Qubool Hai 14th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Qubool Hai 14th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1:
Location: Ahil’s residence
The whole family is ready for auction, while the new bride is shocked. She asks why she didnt receive the notice, while she is told that they didnt have the money to receive it, when the postmaster came. She is apalled, as she finds everyone turning their back to her. She finds her jewellery and her clothing also being brought down. She resists saying that its hers. But he says that eveerything thats brought with ahil’s money shall have to be on sale, and these too are rightfully ahil’s. he says that everything that ahil’s money brought shall be put to auction, even the clothes and jewellery that she wears. She is apalled. She dresses up in plain clothes, miserable at her plight, remembering her journey till here, in a full circle. She breaks the mirror, and is distraught, as to how ahil brought her back to the old streets of the past, from where she came. She screams in dismay.

Scene 2:
Location: Dharamshala
Ahil, along with saanam and shaad, takes a stroll, in the valley, while boggled, and trying to get every look of sanam. Shaad excuses himself for a moment, Sanam and ahil are left alone. he calls out sanam, just to see her reaction and she stops instantly, and then turns around. She then asks who is sanam, as he and his thoughts are only consumed by her, and wants to know. he begins to bare out his heart about sanam, and how her personality is beyond words. She listens intently, as he describes her only to herself. Meanwhile, shaad finds a pendant in a souk, and thinks that jannat has brought him to a new life, and that she maybe just his presumed wife, but he shall ignite love in her heart. Sanam when she hears about ahil’s love, says that she too is just like he explains her. he eyes her overwhelmingly and then tells her that if she doesnt mind, then he would like to tell her, that not only character, but her face too matches with the person. he is unable to complete, when shaad comes in. She is boggled and tells how sanam was finally talking. Shaad takes sanam away, talking. Ahil is distraught thinking that he shall get her back anyhow, even beyond destiny.

In the restaurant, sanam assures ahil, that if sanam is in pakistant, shaad would definitely find out about her. he too assures the same to ahil. He then goes to give the order, for sanam and himself. Ahil barges in saying that she loves mango Juice. Shaad asks if he talked about jannat. Ahil says that its sanam’s. Shaad then leaves to place the order. Ahil asks if he can ask something. She complies. he says that he finds something wrong in shaad and sanam’s relationship. ahil asks sanam her first meeting with shaad, and she is stumped as she doesnt have any answer. Ahil hopes that his question might lead to sanam regaining her memory, and knowing that she’s sanam.

Scene 3:
Location: Ahil’s residence
As she comes down, she is taunted at her plight now, as all buyers ridicule and mock her. She is shocked to find gazalla and latif suckling upto a prospective buyer, of the haveli, to be able to ensure her place. the buyer asks the new bride, to let go of her aristocracy now, and get coffee for her. The new bride is mortified. She gets a cup nevertheless. she eyes the buyer angrily, and then splashes the hot coffee on her face, shocking her and everyone else. She then reprimands, the lady, as she falls on the floor, to slap the new bride. The lady takes sanam by the arm, and then asks how dare she separate the old sanam from ahil, and she got qhat she rightfully deserved. The same women strangulates the new bride, and then throws her out, and tell her that this is what she deserves. She is mortified. They then ask her to leave bhopal, to escape anymore embarassment. She thinks that this is all due to ahil, and she might kill him, but she needs his help right now, and wonders where is he. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Ahil keeps pestering sanam with questions, that lead her to being boggled of her marriage, and then asks where was her family at the time of marriage. his insistence to remembner causes sanam to go into a dizzy spell, with a splitting headache. Shaad rushes to her, while ahil suggests them to go with him to bhopal, as he is the Nawab there, and also a lot of good doctors are there for Jannat’s condition. Shaad likes the idea. sanam however is tensed when he asks her.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Am happy that sanam and aahil will be together.But that witch will create more trouble for saahil now!
    She will somehow reach the mansion and start her ugly game. This is what I hate…I wish she will go away from their life forever.

    1. I too agree with you.
      I hate the witch so much she is not only witch even b*t*h!

    2. I think now Qubool hai is on track. Im very happy that Saahil is back.
      😀 🙂 😛

  2. Nice episode, Sanam please regain your memory and go back to Aahil


  3. I like this episode

  4. Hooo im happy Q H is back to track …. Love sahil pair …….
    Nawab’s house is on auction …… We r getting to c latif and gazala in that houhouse ….. Where are nazia, shazia, ahil’s dad? …… Its many months that v have not seen gazal’s son whowho is a fake dodoctor …….
    I think story writer is unable to keep track of the character s in the serial …. Hmmn

  5. Dear all enjoy joke alon with Q H ….
    Boy : I love u! Will you marry me?
    Girl : kuch alag style mein propose karo naa
    Boy : teri lash ko aag lagaane ka mauka mere bete ko degi kya?

  6. Hey tellyupdate thanks for updating QH writtdwritten updates …. Display picture of Q H is chsnged but u guys still show up old didisplay pic ….. Hmmm

  7. Few good Sahil episodes perfect long overdue loving it

  8. Shaad and sanam fan

    I love Shaad and Sanam ♥. They are a cute couple and I really want shaad and sanam to fall in love with each other ♥♥♥. Please writers let shaad and sanam be together.

  9. I thought that this would be the end of the long toe nail witch sanam please do not bring her back she deserves to be back on the streets writers it is long over due for sanam 1 and her memory loss it is time that she rember Bhopal and her husband ahil and please bring back seher so that shad can have his mate too because I like shad he is a good person so I want him to get married to seher what is amazing is that how seher got separated from her sister sanam and she never one day searched for her there is loopholes in these scripts and that is because of the writers not being consistent with what they are writing and they are jumping to other storylines before trying to solve the ones that are being dealt with like the ahil sanam 1 storyline with memory loss is prolonging much toooooooo long and also the witchpooo storyline up to now sanam and seher did not get the chance to solve their mother and father murders you see what I mean the writers just have you hanging on a roof which does not make much sense and like I said stop all the three and four storylines and start bring to light with what is happening with some of them like exposing the evil ones for what they are doing you see clearly what I mean don’t you

  10. Sanam the witch should never cry.Where are her magic spell ?have they all failed.That penniless wretched woman thinks she could have gotten away with her evil murderous ways.Bye now you fool.Your time has come to reap what you had sown,Ahil fight for the love of your life.I am wondering who is the woman who slapped that witch.I presume it may be one of Ahili’As relative or Sanam’s relative.Ahil will bring her back at she may remember the surroundings.I do believe Shaad may assume it is Ahil’s wife but he wants more proof.Great love and wonderful episode.

  11. Thanks for update. But 4th scene in cafe is missed. I understood that Aahil called Sana’s favorite meal?…

  12. Sorry, I’ve found now.

  13. iam very happy that sanam and ahil meeting but what will happen to shaad if sanam and ahil get back together he does not have anyone except sanam his whole family was killed by shashi how wil he live without her ahil and sanam saher and shaad if you say that is good shaad is a good guy good luck

  14. I think the witch will use Sanam Memory Loss to her advantage, and she might also team up with shashi↗Tanveer

  15. Qh is back!!!!!!!

  16. I wonder, who is this other Roma commenting on this blog? My twin sister?

  17. Gloria, do you ever take a breather when writing? No punctuations…LOL

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