Qubool Hai 11th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Qubool Hai 11th April 2014 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 11th April 2014 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Ayan’s residence
As tanveer begins to walk barefoot conscious about the mobile phone, zoya too sees it and is shocked. Asad is tensed as he sits opposite her. The priest begins the marriage while all are tensed. Zoya comes down and finding tanveer in prayer with her eyes closed. She gets a boy to take the shoes, and taking the mobile, asks him to keep them back. Zoya leaves with the mobile. The entire family is tensed, as tanveer is asked by the priest thrice if she accepts her marriage to asad. She does so and complies, while zoya rushes to her room and finds the video file in Razia’s mobile, and is shattered. Zoya hurriedly copies it on her laptop. The priest asks asad if he accepts his marriage to tanveer. Asad is highly tensed as all wait tensedly for his reaction. the priest asks his reaction again, while zoya downloads the file. He looks around for zoya, and as the priest asks him again, he finds zoya on the balcony happily giving him the tumbs up. He gets up and says that he doesnt and would never accept. Tanveer is shocked. All are relieved. Zoya rushes down and faces tanveer with asad. Zoya comes with the pendrive and tells tanveer that she is finally defeated, anbd she wont get anything, as she has the evidence against her finally. Tanveer is shocked, while all others are happy. She plays the video recording, while all watch her in hatred, as the recording shows her confessing to killing rashid. All are distraught. She is speechless and stunned. zoya gets to reprimanding her that finally her heart won over tanveer’s brian games, and that the entire family got together to teach her a lesson. Zoya says that she tried everything to get them to separate but couldnt. Asad too reprimands her for being just a betrayal. tanveer is frustrated. Asad asks how can he marry her, as he hates her name and her face even. Dilshad too asks tanveer how dare she think of marrying asad after killing rashid. Shirin asks asad not to let go of tanveer, who did such a heinous crime. Asad calls the inspector and he comes, much to tanveer’s shock. he tells them that she killed rashid and should be taken away. Tanveer is about to leave frustratedly when zoya stops her, and says that she would spend her entire life in jail, but since she has done so much for the family, she wants to give something as a return gift and slaps her tight and hard on the face and asks her to get lost. tanveer tells zoya that it isnt easy to defeat her and that she wont leave zoya, and she would be paid back for slapping her. Tanveer is taken away while she keeps vowing for revenge. After she leaves, zoya hugs asad overwhelmingly(MITWA) while all finally are relieved to have gotten the closure on rashid’s murder.

later, razia comes down while all await mamu’s return and dilshad and shirin get to spreading the tables. Finally asad comes back, and zoya anxiously asks him, but before he can answer, he signals the return of mamu’ who comes walking through the doors, with his head hung low, as zoya and humaira, both his daughters, together eye him coming back and get happy. mamu eyes them both together with joined hands and is overwhelmed with emotions. he beckopns them both to hug and they both comply rushing upto him, and hugging him from both sides, while crying their heart5s out. The ladies watch happily. mamu goes to asad and says that all evidences were against her, but he tried so much to prove him innocent, and he cant thank him enough. Asad says that he didnt do any favbour, and he did this for his family and all the credit goes to zoya, who believed that he was innocent. Zoya says that she knew that he couldnt have killed anyone. Haider comes in and mamu is reminded of his crime. mamu tells zoya that he can never thank her for doing this. zoya says that she just did what she had to do as a daughter, and now he has to do his part by confessing to the crimes that he committed. Razia is tensed. Mamu tells everyone about his beginning of the crime, when rashid lit the doll factory afire, and with rashid’s life, many other lives were destroyed and one of them was haider’s and that factory was haider’s father’s, who was into shock at this and died later and he was behind all that. haider eyes him tensedly. mamu says that Shirin and dilshad are shocked. He tells haider that he understands his hate and he too would have done the same, but requests him not tpunish anyone else for his crimes, as he is to be punished for that. zoya is shocked at this revelation and her relation with haider then, and the way their destinies are entwined. All are tensed. haider tells him that he took everything away from him, and that every breath of his, hates him and thought that sending him to jail was insufficient, and killing too normal, and he wanted to traumatise him, hence he married his daughter, and pretended to be in love with her, but it finally changed into reality. he eyes humaira and says that the wounds which time couldnt heal, love did. He says that she is his life now and if she isnt happy, he wont be able to, and hence even if he wants to, he cant punish him, and hence for humaira’s sake, he forgives mamu for his crime, but says that he may have forgiven but he himself wont even be able to forgive him. razia comes upto mamu. Mamu tells haider that he is right as his crimes are so strong, that even if god forgives him, he cant do that to himself, as he has killed an innocemnt, and made a child an orphan, and then razia too says that she took away the child’s father from her. Zoya gets tensed. Mamu tells zoya and asad that to save one crime, he had gotten rashid to lit the doll factory and the lady who got killed due to the fire, was kil;led before the accident only, and that woman was none else but her mother. zoya is shocked at this revelation. razia is tensed. the screen freezes on zoya’s distraught face.

Precap: Mamu tells zoya, while she sits tensed, and all others are distraught that he is willing to get any punsihment that she gives him and would accept even if she wants to send him to the gallows. Zoya says that she would give him a punishment that is above all this and is the strongest punishment of all. She says that from today onwards she breaks off all relations with him. mamu is distraught.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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