for her long cherished dream too, and thats ahil would get the entire property, by becoming the new Nawab, Ahil Razia Abrahim. all smile and clap, while rehaan watches tensedly. Dilshad is tensed. Ahil asks tanveer whwy did she have to do this so sudden. tanveer says that she wanted it to be speacil. Ahil is still extremely tensed, and unconvinced, and asks if sanam knows this. tanveer lies that she does, and sanam has also assured her that she would sign the papers. Ahil is shocked. He finds sanam coming towards the stage. Ahil thinks that sanam agreed, and is angry at him, and wants to end the relation and that he cant let that happen. Tanveer is told by azhar’s parents about the same, and tanveer is happy that she became successful. Sanam starts thinking about tanveer’s past words, and gets on the stage, beside ahil. both are tensed. Sanam finds a sniper aimed at ahil from the window, and is frustrated at the helpless situation, as she remembers tanveer’s threats. tanveer makes everyone applaud Sanam. tanveer starts praising sanam galore to the press and media.

Meanwhile, Razia takes seher aside, saying that this is the right time, and they need to make their move now. Seher is irritated. dilshad wonders what razia and tanveer planning and how would it affect her granddaughters. On the stage, Tanveer tells sanam, as they both are on the stage, that now she would herself give the pen to ahil for him to sign the papers, and make this evening memorable forever. sanam tensedly eyes ahil. She gives him the pen, and he holds her hand and then takes it from her, while eyeing her mysteriously. He says that before he signs the papers, he wants to say something to her, as after signing the papers, their relation shall change forever, but not necessarily in the way that they dont want. He says that he was wrong in asking her to forget their dream world together. Ahil tells sanam that he wants her to cherish every dream and hope from him that she has ever seen, and that he would cherish them with her, and not settle down for anything less. He then confesses by saying those three golden words to her, I LOVE YOU, and caresses her face, saying that he wants to give her every happiness in the world. Sanam is overwhelmed as tears of joy stream down her cheeks, and yet she is lamenting at the helplessness of her situation. A romantic eyegaze follows, while sanam gets emotional, as ahil deserves for a second chance as he would get everything right, and that he would get tanveer to accept them too. He wipes the tears off her face. Sanam’s eyes turn on the sniper, and she gives the pen to ahil, while sniffing tearfully. the screen freezes on their faces.

Precap: Sanam and ahil signs the papers and look at each other with determined romance. Just then, razia turns off the fuse, and lights go off. dilshad and rehaan are tensed. Just then, tanveer pulls out the dagger, while sanam waits on the stage oblivious that she is approaching with an intention to kill her. Just then, someone pulls a chloroform hankey on sanam, and then drage her from behind, while she is shocked. ahil is tensed.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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