Qubool Hai 14th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1:
Location: Ahil’s residence
sanam is sitting quietly when tanveer comes in, and is startled by sanam’s presence. she asks her whats she doing here. sanam says that she couldnt sleep. tanveer says that she sounds very disturbed and upset and asks her to clarify whats the matter. Sanam says that its nothing. Tanveer insists. Sanam says that its been 20 years, her parents died, but she continuously feels that there’s some link, somewhere, which links her to them, and that she doesnt know the person, but knows that the person links her to her parents. Tanveer gets disturbed and asks how can this happen. Sanam asks what. tanveer composes herself and asks why she feels so, that there’s still some link. Sanam says that she doesnt know, but she got to know about the conspiracy, and not a disaster that took her parents’ life. She thinks that she still feels that everything isnt lost, but there’s still someone, who’s her own. tanveer is highly disturbed. sanam wonders who could it be. tanveer comes to her and tries to put her mind away and asks her not to think too much, about what she doesnt have a control over. She says that whats happened doesnt need deliberation, and that she’s just here for 3 more months, and she cant change her destiny. sanam says that she knows that she cant get her parents’ back, but she feels that she would know about them, their past, and their tragedy very soon, and since she got to know that they styed here, somwhere near to this place, she knows that she is destined to be near her parents, as fate wants her, hence she came to bhopal of all places. she thought it was a coincidence, but it wasnt, as fate wanted her to be in this city, work here and know her parents’ past, and that there’s something somewhere, but what she doesnt know, but she definitely would, and mayeb she didnt get the answers today, but one day she definitely would. she turns to tanveer asking her if she would help her in seeking the truth. tanveer is tensed, but resignedly complies.

While razia dreams of that horrific incident, she wakes with a start, and drops latif accidentally on the floor. she starts cursing razia, while razia laments that she’s dropped down to such low levels, that she has to stay here. latif gets angry and throws her blanket and pillow on the floor, and reprimands razia to sleep there, while razia is shocked. But resignedly complies, since she doesnt have any other choice. later, while she is unable to get asleep, she is startled when tanveer comes in and drags her outside. tanveer asks razia that 20 years back, when she killed everyone, was there anyone who got away. razia is unable to remember, while tanveer urgently asks her to remember, as she was blinded, and hence couldnt confirm, and had to go underground for a long time, but she was there and must have known. razia reminds her that she wasnt there when she did the massacre. tanveer asks if she is sure. Razia says that the police didnt find anyone after that. tanveer says that she killed everyone, asad, zoya, nazma and everyone else. tanveer asks if she saw anyone’s dead body. razia denies adding that the police wasnt letting anyone go, but she got to know that there was noone there. razia asks whats the matter. tanveer tries to convince herself that her past cant surface, and that its just sanam’s hallucination, and that it has nothing to do with reality, as the dead people cant speak up.

Scene 2:
Location: Munisa’s residence
While haya is working in the kitchen, faiz asks rahat to chill, and not be nervous and confidently talk to haya, unaware that rahat is distraught and apalled from within. rahat remembers faiz’s confession. He comes to haya and says that he wants to talk to her. she says that he has been wanting this for a long time, and that he shouldnt delay or hesitate to talk about matters of the heart. She takes rahat’s hand, and asks him to speak. He withdraws tensedly, and says that he wanted to talk about marriage. haya thinks that she knew he wanted to ask this. As rahat asks haya if she is ready for marriage, she shys away and agrees, but then turns away, when she misses to lipread that he is talking about faiz. Rahat is apalled at her conviction to marry faiz, while she actually conceeded to marry rahat. He asks her if she is sure. She shyly says yes. A huge confession follows. rahat leaves. haya thanks the lord that rahat finally did ask her, as she was waiting for long, and romantically relives the memory of his proposal.

Rahat goes to faiz, and tells that haya said yes, and faiz gets super excited and thanks rahat profusely. While faiz is all cheered up, rahat’s world just shattered. haya comes outside, and shyly smiles at rahat, while faiz eyes her longingly. faiz thanks haya for saying yes, and asks how does she want to do it. haya eyes rahat, and says that however rahat likes it. faiz agrees, and adds that they can have a simple marriage, with close and near and dear ones, with just some special invitees. He asks haya and rahat if its okay. rahat says whatever he likes. Faiz asks haya that they should get married early then. haya complies. rahat is apalled, while haya shyly smiles.

Scene 3:
Location: Ahil’s residence and on the road
sanam wakes up and finds the candle blown off. Meanwhile, an old lady is shown to be walking on the road. In the middle of the night, while sanam is sleeping, on a desolate road somewhere, the same old lady gets hit by a car, which is actually seher, sanam’s long lost twin sister, and she falls on the ground. Creating the twin repurcussion in sanam, she too falls off ther bed, and wakes up with a startle, as she finds blood coming out of the corner of her head, at the same place that seher has actually got hurt. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Seher talks to tanveer, while she gets stuck in the traffic jam, and is waiting impatiently in the car, and tanveer misconstrues it as sanam, by identifying the voice. But when it isnt sanam, she is baffled. Seher asks her where this road leads to, and tanveer tensedly replies that she is in bhopal.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

  1. Y is Seher showen as a old lady????when her twin sister sanam is showen young…I really dnt get it…

    1. She’s a con-girl and changes her look to rob people. This time she took old lady avatar

  2. Thanks sooo much 4 updating. Seher is backk!

    1. plz faiz leave haya as ur bro fell in love aftr fighting a lot…he hav overcome his guilt thro haya..plz let haya n rahat live..oh ahil try to help sanam as rehan is doing.dat wl help u undstand dat tanveer is jst using u…

  3. Qubool hai is becoming more interesting

  4. Awesome can’t wait to c fire works tanveer days r numbered

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