Episode 1..


time to write a new story……,,,

Story from where mahi and yuvi getting marry to each other’s twinkle Against this.

Still Yuvi got success in his plan he married to mahi.they both living in Sarna Mansion as you all see in somewhere Yuvi started falling for Mahi he started behave good with her. Kunj and twinkle who unaware about their feeling for each other’s. Itself they didn’t conformed that they love each other’s.Twinkle leave mahi. Anita got change little bit niki who come back from London his father house.

Along with her son ishaan.. little bit changes in my storyline Kunj complete his MBA and get the best student of the year trophy too. He applied for job hopefully he got job in multi international company giving him good Salary 1lakh very big amount for kunj he gets so happy twinkle who was busy passed from one month in her sister saving matter.. but kunj didn’t say her anything she just busy in mahi and all’s..whole family was very happy for kunj even he too but somewhere he was unhappy his wife his love didn’t with him ho ke bhi na hona..little bit happiness peace entered in Sarna family.. Mrs Amritsar compilation too done..

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Twinkle and Kunj sleeping peacefully in same bed still pillow boarder was there.. Kunj back facing to ceiling..twinkle wake up just than.. she saw the time and get worried immediately she went in washroom take bath she forgot her clothes to take she wears her bathrope.. and slightly open the bathroom door she sees kunj still Sleeping she come out of the washroom.

Twinkle:sadu will sleep late last night he wake up I have time.she went towards dressing table and take hair dryer and started drying her hairs.than she takes her clothes and went in washroom change her clothes come back.started getting ready like newly wedded girl that she love it to get ready nicely. She looks at Kunj.. who still he sleeps.. she went near him he wears his vest shirts his muscles seeing.Twinkle Bend down caress his nape hair kiss there..I’ll go down before mummy ji scold me.. she gets up and arrange Kunj all things. And went downstairs she went in kitchen thankfully no one is come till now Twinkle started breakfast preparations till than Mahi and Usha too come there usha see twinkle and make faces at her as you all know she didn’t like her for a bit.. mahi and twinkle talk little bit Just. Twinkle give usha her tea and went out of the kitchen give to Bebe.she was in living room she gives tea to Bebe and again get busy in kitchen she and Mahi make whole breakfast.. after sometimes later all get ready and come for breakfast.They all settled down twinkle served them and sit.

Kunj still in deep slumber with jerk he wakes up and get up and rubbing his eyes.

He sees the time and get shocked..

Kunj:shit 9 a clock I have to catch meeting at 9:30 he didn’t find twinkle she wakes up she should wake up me as well huhu as if she had time for me just busy in mahi.he run inside washroom take quick shower and come take his clothes wear didn’t wear twinkle select dress for him.. in hurry kunj get ready he takes his tie in his hand take his laptop bag and run downstairs..

He was on staircase wearing his tie and busy on phone Bluetooth he was in rush.twinkle see him and others too. Usha was waiting for kunj he joint them on breakfast. Kunj directly he went out Twinkle get shocked..

Bebe: this kunj went office today also without having breakfast.. he should wake up on time..

Usha:this a wife duty Bebe.saying while looking at twinkle.twinkle get sad she having her breakfast and just thinking about kunj.. Kunj sit in his car and drive so fast and left for his office soon he reached office he run inside and look at himself before entering in conference room. He look good he went inside and everyone come, and they all sit boss tell kunj to give presentation he started giving.

presentation all get really happy.Kunj give presentation best all appreciated him. Kunj get so happy at his hard work worth it later he went in his cabin.. he Oder his coffee and having his coffee and get busy in his work..

Later twinkle get busy in house chores niki just make herself busy in ishaan to escape from all work.. twinkle was sad later Bebe tell her don’t think about this all.. when whole house work done Twinkle went in her room and see kunj put wet towel on bed she didn’t like this his habit..she takes and put for wash and see kunj didn’t wear clothes select by her.:

Twinkle:why sadu didn’t wear this let him come.. she clear her room she sits there call to kunj his phone coming busy kesh se baath kar raha hai Kunj itne time se.Kunj didn’t pick up his call..

Whole day went on fingers.. everyone had their dinner kunj still didn’t come back from office.. twinkle put all leftover food in freeze she clean everything went in her room wear her night clothes and lay down she calls to chinki to pass her time:..

Twinkle: hi chinki..

Chinki: hi at this time you call me where is your husband ji..

Twinkle:he just busy in his office chinki yaar this going on he didn’t sit and talk to me nowadays just ignoring me don’t know what going on in his mind..

Chinki:man’s are like should give him time.

