Qubool Hai 12th January 2015 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1:
Location: Function venue
The new bride comes and stands beside ahil, while he is receiving guests, along with rehaan. she is visibly at discomfort. The reporters throng her. sanam comes to her rescue and tries to thrwart them off. But ahil comes in just then, to stand between the two. it gets extremely uncomfortable. They ask sanam how does she feel with ahil’s second marriage, and then ask ahil which wife does he love more. Ahil shuts them asking to stop this nonsense. tanveer and azhar’s parents come, and she is frustrated to know that sanam is also here. the reporters go to tanveer, as they find her having arrived. An uncomfortable moment follows, between ahil and his two wives. Then he leaves to be by tanveer’s side and escort her to the stage. He takes the dias, and says that he thanks everyone for having come here, and then starts to rant about tanveer’s qualities, going on a praising stance. Tanveer smiles. Sanam and the new bride are both tensed, along with rehaan. He requests the mayor to inaugurate the chowk, and he complies. The mayor says that this chowk would hence forth be known as Nawab Begum tanveer chowk, and invites her to inaugurate it herself. All clap, while sanam and rehaan watch sullenly. Tanveer does the honours. tanveer is asked for a pic with her portrait. She complies. She turns around and eyes her own portrait, as ahil is thronged by reporters and they are distracted. She immensely likes the portrait and again goes back to pretending to be blind, while eyeing ahil giving his statements. sanam too mingles with the guests, and tanveer is amused, when sanam is congratulated for tanveer’s achievements. she taunts sanam if she wont congratulate her, and if this continues, then within the two weeks, the city and ahil shall have forgotten her. Sanam belittles her minor achievement, saying that she has been playing this game for a long while, but she still was, is and shall forever be Ahil’s life, adding that she shouldnt be too happy, as soon ahil would turn his face away from her, as her reality would be exposed to ahil, as only those celebrate the win before the win, who cant see what lies ahead. She says that tanveer might have been immensely lucky, and trappy woman, but she would soon outsmart her too. Tanveer goes to ahil, expressing her wish to go the dargah to pray, and asks him to be here to entertain the guests, and tells her that she shall be late in coming back home.

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Scene 2:
Location: On the road
Tanveer asks the driver to stop on a desolate road, and then asks him to go home. He is hesitant, but follows her orders. He leaves. tanveer then ges out of her car, and takes the front seat, of the driver, and starts the car, in much glee and excitement, driving rash in the meanwhile. While a person she almost collides into, curses her asking if she is blind, she is highly amused at the irony, smiling that he is right, and that she is blind. Finally, she comes to a halt. She goes inside the building, and then opens the locked door, with a key that she has. She comes inside, a room, and takes a board and pins it against the wall. As the lights go on, Mamu, Rashid, Nazma, Asad and Zoya’s faces with a cross appear, who she had killed barbarously. Then she eyes Sanam’s face, also pinned, thinking that she would play this game all over once again, and ruin her. She evilly enjoys her moment, as she aims at a knife against Sanam’s chest.

Meanwhile, tanveer smiles crookedly as she undergoes the final operation, and after its done, the doctors ask her to open her eyes. she remembers thinking that she has wasited for these soft tissues for quite sometime, to repair the eyes that were damaged on that day. She screams and laughs in glee, as she finds that she can see again. Tanveer thinks that her darkness has lifted off, but sanam’s life would be doused in darkness now, and she wont be able to get out of it. the screen freezes on her evil face.

Precap: While rahat and haya are romancing, faiz observes them from a distance, with a vengeance. tanveer places a cross against sanam, that her mother spoiled her life, and she too shall do the same, and thats her promise.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

  1. this soap has become a whole pack of shit do not worth watching tanveer should have remained blind what the heck

  2. 4 hw many daz r they gona shw same precap…

  3. Nah, it’s good!

  4. Tanvir never stops fighting…she iz jst mervolous

  5. tanveer is a brave woman but sanam is even more brave than her and seher she is the one who will ruin tanveer before tanveer even starts all her trappings and tricks

  6. If someone under goes an operation on their they will be blindfold or will wear a black glass what nonsense they r showing in this show sap kuch bakwass in this show how could they do the surgery without any equipment when they will end this bakwass what does the writers think abt us it is fiction but there must be some logic please writers don’t think that we r fools use u r brains

  7. how can somebody get eyesight whenever they want? If she has a possibility to get it then why it was possible not until now. They r just mad.

  8. I am sooooo confused!!!!! As I recall when Aahil got married it was Sanam (the normal one) name called…not just Sanam but her FULL NAME!!!! SO even it it was another woman under the dupatta (is that its spelling), any marriage documentation won’t be in the original Sanam’s name? Doesn’t that make her Aahil’s first and ONLY wife? Why is the new Sanam even acknowledged at his wife? Now on the next side, how the hell does Faiz survive a stabbing and excessive burns in less than a month period to go and observing anybody from a distance. And how does he even know where to find them in his sick state if they moved to a different place!?!?!?! Finally …I thought Sanam loved Haya, how come noone made any attempts to meet one another. How come Sanam hasn’t told Haya about Seher? How come Sanam/Seher didn’t know about Haya’s kidnapping?!?!? I know this is just a soap….but all these illogical moves/story lines are just throwing me off and making me lose my interest.

  9. arey yaar am sick n tired of dis crap soap from now on am wit tanveer, not dat dumb twins!!

  10. Very true, such a nice comments. This story has sooooo many loop-holes. Agreeing with mkm, jahaanazan and Kristelle, Tanvir’s going thru surgery but they are shooting in Sunlight, doesn’t make sense at all.and faiz is just crap.

  11. Pls I am ameenah 4rm Nigeria nd am new here bt hav been watching this show right 4rm d begining. Cn smbdy tell me wat’s gonna happen d next time coz i am eager nd hav a great zeal to knw wat’s gonna happen.

  12. Haya and Rehan are brother/sister (well technically step but who cares). Are they ever going to find out that or will the storyline be all about Tanveer…if nothing she has become the main star of this show. Even in Azad/Zoya days it was all about Tanveer outsmarting everyone and she only had one eye then. I didn’t know you can get back your eyesight when you had a glass eye, but miracle of miracles, she has both her sight back.!!

  13. OMG WT’S HAPPENING IN DIS SERIAL??? Totally a crap!! I mean all r talentd actors bt tat stupid writer dnt knw hw utilize them!! Evn in dis stupid story all the actors r rockin in their way!!!

  14. Its so confusing I want the twins to get they revenge den it must finish

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