Qubool Hai 15th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Qubool Hai 15th November 2013 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 15th November 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Razia comes to Tanveer and says u expect i wont find out that u did all this crappy things with me? Razia asks her to look at her and talk!Tanveer is quiet! Razia shakes her face and asks what do u want? Tanveer is all scared and frantic and says ur cop? Dun take me to jail .. i will keep quiet. .m gonna be a mom..! Tanveer swears not to do any bad things. n says..dun wanna go home! Razia is shocked! The people caring for Tanveer share to Razia that the girl is acting like this since she came here at Madarsa.. she doesnt eat. .nor drink .nor sleep. .have to keep an eye on her for 24 hours! They share that think Tanveer has committed many sins so Allah punished her..! Razia self thot.. if Tanveer is so sick then who is doing all this? Who is this new enemy?? Someone shown standing in shadow wearing a hood looking at Razia..!

Asad is working on laptop ..! He is has a pony tail! Zoya says we promised we will keep the room dirty. i worked hard for it. .! Asad makes her sit and says. .the clothes i threw on floor. . i ended up slipping on them . .so i tidied the room! Zoya says.. how long u took to cook this reason up? Asad explains! Zoya says lesson no.2 . .how to ganda karo ur life more.. n she brings food on the bedsheet and says.. after eating clean hand on bed sheet.. this is ultimate zoya test! Asad is shocked..! Zoya tears open chips packet with mouth n spills cold drink on the bed! Asad fumes! Zoya offers pizza and he says dun like it.! Zoya insists and Asad says should try .! He tries to eat politely n Zoya takes big bite..! Asad says agree . .i accepted challenge. .but i cant do all this! Asad says .. i agree i love a girl who eats sitting on bed.. n cleans hand on bedsheets n curtains n spills things all around but i cant do all this! Zoya asks .. then why do u love me so much?Asad says..that the girl.. may ruin a kitchen to make sandwich. .it has a smile on it. .n even if she adds one bottle of sugar in coffee . .she adds sweetness to my life.. n i realise that i love her.. she makes me smile..! Zoya says and is very pretty n Asad says.. yes! Zoya says. .dun ask me to change n Asad says neither do u..! Asad talks of cleaning the bedsheet n Zoya says one day ..eat in Zoya untidy style! Asad feeds pizza to Zoya..n she to him!

Haseena sneaks into the hotel room of Nikhat n steals an expensive shawl..! Nikhat steps out n is shocked to see her! Haseena says dinner time . .hurry up! Nikhat says. Farhan has gone to make a call . .will come with him! She says .. yes.. do come! Haseena leaves from there!!

Part 2

Humera watches Ayan looking for his watch in his room! She follows Ayan across the room and smiles seeing him all heckled up! She turns to leave n Ayan grabs her by her hand n pulls her and twirls her n pins her to the cupboard! Eyelocks! Ayan asks her what is she tailing him for? Humera feigns ignorance! Ayan asks what are u doing in my room ? Humera says cant find urself anything ..what will u get me for? Ayan asks how u know cant find something? Humera says.. ‘Main aapke bare me woh janti hun ..jo aap khud ke bare me bhi nahi jante ho’!

She is walking out of the room and spots someone bringing a huge box like thing wrapped in gift cover! They ask the servant what is this? Who sent? They reply maybe someone ordered? Ayan asks to call everyone to the hall..!

Imran asks Haseena to take off the dark glasses and hat..! She does! Waiter comes n gives Imran a gift n says a lady sent ..din give her name! Imran thinks its Najma n she says i din send. guess some secret admirer sent..! Farhan comes n asks its my budday n someone sent u gift.. who is it?? Haseena asks him to open it. .n he does ..its the same dress that was in Nikhats room! Nikhat is shocked..! A lady notices the shawl n says to Nikhat.. great choice.. for ur hubby! All are shocked..! Haseena smirks..! Nikhat says.. i bought a shawl for Farhaan ..same style! Haseena asks why u din give him? Nikhat says .. i have it in my room ..! They all go to her room!

Shireen is in her room and Rasheed wonders of telling her about Dilshad! Shireen says dunno who played this joke..! She asks Rasheed to rest! Rasheed say doc told to talk less.. ! Shireen says ok . .then tell whats the matter? Rasheed struggles.. ! He says after all that happened in past.. i feel . there is no guarantee in life.. any moment can be last.. dunno how long a time i have. but whatever time i have .. wanna live freely! Shireen says wanna party? Well get well soon .. n then will keep party! Rasheed says saying something else.. wanna tell u about a decision that will change our lives! He says if she remembers that someone was gonna come n stay with them? Shireen says yes. .will get guest room cleaned..! Who is gonna come? Rasheed struggles …and before he can answer.. servant calls them to go to hall as some huge box like gift has come! Shireen goes to check!

Part 3

Ayan shares the gift is for Razia! Razia recollects reading the note about waiting for Diwali gift..! She panics! Badi Bi says..

Rassi jal gai .. par bal nahi gaya…
Umar dhal gai par tohfe dene wale aaj bhi hai

Badi Bi says.. mashallah! Razia says i dunno who sent this and what it is.. n wonder who will send this to me? Rasheed asks Ayan to open the cover and he does.. ! They are shocked to find a fridge..! Razia opens the door and a dead body falls out .. n all scream and shocked..!

Precap —- Asad and Ayan are jamming on guitar n hum..! Zoya says this song? Lemme sing. n sings. .’Zindagi ki yahi reet hai’ ..! Ayan says..what do u want Mona that neighbors think low of Asad! Zoya asks why? He says..coz when u sing it looks like Asad beats u up and u cry..! All lauf.!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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