Qubool Hai 12th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Qubool Hai 12th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sanam goes to check Aahil and he grabs her hand while asleep. Sanam releases her hands and wonders what’s happening to her. She goes to Shaad and holds his hands and thinks why she cannot connect to him despite him being her husband and why she feels that she has some old connection with an unknown (Aahil).

Next day, Aahil wakes up and takes Sanam’s name. Shaad comes there. Aahil says he felt Sanam was there. Shaad says it’s his wife, Jannat, who looked after him whole night. Aahil thanks him. He says its not required. If human is not of human’s help, then what’s the point. They continue their conversation. Shaad then thanks him for saving his life. Aahil gets confused. Shaad says the packet had injection which is required for Jannat. Aahil tells him his words only that thanks is not needed. Shaad then informs him Jannat went to mandir. Aahil asks mandir? He says she thinks whether they go mandir or masjid, they are going for same purpose and there is only one God. He asks him to get ready and he will introduce her to him and he can also tell him more about Sanam.

On their way, both share their stories with each other. Shaad says he lost everything and now Jannat is only reason for him to live. He loves her a lot. While Aahil says, his purpose to live is to find Sanam. Shaad promises to help him and find Sanam if she is really in Pakistan. He asks him if he has any photo. Aahil forgot his wallet, so Shaad tells him to give later. They reach mandir. Shaad says Jannat will be near water. Aahil says if it was his Sanam, then she would be inside. He goes inside saying his thoughts are also similar to Jannat. Jannat is inside mandir and praying. Aahil goes to pray as well. He stands beside Sanam, but both fail to see each other. Aahil asks the God to help him in finding Sanam and only after finding her, he will be relieved.

Sanam-2 is angry as she doesn’t find her breakfast. Latif tells her that there is nothing in this house that she can cook. Sanam-2 calls couple of people in Aahil’s company, but they tell her that she can’t get any money without Aahil’s permission. She then thinks of calling her lawyer. Her lawyer comes there and says it’s true. Aahil has decided not to give her anything from property. Sanam-2 gets mad and asks him couldn’t he do anything. He says he did, he took 7 extra days for her to leave this house. That house will be auctioned after 7 days. Sanam-2 cannot believe that Aahil can do this to her. Later on, Saif comes and tells Sanam-2 that he shouldn’t have listened to her. He’s better off with Aahil’s sister. Sanam-2 tells him she will fix everything. He says she can’t do anything. A begum is nothing without her badshah and Aahil has left her and gone far. He leaves.

Precap: Aahil and Sanam finally see each other. Aahil cries/smiles emotionally, while Sanam also smiles looking at him. There Sanam-2’s mum gives her a package saying she had to give her that much as she’s her daughter. Sanam-2 opens it happily thinking it’s money, but it turns out to be used slippers.

Update Credit to: Jenny

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  1. for what sanam 2 alias long toe nail did to ahil well she is getting what she deserves she thought that she would rule the roost she never thought that she would have lost everything when she started following in the footsteps of tanveer she thought well yes I have gotten all what tanveer could not accomplished writers you did well in bringing sanam 2 long toe nail down to ground with nothing and no one on her side now it is just for ahil and sanam 1 to unite and then bring in seher for shad that would be a good ending

  2. Hi would any one be so kind to actually tell me whole story of qybool hai in a summary I started watching with aahil and sanam about episode 395 and watched them all but what is it about from beginning and who’s faiz haiqua is she deaf but can speak now. I’d be very gtratful thanks xxxx

    1. Hi Molly, QH began with Zoya (Sanam’s. Mom-Surbhi Jyoti) who came from New York to Bhopal to find her father. Her mother died when she was only 3. She stayed in Asad Ahmed Khan’s house and later after many hps and downs sbe got married with Asad. Najma was Asad’s sister who married with Imran Qureshi (Haya’s parents, the deaf and mute girl). Zoya found her father Gafoor Ahmed Siddiqui after many obstacles. Tanveer was Asad’s childhood friend and wanted to revange from Zoya since Asad loved Zoya and rejected tanvir. Asad and Zoya got married and had twin daughters Sanam and Seher. 3-4 years later Tanveer murdered Zoya, Asad and Najma, but Dilshad Asad’s mom saved Sanam and Haya from her a.d escaped. Now show gets 20 years leap and grown up Sanam and Haya shows up along with Nawaab Aahil, Rehaan and Tanvir as begum sahiba as Aahil’s step mother. Tanvir forced Aahil and Sanam marry to get his property, but when later she found that Sanam is Zoya and Asad’s daughter she wa.ted to take revenge from her too. I believe now you can relate the story. Also you can this show from beginning episode 1 on YouTube, just type Qubool hai episode 1 and you can see all the following episodes of this show. I hope you like my comment.

      1. I skipped lots of things and gave you very brief summary, you have to watch this show to get all the details. This is only show I followed from the beginning and still I’m very very big Fan of it. I hope Sanam and Aahil reunite soon and Shaad find Seher and marry with her.

      2. Hi thank you soooo much! I am so grateful to you for explaining this to me I absolutely love QH I really hope aahil and sanam reunite in a Lot of YouTube comments I see people write I miss KSG and prefer there chemistry but I haven’t actually seen them so I can’t say about that but I loveee aahil and sanam absolutely love their song junnon addicted to it!!!!!! Once again thank u xxxxx

  3. Wat did hpn in ep 395?

  4. Sanam2 deserved that slipper should slap herself with it

  5. Finaly hapy with the hapening with sanam 2..she deservs that only..now she ll bear saif’s child with no money wow

  6. Hmm still no information about seher!what about haya?plz unite sanam nd ahil & seher nd shaad.

  7. I wish the precap true….n the update is incomplete….plz i wish u guyz watch isteand of read…

    1. I read….then watch depending on what I read lol

    2. I guess she was smiling to shaad…

  8. Twinkle Holder

    So do I @Kristelle

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