Qubool Hai 10th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Qubool Hai 10th April 2014 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 10th April 2014 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Tanveer, dressed as a bride, is evilly smirking to herself, wondering about her propsects with asad, once they get married. She is amused finding zoya watching her. Tanveer asks her whats she doing here. Zoya says that finally she is defeated, and that her biggest regret is not being able to draw enough evidence against her, and that rashid was killed by her and not mamu. she begs tanveer not to play with asad’s emotions. tanveer says that not she, but zoya herself has trapped asad and played with his emotions and finally her true love played off. Zoya says that she is just scared that she would have any evidence against her to show to zoya. Tanveer mocks her pretending to be scared and then says that she is just too naive to be playing this game against her, and that she wont ever be able to gather evidence against her. Zoya is frustrated while tanveer goes on to amuse her that she too would be able to find a suitable suitor with her looks and smile. Zoya leaves in a huff. Meanwhile, tanveer finds razia going from outside her room, hiding the mobile, to create an impression on tanveer that she is hiding evidence against her. She follows razia and asks her about the same. Razia hides the mobile in her dupatta yet again and says that atleast she assumed that razia has something. Tanveer says that she would have to see first to believe it. Razia asks that she wont show lest tanveer spoils it. tanveer asks what if she gives something in return. Razia asks what if she doesnt like it. Tanveer asks what if she wont be able to deny it. Razia says that she wont be able to bear her going to jail dressed as a bride. tanveer asks her to show atleast. razia says that she always knew that tanveer would backstab, and hence was prepared for the same. She tells how she had activated the cameras on the roof which recorded her killing of rashid. As tanveer gets tensed, razia goes onto give a verbal account of what she is doing, while making one mistake, that she says that tanveer stabbed razia in the chest. At first tanveer is confused, but then she bursts into laughing, saying that she gave a wrong bet, as if she had any recording, then she would have known that rashid was stabbed in the back and not in the chest. She doesnt realise that finally razia has switched on the video recorder, and is recording everything that tanveer is victoriously glaoting about. Later, razia says that she indeed is a master player and she actually had nothing against her then, and tanveer gets scared when she says that now she has her own confession, as to how she killed rashid. Tanveer is disturbed. razia mocks her saying that she should talk less sometimes, and that this was her ace bet.

While the other ladies are getting ready, Shirin is shocked as to why are they getting ready as they would never accept this marriage, of asad with tanveer. Nazma says that they are just waiting for tanveer to be exposed. Shirin wonders if it would actually be possible. nikhat asks her to have faith on god who always favours the right.

Asad is attending to guests, while he is talking to zoya, asking her to give up this game now, as had there been any evidence they should have had it by now and that now he would have to look into the matter herself. Meanwhile, Tanveer throws razia on the bed, and gags her by a duappata while she tries to give otu muffled screams. asad, coming that way, is aware of that sound, and then wonders where is razia. She follows the sound and goes to tanveer’s room who is tensed seeing him. Asad informs her that the priest has come. tanveer says that she would just come down after brushing up. After asad leaves, tanveer takes the mobile in her sandals and moves out, having worn them. she has locked razia in the bathroom, with her hand, legs and mouth tied, while the water is running on her mouth.

Downstairs, as the priest waits for tanveer, she finally descends, while everyone is tensed. Zoya thinks that razia’s plan must have failed. she is taken back to flashback. Razia tells humaira in zoya’s presence that whatever she did was for her only, and that she wont let tanveer take it and that they have built this house together and would do everything. Humaira and zoya are shocked. zoya is brought baxck to the prsent as she finds tanveer moving to the marriage area. By the pressure ofn the feet, razia’s mobile dials humaira’s number, and she isnt able to hear anything. She along with haider and and humaira goes to search for mamu. Zoya finds the locked bathroom, wherein razia is lying unconscious in the waterbath. Zoya tries to break he lock, and is finally able to do so. she is shocked to find razia in her state, while razia tells her that she got the evidence. zoya comes out to the balcony. She finds tanveer walking awkwardly, with the shoes, and is confused. Zoya finds the mobile, from the balcony, in tanveer’s shoes and is shocked, when tanveer takes them off, by the priest’s instructions. The screen freezes on zoya’s shocked face, who implies that tanveer didnt get the time to destroy the evidence and got this in her shoes only.

Precap: The priest asks asad if he accepts his marriage to tanveer. He gets up and says that he doesnt and would never accept. Tanveer is shocked. Zoya comes with the pendrive and tells tanveer that she is finally defeated. She plays the video recording, while all watch her in hatred, as the recording shows her confessing to killing rashid. She is speechless and stunned.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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