Twinkle:when he with me see the time it’s 12 clocks still he didn’t come back now come and sleep and left in morning.. kunj Parked his car he was hell tired today he work lot he entered and going to his room he stops in middle mahi and yuvi room next to theirs their room window is opening both busy in romance Kunj see this immediately blow down his eyes..

Kunj: see them everything become fine in between them and here my wife twinkle didn’t have time for me:For others she had so much.he walks out from there he open the room door and went inside..twinkle see him she tells chinki she’ll call her later Kunj see her.think she just busy with chinki. Kunj went towards couch keep his bag aside and sit there removed his tie and off his shoes.twinkle looking at Kunj only.. Kunj went towards wardrobe finding his night dress twinkle get up and went towards him..

Twinkle: side I’ll give you..

Kunj:I’ll take.he messes his clothes take his night dress and went in washroom. Twinkle get confused to see him.she sits on here kunj come out of the washroom and drink water and sit on couch and open his laptop get busy in work again.. twinkle off the lights on dim lights and lay down for 10 minutes kunj did his work later he went and lay down his side of bed his back facing to twinkle back.. twinkle turned towards him see his back.she keeps side all cushions in side and went near him.. Keep her hands around his waist Kunj see twinkle hands..


Kunj:hmm. Didn’t turn still.

Twinkle:what happened to you haa..

Kunj:nothing twinkle let me sleep even you too I have to wake up early always get late at office time. Twinkle sense he taunt to her. Twinkle make him turn his face with her both hands resting on her cheeks.. Kunj turned towards her giving her confusing expression.

Kunj:what is this twinkle..

Twinkle:you tell me what is this kunj.I understand everything you ignore me. Today also you didn’t wear clothes which I selected for you why..

Kunj:nothing is like this twinkle I can do my work when I know I have to do so..

Twinkle:what do you mean kunj haa I didn’t do your didn’t have your breakfast I call you so much you didn’t pick up my call as well kunj m I know.

Kunj: I’m not free..

Twinkle:really your phone coming busy whom you were talking haa.

Kunj:it’s none of your business Twinkle.

Twinkle:it is kunj..

Kunj:how you get time for me even you recognize that I m ignoring you haa.sleep please don’t eat my head. Closed his eyes.

Twinkle:haa I’m eating your head only go to who didn’t eat your head you love her.. phale woh maya ab don’t know who..

Kunj:whatever… just than lights went off due to bad weather to see darkness suddenly twinkle get scared outside dogs barking loudly in horrible voice.. she immediately hugged kunj.. Kunj get shocked.. twinkle what is this..

Twinkle:kunjjj lightss he open his eyes and see light is went.. dogs barking twinkle shivering Kunj can feel this she hugged kunj tightly..

Kunj: Twinkleeee..

Twinkle:please for sometime I m scared of this all don’t worry as soon as light will come I’ll leave you..

Kunj:when I said this haa don’t scared okay I’m here he rubbed her back.. let me lit the candles twinkle..

Twinkle:no if bhoot will come than Kunj laugh at her cuteness..

Kunj:don’t know about bhoot but if you see your face in darkness you’ll scare definitely ??..

Twinkle:I’ll see you later sadu.Kunj on the phone flashlight.. twinkle see light she become calm slightly she break the hug kunj and her face is approximately very closer both can feel each other see this much closeness they lost in each other eyes.. Kunj hand went on twinkle waist pulling her closer to him. He kissed on her forehead.caressing her cheeks. Kunj look at twinkle juicy lips she understands and closed her eyes kunj give Kissed position he closed his eyes too their lips is just inch apart they going to meet just than lights come with boom due to this their eyes open they look at each other’s and their position what they going to do,.It’s become awkward for them don’t know what to say.looking here and there twinkle tucked her hairs..


Kunj: woh me.. just than Kunj phone ring he picks up the call it’s maya.. twinkle get up she blushing while thinking what they about to do now.. yes maya. As soon as twinkle heard maya name her smile disappears eyes become wet to see maya call his husband at this time.. Kunj get busy with maya on phone both laughing twinkle feel bad cam jealous.. she lay down showing her back to kunj side..

Twinkle:he has time for maya when I call him he didn’t pick up why he isn’t free. After kunj end the call and keep the phone in side and he turned and look at twinkle.

Kunj:what happened to her.twinkle she didn’t give any respond now Kunj understand now.she gets angry with me it’s my right huhu.. they both sleep..

Next day in morning twinkle wake up and get ready she about to wake up kunj again.Maya call him due to this kunj wake up and talk to maya and thanks her to call him at this time he wakes up because of her.Twinkle listen everything.He went to washroom. Twinkle arranging the bed kunj come out of the washroom in towel he looks at couch twinkle already ready his all things and place on couch he gives smile and wear his clothes there only and went towards dressing table getting ready twinkle went downstairs she tells servant make breakfast she makes for kunj quickly and make his coffee she placed everything on tray and went to her room.She entered in room see kunj get ready fully she placed the tray on the table Kunj see this.

