Qubool Hai 11th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Qubool Hai 11th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1:
Location: Ucch Sharif, Pakistan and Ahil’s residence, India
sanam falls right next to the body of the army officer whose murder she just witnessed. she gatheers herself hearing the mobsters scream, and hides behind the building to duck them. when they leave, she rushes out, but is again spotted by them, as they run after her, as she makes a mad dash for life yet again. Sanam tries to knock on one door after the other, for someone to let her in, but noone concedes, and she rushes yet again, as she hears them approaching with their swords. meanwhile, the army officer is apalled to see the state in such ruins. he discreetly goes on a locked door, and knocks, and a key slides out from underneath. he uses it to unlock the door, and open it. He stands tensed. meanwhile, sanam comes up behind him, in the middle of thge road, gasping for breath., both oblivious of each other’s presence. while he enters, she walks past.

Inside the room, Shaad, the army officer, meets a woman, who tells him that Liyaqat used to call from here, to wazira, as he didnt want to use his personal phone, but he hasnt come here for the past three days. she says that it maybe due to the riots or anything else. He walks out tensedly, and then overhears that someone killed a person, when everyone is using swords. he finds a dead body being taken away, and stops them. he progresses towards it, and then lifts the sheet, to reveal Liyaqat’s face. He is apalled to see the person, and collapses on the ground. he remembers his memories of friendship with him, and how he stood by him, in his search for shashi kapoor and evidence of his being alive, and promised to get him. Shaad breaks down. he finds the cellphone ringing, and picks it up, and is unable to say anything to shazia, who teases that he must be gossiping with his best friend, and forgotten that she was tensed back home. But when he doesnt say anything, she is extremely tensed, and scared when he cancels the call, without saying a word. He hugs Liyaqat’s body, and then places it back, bidding him goodbye, and promises that he wont let his death be in vain, as he knows the culprit, and swears that he shall ruin shashi kapoor completely. The people take his body away while shaad stands desperate. Just then, sanam comes and finds shaad, in his army uniform, and tries to scream out to him, crying for help, dishevelled and distraught. A dishevelled sanam falls in the arms of Shaad, who holds her from coallpsing on the floor, after she places her hand on his shoulder, scared and frightened, and they share a weird eyelock in each other’s arms. The mobsters reach up upto them, locating sanam, who scaringly eyes Shaad. She hides behind him, while he places a reassuring hand on hers, and she is surprised. They ask him to hand over the girl to them, as they seek revenge. Shaad calmly, in his poetic manner, says that an eye for an eye doesnt solve anything. They try to warn him to hand over the girl, but he raises his hand and stops them. they are furious, as he asks what harm has she done, and asks him to let go of her. They say that they cant, as they seek revenge. he says that the country doesnt need revenge, but justice, and tries to show them the futility of this whole barbaric attack, and the riots, and asks what should they get by killing this girl. they ask him to keep the philosophy to him, and tries to snatch him, but he pushes him away. another raises his sword, but shaad holds it midway, his eyes bleeding in blood. Both parties angrily eye each other, while sanam is shocked and distraught to see such blood from shaad’s hands, as he pulls the sword down. the other stops them. Shaad stands in the way of mobsters from letting sanam be hurt, who ducks behind him, in scare. the mobsters angrily ask how can shaad turn against his own men for the sake of this strange girl, and asks whats her relation with him. He says that he means the world and everything to her. They ask who is she. he eyes them curtly and says that she is his wife and means heaven to her, naming her Jannat. Sanam is shocked and boggled. they leave without a word. Shaad turns around as his words keep rining his her ears, and she almost falls unconscious in his arms, her head across his chest. he carries her in his arms, while she is unconscious. meanwhile, ahil is struggling to bear sanam’s parting away with him, as every corner of the house, reminds him of her.
As he lays sanam on the slab, her bangle entangles in his medals, and he tries to take it out, stealthily and very carefully, caressing the ahir flick across her face, putting aside, behind her ear. Meanwhile ironically in India, ahil clutches onto sanam’s bangles, crying and distraught, at her disappearance. The screen freezes on the trio’s face.

Precap: Shaad asks her who is she. she asks if he too had a memory loss along with her. She reminds him that she’s jannat and his wife, as he just told everyone. he is tensed and boggled. Sanam asks how come he doesnt remember it himself. She says that they should come along, as if they get late, family would get angry.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Stupid turn in d serial!! plzzzz end this!!!!!!

  2. OMG is all I can say and not in a good way!!!!

  3. This show is losing his charm it confusing don’t know where it heading these writer love to see those who r in love suffer now when sanam n ahil just getting to be with one other they writer just separete them and it will take a years for the two of them meet again

  4. Nonsense show is it possible k koi Kashmir sai pani Mai beh kar paskistan puhnchay ga aur woh bach jaayai ga plz end this nonsense

  5. you are right Asma

  6. Such an disgusting story i hd evr watched……writers do u thk the viewers r fools…. no story …no continuity…..do knw who r al leads……hw many tms ths shw l tke leap??????? ….oly winning happens fr evils……..wht the hell u guys r thking…….i hv stop watichg thd serial… ….plz kind suggestion plz stop watichg ths nonsense….now telestig nw serial name DREAM GIRL in life ok @9:30pm….its really good to watch..nd wrth of time…plz u guys….swicth on to tht……..
    nonsenses serial…….

  7. Now it might take months for sanam to know who s she this aahil and sanam will nver join . Alwy some or the other prblm . Boring yaar . Pls writers do something

  8. Disgusting episode..kahan se kahan pohach gaye !!!!!!!! dont feel like even reading updates…no charm at all….

  9. This episode reminds me of Jodha Akbar and the historical part of it.People fighting and wants to take Sanam to kill her.When will SANAM beloved and gain happiness in her life.This precious young woman who is an orphan is going through hell.Oh Lord writers how much more can this young lady go through in order to find some happiness.It is only evil after evil.Philosophy teaches that God gives vitality which is a life sustaining force only to the good and positive in this world.Evil can only exists because it is a parasite that tries to suck and drain the blood from the good.Sanam is wise and will continue to look to the future.This guy may be her future.Ahil on the other hand is sacrificing himself for Sanam because he truly loves her and will make any sacrifice to prove his love.Writers please move us out of this sad and tasteless scene.Bring us to a level of a beautiful dramatic meaningfull storyline.Sanam is tired of losing her memory.Give it back to her and let Ahil finds her.

  10. OMG,”Dream girl”, i would have loved to watch it but i cant help it i am adicted to qubool hai dat i cant even try to miss or to read d update i still cant believe dat till now, Qubool hai is my best serial i hate dat i luv qubool hai pls some 1 tell me wat to do.

  11. oh ROSEY, you are just Too much i love your language keep it up youre killing me with ur comment i tink your comment 2 day is d best i love it so mucH………..(flying kiss for you and harts off for your writtings Mmmwah,,,)

  12. Its like in india one has to suffer in order to gain love and honestly why do yiu have to include witchcraft in this seriial with no one to challege it it sucks because ahiil cant fight it hes not so religious sopls remove the witch story it doesnt make sense I mean it doesnt collaborate well with the story line

  13. boring a f**k

  14. no words to say… if v say also they wont listen…. so sad of aahil….

  15. Shit….very boring serial….i thought writers dne knw how to end ds serial…n take time to copy some story in other serial…So sad of writers….confused him wich serial story to copy..pls anybdy told him such a gud serial….stupid…all r amazing actors..they waste their talent…..

  16. I loved this serial but no more. There is no logic and no flow and the story is ridiculous. I hate the black magic, I cant believe that it is used to entertain, please do not entertain us with such rubbish, we viewers pay to watch these serials here in South Africa. If you cannot write a logical entertaining script that will appeal to people with intellect than end the story rather than giving us nonsense. where is this going, are you convincing people that evil is good and love is full of pain and anguish. what happened to Seher and how stupid that Sanam lands in Pakistan. Please get rid of the new bride and her ugly black magic, it is so very disturbing.

  17. karanvir is quitting the show !!

  18. Yes, I also just saw on Facebook. KV our Aahil is quitting the show

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