Qayamat Ki Raat 7th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Gauri breaks Karuna’s wedding

Qayamat Ki Raat 7th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Dharam says gauri hasn’t done anything wrong. He says I knew what she did and I wanted to do the same. She told me baba is hiding something and she wants to show it to me. She came and made this plan with me. She saw him talking normally. It’s weird but I want to know why papa is pretending. Gauri says I saw him talking normally in jungle. He talked normally again as well. But where is he? They look for Rakha.
Pandit’s son says now tell me where is the body. Rakha says leave me. He says I will bring tantrik back and he will give me powers. Tell me where is it? Rakha says I wont tell you. You and tantrik can never come back. I never told my family either. Why would I tell you. Hear one thing you will never find that body and this hand and head will be useless. Tantrik is angry. Pandit’s son hits him.

Prithvi says Raj we are going temple. Look for rakha. Gauri wonders were did he go. Pandit’s son shoves rakha near cliff. He says I will shove you down. Tell me where the body is. Everyone is one their way to temple.

Its raining. Raj looks for rakha. Gauri looks for him as well.
Pandit’s son says aren’t you scared? Are you scared for your family? You will speak when I shove one of them. Tell me where is the body.
Gauri is in temple. she sees rakha’s slippers. She says he must be here but where? She sees footsteps. She says this means there are two people.
Pandit says tell me where is it? He throttles rakha and shoves him. Gauri sees them. She screams Rakha uncle. Head says what did you do. Pandit’s son hides. He says if gauri sees me she will tell prithvi and he will kill me.

Gauri sees him trying to run. She sees Rakha. Rakha is hanging from a tree. Gauri says raj dharam he is here. Rakha slis and falls down in front of Mahindra on road. Everyone is dazed. They scream. Gauri faints as well. Raj sees Gauri fainted in jungle. He says are you okay? He picks her and takes her out of jungle.

Tantrik says why did you kill him. He didn’t tell where is the body. How will i find now. Pandit’s son says Gauri saw me, i got scared. i slipped. Gauri will tell everyone. Pandit’s son says you will find the body. Gauri shouldn’t tell everyone. She had to die.

Scene 2
Gauri wakes up. She says where is rakha.. Chachi tells her she is no more. Karuna says there is police downstairs. They want to know where you saw rakha.
Pandit’s son is in the house. he sees karuna bringing gauri downstairs He says how do i kill her? Inspector says how did you reach there? She says I saw his slipper. i followed the footsteps. sHe says I saw that rakha uncle.. The hand flies and moves the chandelier. She says rakha was on a cliff and then he fell.. I was going to save him but he fell down. Head says so he didn’t see you. Pandit’s son wonders why is she lying. She saw me. SHe says that’s all I saw. There was no one else. Head says she is scared thats why she lied.

Gauri says to Mahindra papa there is someone who is trying to stop this wedding. i wont let di marry here. She wont marry here. I wont let them harm our family. There is something wrong here. Someone is keeping an eye on us. Prithvi says we are all here. She says still rakha died. Raj says how can you connect these two. She says if you listened this wont have happened. I wanna meet dharam once. We will go from here. Please pack up dadi we will go back tomorrow.

Scene 2
Gauri comes to dharam’s place. Raj comes and says enough. What are you trying to do? She says you lied to your family not me. He says they are getting married you can’t stop me. Aman loves Karuna. She says I care for my sister. Dharam comes and says raj please calm down. Raj says you are doing wrong. He leaves.
Gauri says I am sorry I couldn’t save him. He says you did a lot for him. I just regret i couldn’t know truth that why was he pretending. She says I am leaving this place. Dharma says so early? vidhuth hears. He says she is scared. She will leave. Gauri takes dharam to a side. She says I know who killed your father and who is doing all this. She takes dharam to jungle and they follow vidhuth.

Dharma says that vidhuth why are we following him? She says because he was the one who killed your father. He shoved him from the cliff. We have to find out why he did that. vidhuth climbs up a wall. Dharam says how did he get up that fast? We have to tell everyone. she says he saw me. He was keeping an eye on me. He climbed in the temple. We will tell everyone when we have a proof.

Prithvi says wow kids broke the wedding and mahindra was silent and when groom and bride agreed. If this wedding stops now this will break our friendship.
Aman and karuna are worried, Karuna says there should be a reason behind this. