Qubool Hai 15th January 2015 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1:
Location: Rahat’s residence
Rahat comes and finds haya excitedly preparing food for lunch. he teases her that she is preparing nice things for her girlfriend. She gest angry and goes to see who is it. She hugs her overwhelmed with emotions, while rahat smiles on. They both ask how is the other. rahat teases haya, and she is amused. sanam too smiles. rahat asks about his surprise, and haya says that this was the best. sanam says that he has a surprise for both of them, seeing who she shall be shocked and very happy too. The doorbell rings and haya opens the door to find seher standing there. she is boggled, and rahat too is surprised, while sanam and seher enjoy the drama. Haya keeps eyeing both of them quizzically. Seher identifies herself, and haya is shocked and gets emotional too. Rahat smiles on. haya goes and hugs her, and she too hugs back. rahat asks if they shall step inside now. The three sisters have a happy reunion, and they assure haya that they shall always be by her side. sanam apologises for not being able to take care of her. Rahat tells them that they should be assured, that faiz is dead now and rahat has come back. rahat excuses himself to leave for the kitchen. Haya says that she has something that can help sanam regain her love. haya tells them about the blue moon night tonight, which happens after ten days, and when the lover feeds dessert to her beloved, under the moonlit sky. Seher asks if this is all actually true. haya says that she doesnt know, but there’s no harm trying. haya asks seher if there is anyone, that she would do this for. haya and sanam tease her into asking who is that special person, who has taken her heart away. seher says that she would tell this at the right time, and asks about sanam’s opinion. She gets sad. haya asks her to have faith on the lord, as he cant see evil happening to good people, and when she can return after getting rid of a monster like faiz, then her tragedy is too small. Seher says that the blue moon might not, but she wont leave any stone unturned in getting back her lovelife on track. sanam is assured of their support.

While haya is working in the kitchen, the phone rings and she picks it up, finding an unknown number. But noone responds. she is concerned, and gets back to cooking. Faiz eyes her from a distance, and then dials again, watching her every move. she picks up again. Haya, on the phone, hears heavy breathings of faiz, and is scared and tensed. She keeps the phoen down, but faiz rings it again, and she is scared to see that its the same number. She shuts the power off. faiz tells her that tonight is blue moon night, for lovers, and that she wont be able to feed anyone but him, and then she shall be forever his lover.

Scene 2:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Tanveer is rummaging through sanam’s room and almirah, and the locket accidentally falls down. She doesnt notice it. latif comes and is surprised to know that tanveer is here. Tanveer says that she was looking for sanam. Latif says that sanam is at her sister’s place, and starts ranting as to how hard she works. tanveer is irritated. She excuses herself. Latif notices the locket and keeps it back.

While tanveer is getting her eyebrows plucked later, by the new bride, she accidentally hurts her. tanveer starts screaming in pain, and looks at the mirror to view the damage. Sanam meanwhile passes by and finds her looking in the mirror and is shocked. tanveer too finds her staring. she again starts to pretend to be blind, in front of sanam. The new bride too see sanam, and tensedly gets back to work, when tanveer asks her to mend it. Sanam sees her and goes ahead, while almost accidentally colliding into ahil. They have a romantic and awkward eyelock, while tanveer is frustrated. Finally she breaks the silence, and says that she went to haya, who has given him a special gift, of a savoury dish. but he ignores it and walks off. Sanam is hurt, while tanveer and the new bride watch. But he gets a spoon from the table, and eats it, while sanam happily watches, as ahil eyes her. Both tanveer and the new bride watch in tension. He says that its nice, and says that haya too learnt cooking like her. Unable to see it anymore, the new bride leaves to get the cream, as an excuse to leave. Ahil begins to go, but she stops him saying that she wanted too say something, and tells about the history of the blue moon. Sanam tells ahil that tonight is Chand Raat, and if they see it together, then their differences may resolve. He asks if this night shall bring back the wedding night, the night when he found out, that he was jilted by her at the altar, and when he found that his bride was someone else. She is speechless and sad and he walks off. Tanveer smirks amusedly thinking that the blue moon shall be a dark night for someone.

Rahat Rehan eats the biryani and compliments it. She takes the credit that her sister prepared it. She also tells him about the blue moon night, and he says that he knows everything. She is shocked that he knows and means it too. He says that he knows and doesnt believe in it. She asks how. He says that many girls used to want him back in the day. Heis amused that she gets irriated at the mention of someone who promised to give her the kheer on the moon night, years ago, where he doesnt even remember what she herself said an hour ago. He says that he didnt eat the kheer from that girl. Seher is unconvinced and angry still, and asks him to go to that girl only and have his dessert as she definitely wont serve him. he tries to salvage her, but she storms out. Then she gets more angry, and takes the biryani and leaves, leaving him empty handed. He says that he too wont subside, till she doesnt please him. Outside, in the hallway, seher too resolves the same. tanveer follows after her, thinking that there’s love both sides, thinking that she has captivated both of them. Tanveer thinks that there would be something amusing and miraculous tonight, as two lovers shant unite, but separate under the moonlit sky, and nothing would get them back together. The screen freezes on tanveer’s shocked face.

Precap: Haya keeps her eyes closed and shouts, expecting rahat to be around, saying that he should come right in front of her, as she wants to see him, even before the moon. she holds out a spoon of dessert. Faiz comes out, hiding from the pool, and eats the dessert, from the held out spoon. She happily opens her eyes. She and is shocked to see faiz, as he dives back in the waters, pleased.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

  1. Thanks Rimjhim for very fast update. You are the BEST of all the admins. 🙂

  2. come on sahil get back ur best romantic scenes

  3. omgggggggg, what the hell is happening with haya and rahat, how could faiz be the one to eat from haya and where was rahatttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙁

  4. Hii sarah…..how r u???

  5. Rimjhim

    Thanks roma darling….glad u liked them….hope to keep up the work…enjoy reading….!!!!!

  6. Thanks rimjim for the update and today’s episode was better

  7. Please make another plan where sanam seher again think tanveer regained eyesight and don’t let this plan fail !!!!!!!!!!

  8. Oh! My god! Who is tanveer in this series? She look like the main character. Always she becomes successful in her plan.please do something to save sanam and seher’love

  9. what utter nonsense is going on with haya faiz storyline and ahil sanam tanveer storyline faiz suppose to be dead leave him dead why bring that crazy a*sh*le back just to make people miserable why writers are you putting haya through so much torture faiz needs to be done with we had enough of that storyline it has become tooooooo monotonous now and the soap of itself has lost all ratings so what now try and make it a better storyline from now on

  10. please get rid of faiz for good throw him in the looney bin and stop playing games with haya and rahatt lives it is not making any sense beating around the bush haya would rather die than be with faiz she cannot even stand his touch get that

  11. The saying Good Always Win Over Bad if dats so true why is this Soapie potrating bad is always winning. …its getting annoying dat bad is never been exposed n its alwsys winning over good ..Very Disappointed viewer. ..

  12. I miss all the romantic scenes of Sanam and Aahil and Rehan and Seher

  13. Princess Sofia

    tanveer and faiz,u both are going down soon,three sisters,three brothers including latif against the both of you,the revenge would b the best.c u soon in hell.

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