Qubool Hai 13th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Qubool Hai 13th January 2014 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 13th January 2014 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Doll factory
Asad goes out of the doll factory, with zoya in his arms, unconscious.

Scene 2:
Location: Haseena’s residence
Nikhat gives nazma the fruit salad and asks her to eat. as nazma begins to eat, haseena evilly smirks. before she can eat, haseena taikes it from her and smelling it says that there’s a bad smell coming from there. nazma takes it and looks scared at nikhat. Nikhat says that she just gave the condensed milk, that she had given it to her. Nikhat takes them to verify but falls in haseena’s trap, who proves that she had mixed gum in her fruit salad. nikhat is confused, while haseena goes onto reprimand seeieng that its having its effect on nazma, who runs away from there. Haseena says that nazma is lucky that she didnt

eat this. After she is gone, nikhat breaks down into tears.

As nikhat comes out tensed, she findfs the ominous painting tilted again and goes onto correct it, but finds that its stuck somewher4e, where actually its the lock and key to sameera’s room, thats keeping it from being straight. before she can see it, haseena jerks her around and asks what was she doing. Nikhat explains, but she asks her to leave. Niikhat asks her whats in this painting, that she doesnt let anyone near it, and it feels that she’s hiding some secret behind it. haseena taunts her and says that there’s nothing behind it, and asks her to go while she does it herself. niikhat eyes the poainting and leaves, while haseena is tensed, that she might have known the secret. she says that before nikhat can come to the truth, she would have to prove that nikhat is mad.

Scene 3:
Location: Outdoor location
Humaira, while running remembers what haider had told her. Humaira is scared in the dark forests, when she collides into haider and clutches at him tightly, while he looks at her surprised. she too gets aware of her proximity with haider, out of her fear and

becomes embarassed. He takes off her hand from his chest. he curtly says that he would leave her till her camp. he begins to walk ahead, while she stands confused. He says that she shouldnt do thisn kind of a joke again on anyone, cuz not everyboy is haider. She breaks down.

The next morning, haider and humaira again get into their proverbial chit chat fights, as they used to have earlier. They bothv are least disinterested to talk to each other. He goes ahead, and she having no other choice, goes after him, resignedly, but resolves to teach him a lesson. She finds green algae stuck, and an idea comes o her mind. she calls him saying that she found the way. She coaxes him to go on the path, and he complies, sticking his feet in the fecal matter, while humaira stands amused and heartily laughing. haider is irritated.

After having walked for a long time, humaira says that she cant walk any longer. Haider says that he cant help her in that. She confesses that she’s very hungry. He sarcastically teases her. She says that she might just faint now, if she doesnt have food. He asks her to eat him only. she too goes onto tease him, by biting into his arm, causing him to wince in pain. he jerks away, but is stunned when humaira comes to relieve him of his pain, concernedly, blowing air on it and seeing ho9w much damage is done. they tget into a romantic eyelock, awkwardly. she lets go of his hand, and he too looks away. they start walking again

Scene 4:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Razia is very happy and distributing sweets, celebrating zoya’s death. Razia is scared and shocked, when she hears zoya’s voice, from behind her that the news thast she is celebrating, she should have confirmed it atleast. Razia remembesr what she did, and is boggled as to how is zoya safe. Zoya sternly confronts mamu and razia. She goes onto tease razia, saying that it actually is zoya, safe and alive. she tells her that it isnt easy to kill her. dilshad comes and is hassled to see zoya hurt, and asks where was she last night. zoya says that she is safe due to dilshad’s blessings, otherwise she would have been killed by razia and mamu. razia goes onto plead innocence, that she is always concocting stories against her. Zoya says that everytime her face saves it, but this time its the face that gave it away. razia says that her face is like that due to living with unlucky peope like her. Zoya says that now she is onto killing people too. Razia asks her to be in her limit. zoya asks her to tell everyone herself then, what happened yesterday. When she doesnt, zoya tells everyone that razia tried to kill her in the doll factory. All are shocked. Razia says that its been enough. she raises her hand to slkap zoya, but asad stops it instead and shocks her. He says that zoya is his life, and if someone tries to take it, he wouldnt spare her, when she tried to so much as slap her. He lets go of her hand, while she is shocked. mamu is surprised to see him there. Asad says that he came back to finsih the unfinished business. He asks razia that she really thought that he wouldnt know about her murder attempt on zoya. He says that she implicated rashid in the doll factory conspiracy, and now after 17 years tried to kill him too. Asad says that after 17 years, when they are close to unravelling the mystery of the doll factory, they tried to kill them. mamu tries to say something, but asad asks him to shut up. He says that they have spoken enough, and now he shall and they would listen. He says that when after 17 years the secret would be unravelled, they should be prepared to be punished for their crimes. He calls the inspector and they all are surprised as they find the inspectors come in. The screen freezes on Asad’s tensed face.

Precap: Zoya tells everyone and the inspectors, that she herself heard razia talking on the phone and concocting a conspiracy. Razia says that she can prepare better stories than her and if she still feels that she has done something, then does she have the proof. While all are speechless, badi bi shocks razia by saying that she has. razia turns around to find badi bi carrying rashid in his wheelchair. She is tensed and scared.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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