Kunj:why you bring this here I’ll have my breakfast in office.,twinkle give him annoying look.

Twinkle:I woh.. they heard knock at door twinkle open the door and see mahi is there mahi tum..

Mahi: yes woh please with me na..

Twinkle: yeah she went with mahi..

Kunj: twinkleeee shut the door.Kunj look at breakfast bas mahi and mahi.he takes his bag and left for office after everyone had their breakfast servant bring tray from twinkle room she sees kunj didn’t have breakfast even coffee she feels so bad can’t say Niki sees this and smile..

Niki: don’t know nowadays kunj is so busy he have his meal outside only, what’s the matter behind this..

Usha:when wife give husband everything on time than only husband to have at home.twinkle went from there she throws the breakfast in dustbin she wiped her this one week passed kunj and twinkle didn’t talk so much he gets busy in his office and twinkle in herself.He went early and come late night twinkle was waiting for kunj she was hell worried he didn’t come back till now.. she calls him but his phone coming switch off.Kunj get so frustrating what happened nowadays. His friend naman cam colleague he takes kunj for party tonight they went to disco.

He forces him to have drink he feels good his all stress gone.They sit for drink taking shots Yuvi was in the same disco he come with his friends he saw Kunj come to him he already in deep hangover..

Yuvi: hi kunj you are here..

Kunj: hmm..

Yuvi: good now we enjoy together.. surprisedly maya come there and see kunj she went to him and hugged they drink like anything and started dancing.Yuvi making their some videos funny ones..

While thinking about kunj twinkle on floor. After cross their limits they passed out there only and sleep..

At morning twinkle wake up didn’t find kunj.

Twinkle:Till now kunj didn’t come babaji hope he was safe.She gets ready and went down tell Bebe about this..

Kunj and yuvi they all get wake up with high headache..

Kunj: my head shit.. they see each other’s and realised what happened last night they sleep there only..

Naman:kunj our meeting let’s go..

Kunj didn’t go to Sarna Mansion he went with mamma house and take his clothes get ready left for meeting.. Yuvi too went back to Sarna Mansion he went and tell mahi bring lemonade for him. she gives him drum playing in their heads he takes shower and see twinkle like this Bebe send her to Taneja mansion..

Whole day in office kunj holding his head just first time he drinks and this much too he drinks water and water only.. at night twinkle go back to Sarna house went in her room..

Twinkle:still he didn’t come let him come today this will not going.She sits and checking her phone Yuvi put all those video in story twinkle see than Kunj face come she gets shocked zoom the video see it was kunj only and maya hands around his neck.What is this, so he was busy in these things.she become all red in anger.

Kunj come there twinkle see him.. he went and sit on couch closed his eyes and resting his head hands patting on his head.Twinkle went in kitchen she bring lemonade for kunj and place on the table with jerk.Kunj open his eyes and see the glass than twinkle..

Twinkle:drink you feel good this headache will not go like this.Kunj look at her confusedly he drink because he need this very badly.. Kunj blinking his eyes. Wait kunj I have something more for you she bring alka seltzer hangover lessen pills.

Take this kunj I’m sure this help for you. Kunj see the alka seltzer and looking at twinkle.

Kunj: what is this.

Twinkle:arey you don’t know you need this for your hangover take it lessen your hangover.. he get up..

Kunj: what nonsense is this.

Twinkle:first you tell me where are you last night haa..

Kunj:with naman..

Twinkle:I didn’t asked kesh ke saath where are you..

Kunj: leave let me go.. He about to go in washroom twinkle held his hand..

Twinkle:today not you have to answer me.

You behaving like this only did you remember you went yesterday at morning didn’t come whole night now you coming almost 2 days.. This is I’m worried about you but you were chilling out. Didn’t answer my calls as well. She held him from his arms. Why you’ll think about me when you with maya..

Kunj:now from maya come haa.. what nonsense you speaking..

Twinkle:wait I’ll show you something twinkle show him videos kunj get shocked he told Yuvi already don’t tell about them to anyone. Ab bole what maya doing with you.

Kunj:now you started spying on me haa.

Twinkle:no… I didn’t I come to know about this all from Yuvi..

Kunj:acha now you asking him about me..

why you went to him..

Twinkle:I didn’t he put this all in his story than I know.. good you just enjoy with maya and do whatever you wanted to do mera toh breakfast hi khane ka Time nahi hai.. whole day I’m worried about you always waiting for you.You don’t have time for me to sit with me talk for sometimes.

Kunj:acha I don’t have time for you do you really think about this.did you have time for me Twinkle from since mahi come you just behind her..

Twinkle:don’t put allegations on me now..

She went in balcony Kunj went in washroom get freshen up he went towards bed and lay down in sitting position. Waiting for twinkle.After sometimes later she come her face is red all she offs the lights and lay down directly. Kunj to turned his face and they both sleep.Today is Sunday kunj didn’t go office today at least.Bebe and twinkle sitting and talking about here and there.

Usha:where is kunj twinkle.,

Twinkle:Kunj is sleeping mummy ji,,

Usha:abhi tak.,

Niki:enjoy his Sunday.

Kunj didn’t wake up at lunch time later Leela call twinkle her father isn’t well she and Mahi went to Taneja mansion.they both get emotional to see Rt on bed. Leela tell them now sit with their father and take care of him Twinkle make soup for Rt and feed Mahi give him his medicine they spend sometime with him family mommy.

Leela take permission to Bebe twinkle and Mahi staying here tonight Bebe give approval. At night kunj wake up giving voice to twinkle he didn’t get any response back he Itself get up and get freshen went down searching food him in kitchen their Bebe come and he asked her about twinkle where she is.???

Bebe: Twinkle and Mahi went to Taneja mansion.

Kunj:why so suddenly Bebe haa..

Bebe:Arey Rt ji health isn’t well.

Kunj:hoo Okay.

Bebe: today you sleep so much..

Kunj: yeah passed from many days I didn’t sleep well. So Bebe give him food they went in living room kunj having his food.

Bebe:kunj you should give time to twinkle. Kunj look at Bebe face.Yes kunj when you went without having anything whole day she just thinking about become so restless.You both should go out and enjoy together. Now everything become fine.

Kunj: you should tell her this too Bebe she didn’t have time for me just mahi and Mahi busy in her twinkle forgot even she had husband we have too our life..

Bebe:okay this time too you solve everything.After food kunj went in his room he went in balcony looking at Taneja twinkle room balcony.Rt sleep after mahi and twinkle went in their respective rooms. Twinkle come in her room and changed her clothes and sit and see her phone.

Twinkle:he didn’t message me at all. Just than she got message from kunj.

Kunj:Hi twinkle please come in balcony..

Twinkle:I going to sleep goodnight she off her phone and lay down..

Kunj:this girl is so stubborn.I have to do something. Kunj went downstairs went out of the house he walks out towards Taneja mansion he rings the bell Leela was going to her room she listens and went to open door who come at this time.. she opens the door and found kunj there..

Leela:kunj puttar..

Kunj:yes MAA..

Leela: come they went inside..

Kunj: how’s Papa now.:

Leela: good..

Kunj:where is your daughter..

Leela:again you both fight.. she is in her room go..

Kunj:thanks Meri MAA.Kunj went upstairs he open the room door slightly without doing any noise he went inside and lock the door and see twinkle sleeping peacefully he went and lay down beside her twinkle feel something she open her eyes and look at Kunj face in shock..

Kunj: don’t be shocked siyappa Queen I’m here your pati dev he keeps his hand around her waist.,

Twinkle: what are you doing here.:

Kunj:this is my sasural too.Why you aren’t picking up my calls haa.she closed her eyes..

Twinkle:why you come now.. Kunj shift closer to her tucked her hairs behind her eyes twinkle open her eyes and look at Kunj.


Twinkle:don’t want.. he slightly come top of her didn’t put his body weight on her.. twinkle looking at him.kunj kissed on her forehead and than her both cheeks twinkle closed her eyes and feel his touch.

Kunj moved side her kurti and kissed on her shoulders twinkle hands rubbing Kunj hairs smoothly..

Kunj:while kissing its so difficult for me twinkle now to control myself,kunj give her love bite on her neck twinkle moaning his name loudly Kunj rubbing his feet on twinkle legs.they both look at each other face in desire.Kunj rubbing his thumb on her lips. Kunj bend down and lock his lips with twinkle immediately for some second they both numb later kunj started kissing her he nibbles her upper lip while twinkle caressing his back.It’s their fruit kiss officially both kissing each other’s wildly Kunj bite her lips and suck too. Kiss become so deep and passionate.Kunj come hover on twinkle.he interlocks their fingers due to lack of oxygen twinkle breaking the kiss but kunj didn’t let her she pushes him..

Twinkle:kunjjjj both breathing heavily.. Look at each other lips twinkle lipsticks remove almost.

Episode end on their face..


Hope you all like this short story,..

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