Qubool Hai 12th March 2015 Written Episode Update

Qubool Hai 12th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1:
Location: Ucch Sharif, Pakistan
As sanam lies on the bed unconscious, shaad takes out the shards of glass pieces, which wakes her up, and she eyes him longingly as her husband. He thinks that she must have gone through some major stress due to the riots. She starts exclaiming that she had gotten very scared being alone in the riots. Shaad asks her who is she. she asks if he too had a memory loss along with her. She reminds him that she’s jannat and his wife, as he just told everyone. he is tensed and boggled. Sanam asks how come he doesnt remember it himself. She says that they should come along, as if they get late, family would get angry.she says that come what may, she is relieved that he is here with her. She exclaims that she forgot his, her own husband’s name, and is prplexed. he tells his name and designation. He makes her Maggi. She exclaims that she makes wonderful food, and is then taken to some past thoughts, and wonders why she said something like that. She says that she doesnt remember anything, but at times feels that she does everything. She says that even when she was desperately in trouble, she felt in the core of her heart, that there’s a person who would do anything lfor her, and loves her like crazy, and then he came along. he is tensed, and wonders how to tell her the truth, as if he denies this, she would get worse, and he would have to be extra cautious not to cause her stress. The phone rings. Its his father. he tells her that he shall have to go now. She leaves him off. He comes back, and asks if she would be here alone, and asks her to come along. She continues with her rant, something that didnt change even in her memory loss.

In the house, shaad talks to Col. rana from the Indian army, confirming that he has solid evidence that Shashi Kapoor is alive, and that his friend’s martyrship shouldnt go in vain. He is extended fullest and unconditional support to continue his mission to expose Shashi kapoor, for the sake of Indo-Pak treaty. meanwhile, sanam and the other woman are working in the kitchen. She comes with a bowl, and asks what happened. he fights back his tears, and she asks why is he hiding his tears and his tensions from hr. she eyes the pic. Sanam sees Liyaqat’s pic with shaad, and is surprised, as she recognises the person, whose murder she witnessed. She narrates it, and shaad is shocked. he asks her to remember and tell everything or anything about the face of the murderer. She says what she knows but doent remember anything else. He asks her to relax, and try and remember. She remembers that he didnt have one thumb. Shaad thinks that this girl isnt lying, as she has actually seen Shashi Kapoor then, as noone else knows about the missing thumb except for him and his army. he is tensed. he asks her to remember more. she says that she saw his boots, and he keeps pushing on and on. She gets frustrated and repeatedly says that she doesnt remember anything else anymore. He rushes out. he calls up and says to someone that now he cant let this girl go, as she has seen shashi kapoor, and now he would take her to lahore and stay with her only.

Scene 2:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Gazalla and razaak think that first tanveer and now the new bride is out of the house. They decide to call her, and when the new bride picks up, she gets to know that ahil is going crazy searching for sanam. She taunts them that she is going to send him such a shocker, that he would have to beg to her to know about sanam. Just then, while ahil is on the roads, searching for sanam, he gets a pics of seher in the cage, and a message that says that only the sender can guide him to sanam, and if he tries to act smart and involve the police, then his entire family shall be ruined, as that shall be the person’s ultimate revenge. he is shocked and surprised. he finds the Meenar’s shadow in the background

Scene 3:
Location: In the captivity
Ahil finds a lady with her face covered with her hands, scratched and bruised. he thinks that she is sanam is a distraught state, and rushes to her. But when he sees her face, he is surprised and tensed, as he finds the new bride unconscious with a serious head wound. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: the new bride makea a fake story, that when he threw her out, she was kidnapped and brought here. He asks where are the kidnappers then, if she was kept captive. she says that she doesnt know. He is unconvinced and frustrated. She says that they were saying that they shall do the same with her, that they did sanam, and like her, they would kill him too. He turns around shocked.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

  1. stupid episode and stupid percap he will believe all the crap she saying

  2. please end this stupid serial

    1. God forbid evil i hate qubool hai now am feeling very disapointed..nyaaaaaaaaaaa

  3. asif siddiqui

    I think the writers dont have any story to continue. The rating has already went down. It is a couple of mont hs before sponsors pull out and ent this show.

