Qubool Hai 11th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Qubool Hai 11th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Sanam comes down the stairs, and smiles amusingly, and its revealed that it was actually seher who thrashed them, and sanam is overwhelmed to find seher standing for her. She hugs her, while seher says that she would never leave her side, and sanam gets emotional thanking her proufsely. They wonder what they shall do now, and where shall seher stay. sanam says that she knows of a secret and safe place. Sanam remembers how they had unravelled the secret room with rehaan, and then takes away the painting hiding that spot, and reveals the room. Seher is shocked, to see it, and asks sanam where are they. sanam says that this is their parents’ room, and that no evil spirit can come here, to create a disturbance, as their parents’ love resides here. Seher is overwhelmed to hear this, as she eyes the room, andcaresses the remnants of the room, finding a torn pizza box, she says that no wonder she likes pizza. she then eyes asad and zoya’s pic, and seeing her parents for the first time, she gets overwhelmed emotionally. sanam is in tears too, and they both hug each other.

Tanveer frustratedly gets angry at both of them, while they try desperately to open the door. She thinks that she would have to get rid of sanam before ahil returns back. Finally the door opens, and tanveer starts screaming for sanam, saying that noone can save her from she herself. She starts screaming incoherently. Sanam hears this, and thinks that tanveer shall get mad, and seher says that this is what she wants, as that would make her take the wrong step, without planning, and that every wrong step of hers, shall be sued against her, and determine her a win. sanam says that she is very scared, while seher reminds her the promise to dilshad, and that they have to be brave then they shall be able to fulfill their task. Outside, tanveer tells sanam to have the guts to come in front of her. seher gets angry and is about to go out, when sanam asks her to take care of herself, as she has found her after so many years and doesnt want to lose her, as they have lost enough. she says that she is scared of losing more. Seher says that they wont lose anything, and now its tanveer’s turn to lose, and they have met, so that they can teach tanveer a lesson. Sanam eyes seher overwhelmingly.tanveer keeps screaming berserkedly, asking for sanam to come in front of her. They enter her room, and find sanam lying on the bed. She starts taunting tanveer about being so smart. Seher is sleeping on the bed, when tanveer comesz and is about to nab her, when seher slideds to the other end of the bed. Tanveer gets irritated. Seher taunts her, saying that she would love to play hide and seek with her, as she wont be able to cheat even if she wants. tanveer is frustrated. azhar’s parents are shocked. She asls should they begin to play, while tanveer is frustrated at her humour. tanveer asks them to catch sanam. Seher shows them the knife, and they are reminded of her previous threats and are scared. They immediately begin to plead for their lievs, and she shoves them away. Seher tells this amusingly to tanveer, and walks out. Tanveer is in a rage.

Scene 2:
Location: Rahat’s residence
faiz eyes haya organising the almirah, from a distance and comes and hugs her from behind. she jerks him away with disgust and shock, and asks whats this nonsense. faiz pretends to be hurt and upset. haya says that she doesnt like this, and whatever between them wasnt right at all, and asks him not to ever touch her like that. she moves aside, and says that she doesnt know how can she commit such a huge sin, for which there’s no forgiveness. faiz smiles evilly at her torment, and tries to be concerned, while she shoves him away. He asks her to stop crying, as she isnt at fault, and says that she just did what her heart wanted, and that she can stop herself, but not her heart, and that things shouldnt have happened as they did, but it had to happen someday, as love knows no bounds, and if we love someone, then there’s no issue in expressing that love to the lover, and that night has reinstated his faith in her and their relation, and even if they cant express their feelings and emotions, but they are destined to be together, not by fate, but by the lord himself. She says that she isnt in a condition to think or understand anything, and wants to rest. she leaves hastily. faiz smiles evilly, eyeing haya’s pic, and then kisses the pic.

