Qubool Hai 10th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1:
Location: Ahil’s residence
tanveer is tensed thinking god knows how ahil and sanam fell for each other, and befpre this becomes dangerous for her, she would have to get the property transferred in her name, so that she can get back rehaan nearer to her. just then, the phone rings, and she gets to know when a person speaks from the other end and says that the ambulance which was carrying dilshad had the accident but dilshad escaped and is now absconding. she is super frustrated and asks them to search all around, and get dilshad dead or alive. Tanveer is super irritated, and says that she would see to it that she dies and she wont let dilshad get away. razia watches her anger from a distance and gets amused. later, tanveer gets a call, saying that they tried everything but couldnt find dilshad, and then tanveer asks them to get a full proof information. razia is amused at tanveer’s plight. tanveer thinks that if word got here that she got this plan for dilshad, it would spoil everything. She senses someone’s presence in the room, on her bed, and insistently asks who’s there. Finally razia says that its her.

Meanwhile, in the night, ahil is unable to sleep, remembering his rude reply to sanam on her questions regarding his childhood. He too tries to sleep, but is restless as the same nightmares haunt him, of finally having killed his own father. he wakes up restless and highly nervous. he tries to sleep again but in vain. His incoherent ranting in his sleep about the murder, wakes up sanam, who gets tensed and asks if he is alright. he continues to scream, and then clutches at sanam and hugs her tightly, while she comforts him that he doesnt need to be scared as she is right here, and noone else is, and hence he doesnt need to be scared. she puts him back to sleep. She remembers the past similar encounters, and wonders whats this thats disturbing ahil so badly, and maybe he witnessed a murder and thats what bothers him, and till she doesnt find out, he wont be able to sleep peacefully. She wonders how to find out.

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Scene 2:
Location: Rehaan’s office
Seher tries to break open in the safe excitedly, but in vain and thinks that she would get it open anyhow. Just then the lights go off, and scary sounds of someone’s footsteps scare her in the dark. But she doesnt let herself be scared, saying that she cant let fear get in her way. Just then, the sound of shattering glass bothers her all the more. Things start moving, and falling around, and a silhouette comes behind the shadows, and she gets super scared. she screams who’s there, but doesnt get any response, while the shadow continues to progress towards her. Then she finds a lantern, and with it, comes a watchman, who she fears to be a ghost. But the watchman clarifies seher’s confusion, and she gets angry at him for having scared her like this. she asks him why wasnt he responding. he says that he has a problem hearing. She tells him to atleast scream their tagline, jaagte raho. He says that he was sent by rehaan, to check on her, and seher gets to know that he is staying in the outhouse. she decides to go and talk to him.

In his room, rehaan remembers tanveer’s trying to send him away, and gets emotional. He thinks that he had thought that she would stop him till the last minute, but now he is fedup of tanveer’s pretense and lies, and trapments, and that he wont consider her as a mother from now on. Just then, the door is knocked, and rehaan boggled wonders who’s there at this time. He opens the house and seher comes in ranting about how he left her in that haunted house. Seher tells rehaan that she wont go to sleep in that godforsaken, haunted office, and forcibly gets on his bed, saying that she would sleep here only, come what may. rehaan standing on the side of the bed, is shocked and frustrated.

Scene 3:
Location: Faiz’s residence
haya, cries sleeping on her bed, thinking that she never lamented that she was deaf and dumb, but today she does, as she could have heard faiz’s name then. She says that faiz maybe her destiny, but never her love. Faiz wonders whether his aunt is right is thinking this marriage was a mistake. He thinks that he loves her, and he hasnt made a mistake, and that he would prove this to his aunt. He gets up remembering his aunt’s instructions about the walima. He comes and stands by haya’s bed. as she turns around, she gets tensed and wakes up with a startle. he asks her to relax. faiz tells haya that his aunt has kept their walima for the day after tomorrow. haya is shocked. He asks her whats wrong. faiz says that its been so long since their marriage, and she still hasnt given him the permission to get close and physically intimate with her. haya is super tensed. he asks if she doesnt love him, and asks what happened after marriage, that she has made herself so distant all the time since their marriage. He says that this marriage wasnt forced on her, and she completely agreed to this marriage. haya sits speechless and stunned into silence. he begs her to speak up her problem, as he cant live like this, nor can he bear to see her live like this. He says that maybe she isnt ready and wants more time, but assures her, that had this been in his hands, he wouldnt have bothered about walima, but for his aunt they would have to do it, as he doesnt want to be taunted that this marriage was a mistake. He says that they arent a couple physically, but they can say so together to his aunt. haya denies saying that she cant lie. He says that they dont want to lie, but one day they shall have to consummate their marriage, and just like their hearts are one, they can believe keeping the lord as their witness that they can think that their bodies have become one too. haya is tensed.

Scene 4:
Location: Ahil’s residence
tanveer is tensed to know that its razia, and asks whats she doing here, and then demands to know where she goes everyday, without telling everyone. razia starts pretending to be very sobbing, saying that her paternal sister, lost her voice and got paralysis. razia begs getting down on tanveer’s feet, saying that she wants her to stay here, and that she would just lie in one corner and never bother anyone, and doesnt let go of tanveer’s feet and her rant, till finally tanveer gives in irritatedly, oblivious of razia’s amusement, at having gotten her way and wanting what she got. razia profusely thanks tanveer that she wont ever forget this favour of hers. she begins to go, but turns around to smirk at tanveer’s tension, and then hesitatingly asks that she wanted to know if she is tensed about something. tanveer asks her to meddle in her own business. razia agrees and leaves. the screen freezes on her tensed face.

Precap: tanveer tells on the phone that she doesnt want to listen to anything, saying that till the time her dead body isnt found, dilshad would be alive for her. just then, razia comes in with the lady, who she had claimed to be her paternal sister. it turns out to be dilshad, but tanveer is oblivious of that. Dilshad is shocked and angered to see tanveer.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

  1. can anyone tell me at the competion time/ round one when sanam and aahil come dressed up in their costumes what song was playing in the background

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    I know it was dish ad


  6. hi every1, can sum1 tell me whats walima ?

    1. Wedding party

    2. this is the wedding reception but it has to take place after the marriage has been consumate

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