  4. hate QH….story is totally a stupid….she knows hindi bt she lost her memory…nd whr is Seher????…….nd what about Haya and Rahat story???…………………if they would have sent Seher out of India insted of sanam and if Sanam was ahil, the story would have borne atleast some sense..PLZ some1 give some Tea or Coffee to the writers to let them wake up and make some meaningfull script..

  5. Wot a stupid story ……ts tym to end d show…

  6. At times I wonder wats d base line for QA or wat d writer trying to convey to us through this story… :s

  7. like I said before this serial is going no where it needs to end badly because it is one storyline over and over again how many times would seher and sanam lose their memories and get kidnapped toooooooo monotonous we the viewers are frustrated we need better scripts these writers have totally lost it there is no sense or meaning to their scripts please hire some professional script writers from Hollywood that is they will have to leave Bollywood and the new environment will be good for them

    1. The writers are on vacation. …have to be cuz of the crap they are airin on zee

  8. All these serial on zee is goin downhill some alittle more than others….so disappointed in qh

  9. ahil is leving th show n last shoot on 4 april for qh. Chalo ahil ko smjh aa gya is evil bhare show se chutkara paa hi liya… Gud . Hoping sanam bhi quit krd . Tb shyd writter ko akl aygi. Evil ko kitna dikhana chahiye iske liye class lelo fir likhna qubul hi

  10. The writers are in the Indo- Paskistani war zone right now helping to rewrite the treaty.Writers did we ask you all to bring a war zone to us, There are some people who hate to see blood.Writers are your minds pure.What you put on paper is what your is indulged in.WE do not want to see these long swords and blood. This is not a historical soap.In a soap you see love,romance,marriage,wining and dining.What the hell are you people thinking.If the blood is not enough ,here comes the witch again.But if she was such a good witch Ahil would have been hers.If she was a good witch she would not of tell lies about being kidnapped.So this is to prove that her powers are nil.No matter what she does Ahil will find Sanam.Two things she must understand that Sanam is a twin and she is an orphan and God watches over these type of people.So Sanam the witch be casted out and be bound with the devil because he is your god.Writers ,think.think,don’t you believe that viewers are tired of watching these sad anddull moments.Is either you all are pathetic or just view the dark side of life as positive.Writers think responsibly about what you are writing.Do not let the enticement of immediate gratification blind your sight so you cannot see the long term consequences of your behavior.Please stop focusing upon the monetary gratification and think also about your viewers without us ,the viewers your source of sustenance will soon die.Remember it is evil that kills the wicked.There write something profitable.

  11. shahrzad hasseli

    I can not stand it any more, this story get really boring, we are watching the one line story over and over, it goes no where, we just keep watching people in this serial get kill or get disappear. The writer does not have any story to continue. it is very stupid.

  12. What’s wrong with u writers? You can’t give karanvir double the money you give on regular basis.and who came up with this Pakistan setting? You guys should pull karanvir to stay with you until it’s june.you writers never let any romance between sanam and ahil.get ahil and sanam back together before karanvir leaves the show.if he leaves didn’t kill is character replace it with another body builder

  13. This story is getting more annoying I don’t even feel like whatching!your audenince are not even liking it now.you guys will have to end this show after KVB leaves.we all will loose intrest.the only reason why it was so interesting in the beginning was only because of KVB

  14. And u guys just send him away like u did with KSG

    1. Oh my goodness, Ahil is leaving us.He is right because there is no competition for him now.He is just wasting time here on Qubool .

  15. Guys ahil aka karanvir bohra is going to larve the show he will shoot for the last day at 4 april

  16. ASIF SIDDIQUE – you are right that the writer has no story to continue and that is why he/she took the story to Pakistan. More Bull Shit coming up. I do not know why the writer not closing the show. I think he want to make more money from richy Zee TV Channel. Sometime one of my family member would say why we spend our Dollar money for such stupid show & watching some intelligent show.

  17. I think we are wasting our precious time and money to watch all the shows. If the writers couldn’t come up with the good stories better cast Historical stories.

    Qubool Hai one of the best show only Asad and Zoya story after that this story is circling to all the directions an end up in Pakistan. Why don’t they end the story with the happy note????

  18. April is so soon.let me guess you guys won’t get ahil and sanam back together before april 4 right ?

  19. Salut tous le monde
    Comme vous l’avez déjà dis le tournant que prend cette série est stupide cela n’a aucun sens vraiment ils devraient arrêté cette série c bon

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