Qubool Hai 13th September 2013 Written Episode Update

Qubool Hai 13th September 2013 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 13th September 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Asad’s residence
Tanveer goes onto tell how she had planned for her to fall into her trap all along, and zoya had fallen prey to it. Tanveer tells zoya that they wont get married. She asks her to observe her destiny that even if she couldnt marry, she would atleast die as a bride. Zoya says that had she not been a pregnant woman, she would have been handed over to the police, but right now her priority is to save nazma’s life by telling her the truth about tanveer and imran. As zoya tries to get tanveer out and along with her, she is surrpised to find some goons, who are tanveer’s aides, blocking her way. Tanveer smirks, and says that she was naive to think that she would let zoya do that, as what a person thinks never happens, and that happens which is destined to happen, and her destiny is in her hands. She says that has planned all this to kill her. Zoya asks her to change atleast now for the sake of her baby. Tanveer says that she is meant to do all this, and she’s like the poisonous snake. Zoya asks to let go, as she wont achieve anything, and wont get asad. Tanveer says that he would do that, and she doesnt know whats rejection, and she would be at peace only when she gets him. Zoya says that love cant be attained, and hence she wont ever get him. Tanveer smirks at her and says that her death would pave the way for her. zoya is thrown to the goons, who take her out, despite her screams. tanveer smiles evilly.

The goons tie zoya to a bed, and gag her to stop her from screaming. Tanveer comes in clapping, wearing the dress of a doctor. tanveer says that they would play the doctor game now. She asks her to calm down and pray while they kill her. tanveer says that she has two typical traits, one she’s emotional, to come out here irrationally and second she’s a fool, as this hospital is closed for 6 months now. Tanveer goes on to prepare the injection to be administered in Zoya’s drip. Zoya is terrified. she tells zoya that the drip is going to be mixed with the fatal medicine, which is Poison, thats mixing into her blood with every passing second. tanveer tells the goons to take care of the dead body, after she’s dead. Before going, tanveer tells zoya that she wont let asad miss her. They all bid goodbye and leave, while zoya scaringly observes the glucose drip turning green, as poison mixes into it. Zoya eyes a knife kept on the bedside tray. She grabs hold of the knife finally, and desperately tries to cut the rope that has tied her to the bed, as she monitors the poison slowly progressing inch by inch towards her vein.

Zoya runs out, while the goons try and catch her.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
The fake vikram starts taunting humaira, addressing her as Rajni ji. ayan gives him a blow, and is thronged by the goons. Ayan tries to beat vikram, whereas the goons grab hold of humaira and take her to vikram who catches her, while ayan is overpowered by the goons. He says that now she would live with this husband, referring to himself and takes her aside. ayan breaks free from the goons and runs after vikram, but they overpower him again. As vikram and his goon friends beat the pulp out of ayan, humaira screams out from the car. Ayan gets into a scuffle, and manages to defeat them and save humaira, but is shocked at receiving a blow by vikram. He holds the blow midway. Ayan gives a fatal blow to vikram in the groin, and also hits with a rod. Ayan and humaira try to escape while vikram asks his goons to catch them. Ayan and humaira run for their life. Humaira gets tired. ayan asks her to run without the sandles. She complies and they run off barefot while vikram and the goons try to catch them. Ayan and humaira too run and reach the navjeevan hospital site.

The screen freezes on zoya’s dishevelled face while running.

Precap: Ayan and zoya reach a communal marriage ceremony of seven couples, accidentally, unknown that the other is also there where they individually dress up as bride and groom to escape their respective enemies. They sit on the other side of the purdah, to escape from the goons.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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