Qubool Hai 12th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Qubool Hai 12th April 2013 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 12th April 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Najma says.. Mr. Dhurandhar Bhatarwadekar…!! He enters n prononuncs his name n says.. his name is tough like him… as he is a strict person…! His assistant says.. he is called 75 and Dhurandhar says..coz he has deported 75 people this year! He asks for Zoya..! Zoya is hiding..! Dilshad looks at Asad n Asad keeps mum! Dhurandhar starts facial confirmation..with a pic..! He looks at Asad n Asad stares back n he says..why stare? He is a man of principles n rules..who knows Zoya had a hair cut..! Asad says.. great..! Dhurandar grills him n Asad says …said nothing! Dhurandhar concludes that no one seems to know it seems! His assistant offers to look around..takses Asads help to stand on the table! Tanvir deliberately looks at Zoya where she is hiding n Dhurandhar follows her stare..!

Part 2

Asad asks Dhurandhar to sit.. and he refuses.. n says. Zoya did wrong thing.. ! She lied to extend her stay here ..so by tonight 12. .Zoya has to leave India! His assistant says..that Zoya cant hide from her boss as he can see backwards too! Zoya sneaks out of her hiding place n Asad is worried..! Dhurandhar talks of knowing whats going behind his back n Zoya freezes.. but manages to leave in time! Dilshad says that Zoya is not a criminal …she is a good girl who wants to stay in her country! Dhurandhar says..surely . .but within rules..!

Dhurandhar asks his assitant if they cant start the search n she says yes! Zoya wonders what she should do n then spots sketchpen ..n gets an idea! Dhurandhar enters the room and Zoya screams dun come near.. have Chicken Pox..! Dhurandhar is shocked n asks his assistant to get the file n she gets it..! Zoya smiles at Asad! Dhurandhar says that the laws have an option that a person who is sick can stay back till she is cured.. but after that..she will be deported..! Zoya is wiping her face and overhearing..the convo..! Dhurandhar says..why Asad n family din inform him? They explain..that they wanted him to confirm! Dhurandhar says.. Atithi devo bhav.. so ok ..! Tanvir gets an idea..! Asad assures.. Zoya will be cured..! They leave..! All hug..n smile! Tanvir self thought..this happiness is for a moment only..!

Razia comes into Ayans room n finds Shireen sitting with his guitar..! She calls out to Shireen n tells her that seems Humeras dads clothes are mixed with Ayans so she needs to check n opens Ayans cupboard..! She tells Shireen that they need to find some solution to black magic! Shireen says.what can they do? Razia takes out a lighter and burns Ayans coat..! She screams n Shireen checks..! Razia says..seems someone is doing black magic on Ayan..! Shireen is scared.. and then says that the coat that is burnt is the one that Ayan wore previously during Ayan-Humeras engagement!

Zoya tells Asad that he has to agree that she is super smart..! She says that when she got the idea..she thought that she had chicken pox as a kid so how can she get now ..but she still used the idea..! So she is supersmart! Dhurandhar clapped n says.. its great he forgot his car keys.. n got to see what all Zoya has done with his own eyes..! He is lucky..! He asks..all know what he is called n AsYa say.. Aab tak Pachattar [75] .. ! Dhurandhar says.. no.. its

Aab Tak Chiaatar [76]

He tells his assitant to arrange to deport Zoya..! Asad fumes.. Zoya is sad!

Shireen tells Razia that things are out of control now.. even Baba din give solution.what to do? Razia says. .no . Baba had said that in Ayans life..some big decision is being taken n it should be taken fast.. so that the evil shadow passes off..! Razia wonders..what black magic? Shireen says.. biggest thing is Ayans engagement. .happening before Asad. .n so Dilshad is praying for all bad things for Ayan..! Razia agrees n says.. so the big thing should happen sooner for Ayan..! Shireen says..they need to do what they need to do rightaway!

The assistant says.. all is done.. ! Zoya apologises to Dhurandhar..! He says.. it wont affect him one bit..! Zoya looks at Asad..! The assistant drags Zoya out..and Najma Dilshad protest..! Asad says.. STOP ..he cant take Zoya as she has a legal reason to stay back..n the reason is that…

Shireen says.. Ayan-Humera engagement should be carried out rightaway!

Asad says.. He and Zoya are getting engaged..! Zoya is shocked.. Najma too!

Part 3

Dhurandhar.. says..engagement? Zoya says..yes.. n smiles n goes n stands next to Asad n asks if he wont wish them? Dhurandhar asks.why no one informed him? Dilshad-Najma says..that so many things happened that they couldnt tell..! Dhurandhar.. says.. she had chicken pox a while back.. n now this? Zoya says… she was panic stricken so. .n was worried that he will separate her from her UNSE .. right? Asad nods..! Dhurandhar says.. if Zoya was scared .. . .then why others din tell him about the engagement? Dilshad says.. she din wanna tell everyone! Dhurandhar says..coz they are lying..! Zoya says. .no ..they are having a small ceremony..! Dhurandhar asks Tanvir why she is not telling anything ..! Zoya says.. she came a few days back ..she is a guest…so how will she say anything..coz she doesnt know about it! Dhurandhar says.. a very SECRETIVE family this is.. but wont buy this.. ! AsYa will have to face a test! AsYa are confused!

Precap — Dhurandhar asks them Questions …

Love or Arranged marriage? Asad says Arranged ..Zoya says love n corrects Asad

He asks.. AsYa who proposed n how? Zoya says.. while jogging… n that she saw a cute puppy …

He asks color of puppy Asad says black.. Zoya says white..

Asad says. .was a Dalmatian .. n corrects Zoyas answer n says..she was too tired so din focus..!

Dilshad n Najma are worried seeing the whole madness!

Miss Farukhi will u get engaged to me? She said yes.. Story ended!

Dhurandhar congratulates AsYa on their engagement!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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