Scene 3:
Location: Ahil’s residence
as tanveer hollers at sanam, seher comes and starts taunting her not to scream, as she doesnt want to hear any loud noises here, and secondly, if she takes the bed being sick now, she doesnt even have a good bahu to take care of her. tanveer is enraged. seher says that she is still ahil’s wife as they havent divorced yet, and that after 3 months of marriage, the entire property shall be ahil’s wife’s and ahil’s. They both would share the property. Seher asks tanveer who is she after all, and then recognises her as ahil’s mother and then rectifies it as his step-mother, and the mother, who killed ahil’s father with her own bare hands, cold bloodedly. tanveer gets enraged and is about to slap, her, when seher holds her hand midway. tanveer is shocked. The screen freezes on their faces.

Precap: tanveer tells seher that when trouble befalls, the person is oblivious. tanveer tells sanam that in a month, ahil shall throw her out of the house. sanam says that people should promise that which they can fulfill, like the one she would make. she tells tanveer that in a month, tanveer would herself beg down on knees, and apologise for her mistakes from ahil. She says thats her promise as Sanam raza Abrahim. tanveer says that ahil would himself dig her grave and rest her soul. seher says that she would light a diya at her parents’ grave only after tanveer learns a lesson. Both are determined.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Why don’t seher kill tanveer with knife instead of talking

    1. the serial will end , we don’t want that 🙂

    2. because seher is not like Tanveer that is why she uses her common sense

  2. Shw going in right path…!!!!!

  3. it was a gd episode..bt im missing KVB badliy!.. ;-(

  4. See, I told you guys, that was Seher at the balcony. I’m happy now. Today’s episode gave me lots of hopes. I just loved the way Seher helped Sanam and really cried when they were in their parents room. Just waiting for Aahil and Rehan to come back and then this show will be rocking. 🙂

  5. SaHil_SeHaan_4ever

    Aahil and rehaan shouldn’t be shown much but tanveer and her death bed it would be fun 😛

  6. But I am sad for ahil and sanam ‘s love

  7. i used to watch this show
    it was awesome show specially
    zoya and mr.khan they were too gud
    when karan left the show even i left watching it

  8. SaHil_SeHaan_4ever

    it’s much better after sehers entry n SaHil’s love blooming Razia re entry….eager see tannu b*t*h dying a death much severe than our AsYas.

  9. SaHil_SeHaan_4ever

    eager to see*

  10. Just wish that Ahil understands Sanam and KVB to recover soon!

  11. I miss Sher and Rhaan and Ahil and Sanam
    I want thier love to bloosm..we want more
    scene of them…

  12. this show is prolonging tooooooooooooo much common on speed it up fast so that we the viewers can enjoy it more kill off tanveer quick and unite rahatt and haya ahil and sanam rehann and seher and throw mad ass faiz in an asylum and in a straight jacket all wells that ends well

  13. Ou es KVB?!
    PreC de doner une bne leçon a Tanveer
    Sahil ensbl plz…
    Aahil compren soi du clT de Sanam

    1. Kv est malade! Je spree qu’il se guérisse vite.

  14. Good episode.I am waiting now to see Tanveer and those two imps getting what they deserve.Most of all I would like to see when Ahil sees Sanam and listen to what happened in the past.Time for Tanveer punishment
    she is on the throne too long.

  15. The story of Sanam and Seher is going goo. But Haya’s story doesn’t make much sense. How could Haya be so stupid to get trapped in Faiz’s lies. I know she was mute, but not stupid. I hate Faiz for his dirty tricks and also disrespecting his older brother and stealing his girl. Who needs an enimy with brother like Faiz?

    1. She is no longer mute.

  16. Why is Rahat still allowing Faiz to live in his house!?!?! Put his unemployed broken tail out!!!! He oculd go and live with his equally evil sister. This makes no sense whatsoever. The man tormenting you paying no bills but you have him living with you. Rahat be smart please!!!!!!!

  17. Oo pls.. tanveer

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