Qubool Hai 13th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Qubool Hai 13th March 2013 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 13th March 2013 Written Update

Asad refuses the coffee thinking its Zo but it turns out to be Tanu and he takes his words back and takes the coffee and Tanu defends Zo saying that he used to forgive the mistakes she made when they were kids and that humans do make mistakes the whole day and its no big deal and that he shudnt have yelled at Zo like this infront of a stranger ie her and Asad says she aint no stranger but Tanu says how she is for Zo and that he should have careful and how Zo has been feeling bad all day and if not her she apologizes on her behalf and that Zo is really nice and a bechari and Asad is like no way she aint no bechari and that she seems nice cause Tanu herself is nice and that Zo is total misfit here and is totally different and Zo hears this in the background and is in tears and Tanu spots this

-Humeira with Mr Siddiqui and hands him the papers on the pretext of them being some office papers which need his signature immediately and despite Ayaan who is watching over goofing up she does manage to get the papers signed but her happiness is short lived as Razia takes away those papers from her

-Zo in her room saying to herself how she knew from day one how Asad is and that he is a total male chauvinist yet why is all this bothering her so much and she conts to question herself when Tanu arrives and asks her abt having some food and she is like have heard so much that I am full and that wont have a bite and Tanu puts the pizza in front of her and tells her how Najma said that its her fav food and soon both begin to chat and Zo starts to eat the pizza and says how she knows she goofed up and all but why did he have to yell so much and Tanu is like u wanted him to be a little more understanding and Zo agrees and Tanu says how Asad is like that but he gets angry on the ones he likes and Zo is really happy and Tanu talks abt Asad once got angry with Dilshad but she got him to forgive her by making him his fav dish and how sometimes good food is the key to all problems and points to the finished pizza

-Zo-Tanu cont to chatter abt how she calls him janab akdoo while Zo calls him Jahapanah 6-packs

-Ayaan waiting of Humeira but Razia arrives instead and says to Ayaan that he needs to marry Humeira if he wants the signed papers and says she will wait for his decision

-Najma- Dilshaad discussing abt the doll and that where could it be and that they need it before tomorrows hearing and Najma asks Dilshad to relax and that she will speak to the gardener and find out ,the maid is snooping around eavesdropping on their convo and Tanu too arrives and Najma asks her to get Dilshad some water and to be with her

-Billo Rani- Razia convo abt the doll and how they need to get it and to not let Dilshad get to the gardener having the clues

-Ayaan recollecting Shireen’s words and Razia’s deal and abt how Humeira had refused to get married to him and wud it be fair to ruin Humeira’s life for Abbu’s sake and he is totally feeling helpless

-Next day ,Ayaan comes to meet Razia and she says she will get the papers for her wud be Son in law

Precap- Zo comes to Dilshad asking her to taste the dish she made to cheer up Asad and Dilshad takes a bite and is like hope u didnt offer it to Asad and then Asad having that cough attack

Update Credit to: RD

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