Qubool Hai 12th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Qubool Hai 12th August 2013 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 12th August 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Celebration venue and ayan’s residence
Zoya leaves from there in despair, before mamujaan can search for her, with his dollpiece in his hand. rashid thanks the guest for joining in their function, and wishes them a happy Eid. They give a scintillating performance. The celebration of eid continues, with performances by other Zee tv stars. They all hug each other in the end.

As zoya walks around ten sed, looking for her father, but with no trace of him, she is rendered hopeless and swelled up with tears. She thinks that everyonje came to celebrate eid except for her father. Just then, she is shocked when she sees something on the florr. while she is still recovering from the shock, Asad comes from behind and says that he’s sorry that her father didnt come.

She turns around saying that her father had come. She shows him the other dollpiece that mamujaan had left behind. She’s very happy and asad too seeing her happy. She thanks him for confirming that her father is alive and came here too. She says that now they would soon find him. Asad too agrees.

While she is still hearing to the same music of the piece in the balcony, asad comes and asks if she’s okay. She says yes. Asad apologises for not being able to fulfill his promise and that the wish list is still incomplete. She says that even though it isnt complete, but it isnt incomplete too. She says that till now, meeting her father was a dream, but due to him, now its a real reality. Asad gazes at her, and she asks what is he gazing at. He says that she has gone through so much, and yet is still so positive. She says that this optimistic nature is what has kept her going through the hard times.

Scene 2:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Shirin tells badi bi that they wont let her bear anything else. Mamu is still in a state of shock that his own wife shamed him, by treating an elderly so severely. Mamujaan tells badi bi and rashid that they are the victims of razia’s evil plot and hence they would decide her punishment. He says that they can give her any punishment that they wish. Rashid confronts her and says that first she tried to destroy him, for 20 years kept him captive and also got him in jail, but he was silent as he still thought that she would change someday, but in vain, as a snake never forgets to hiss. He says that this time she has targeted his mother, and he would neither bear it nor leave her alone. but badi bi motions desperately to rashid not to do any such thing, surprising them. He says that she cant let Razia go unpunished. Shirin says that she cant totally understand. She, with much difficult points out her finger. rashid offers to give her a pen so that she can write and make them understand. they get her a pen. Badi bi scribbles something in it, while razia stands scared of her verdict. rashid reads it and is tensed. he caresses her head, and says that badi bi has taken the right descision. He turns to razia and says that the pain that she has given others, should be meted out to her too, and also with interest. Razia is tensed and shocked too.

Scene 3:
Location: Asad’s residence
Zoya says that sinec she has found the prince charming, her hopes have risen. (MITWA) Asad asks if he’s her prince charming. zoya teases him saying that she maybe talking about someone else. Asad says that then she should think about him only, and he gets to go. But zoya catches his hand, and asks if he felt bad or angry at her. Asad says that he tried hard but its a little difficult to be angry at her. She stops him again, from going, and says that she would fulfill all his wishes too to reciprocate what he did for her. He says that his wish is standing before him.(MITWA MOMENT) But zoya insists on presenting some wish that he wants her to fulfill. Asad says that he didnt have much time then, but has some dream now that he sees her. zoya thanks him that he’s not as emotionally challanged as she thought. Zoya asks him hurriedly. whats his wish. He gets close to her and says that actually he wants to….and then drifts off. Zoya is very nervous with his increasing proximity to her. Zoya wonders what is asad’s wish after all. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Rashid says that ayan shouldnt be blamed for this. Mamu says that when razia was guilty, they decided to punsih her. Mamujaan says that now that ayan has made the mistake, and he also should face the punishment, just like razia. He says that if humaira’s condition doesnt improve by tomorrow morning, then he would be worst person for ayan. all are tensed. Meanwhile, zoya pings asad on his laptop, and wakes him up. She teasingly asks him not to wear a scowl and smile always. He asks her to shut up and her childish pranks and drift off to sleep. as she does so, asad gazes at her sleeping, through his laptop. (MITWA MOMENT)

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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