Qubool Hai 10th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Qubool Hai 10th April 2013 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 10th April 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Zoya wondering where CD got lost, but then she remembers she saved its copy in her laptop so she can see it anytime she wants. She plays it and in the CD, Asad is saying, all the best for your future. I hope all your dreams come true. Zoya gets sad and says, I am leaving and you’re not sad at all, right? She picks up her bags and starts walking leaving laptop on.

Video continues.. and Asad says, listen. Zoya turns back. In video Asad also turns back. Zoya goes to her laptop again. Asad continues, actually I am not good at expressing myself.. and that is why maybe I am not able to say this small thing. But I wish I could tell you that I don’t want you to go. I wish I could say, please stay. Tears in Zoya’s eyes and she’s relieved, and then smiles.

On the other hand, Tanveer tells Dilshad that she is very sad as Zoya is leaving, but Zoya had to go one day. Tanveer then shows a photoframe which has Asad, Dilshad, and Najma’s photo. She says, I prepared this gift for Zoya.. I know how attached she is with you all.. with this gift, she will always have memories of this trip. Dilshad says, it’s beautiful. Asad and Zoya come out with Zoya’s bags. Tanveer gives gift to Zoya. Asad says, he will go and put the bag in car. He starts walking. Zoya remembers Asad wanting to stop her and she says loudly, I am not going. Asad stops.

Asad says, if you didn’t want to go, then why did you make me carry your bag? Zoya says, because I just decided that I don’t want to go. Asad says, then also tell me what will you decide after 2 minutes? They argue, and in end Zoya says to him, you’re the owner of this house, you tell me should I stay or no? I will agree with whatever you decide. Tanveer gets worried. Asad fumbles to speak now. Zoya says, leave all that on destiny. We will toss the coin, and if it’s heads then I will stay, else I will leave. She tosses the coin. Asad whispers “heads.. heads”. Asad catches the coin and says, unfortunately…. it’s heads. Zoya, Dilshad, Najma jump in joy. Asad and Zoya look at each other and smile. Tanveer sees coin in Asad’s hand and it’s tails in real. She wonders why Asad lied.

Tanveer is angry in her room and says, closeness between Asad and Zoya is not good for her. She can spoil all her plans. She puts her hand on her stomach and continues, I have another life with me.. and Zoya will have to go. I can’t delay in marrying Asad. She now calls someone and says, I wanted to talk about Zoya.

Hasina tells Razia and Shirin that she is happy knowing about Ayan and Humari’s marriage. She alerts Shirin saying some people can’t see others happiness so be careful.

Asad is in his room.. thinking about something. Zoya comes and says, so you won’t say it, right? Asad says, so what? Zoya says, come on.. I know everything. Asad says, it was heads.. why would I lie? Surprised Zoya says, allah miya (God).. you lied in toss too. Asad says, I just said that I didn’t lie. Zoya says, then did you lie in that video? It’s good that I saw full video otherwise.. she shows video to Asad. Asad turns away and says, I don’t know what all you’re getting out of this. It’s nothing like what you’re thinking. For me.. stopping you is like inviting more problems. Zoya says, then face it because this “problem” is not going anywhere now. She leaves his room.

Asad is in his office now. One of the staffs tells him that Visa people came for Zoya’s inquiry and he told them that Zoya doesn’t work here. Asad gets worried thinking Zoya might get in troubles.

Zoya comes to immigration office. She asks everyone for some Mr. Dhurender’s office. She can’t even pronounce that name. Everyone says, oh God save her from him. Zoya is confused.

Ayan is sitting alone and playing guitar. Humaira comes and asks him if dress looks good on her. Ayan says, i have some work and leaves. Shirin comes there now. Humairs says to herself, what is this? He didn’t even see it. Shirin tells her, don’t feel bad.. he’s just like that. Humaira asks Shirin if they are happy with their marriage. Shirin says I am very happy and give some time to Ayan. He feels shy. Razia now comes there and says, it’s girls who feel shy. Ayan said yes for marriage in front of everyone.. then why would he run away like this now? Shirin is putting away clothes in cupboard and tells Razia.. it’s nothing like that. She then sees some scary black magic thing and gets scared.

Zoya comes to Mr. Dhurender’s room and still struggling to pronounce his name. She sees a midget girl and gets shocked thinking she is Mr. Dhurender. She asks the girl if she is Mr. Dhurender.. the girl gets on the table and says, no I am Mr. Dhurender’s assistant, Doli. Are you Zoya Farukhi? Zoya says, yes. Doli says, what did you think that you will save from Mr. Dhurender Bhatadekar? He has seen your visa’s papers. Zoya says, I sent all my papers.. I work in Dilshad Construction as a researcher.. I gave employee letter too. Doli says, it was a lie.. we did inquiry there and they said, no Zoya works there. Zoya says, but.. Doli says, no ifs, no buts.. my boss has decided that if you don’t leave this country within 24 hours.. then Mr. Dhurender will deport you.. and you won’t be able to come to India again. Zoya gets nervous.

Episode ends.

Precap: Doli calls Zoya and Tanveer talks pretending to be Zoya. Doli says, tomorrow is your last day in India.. tomorrow you must leave this country. Tanveer smiles….

Update Credit to: DesiTvBox

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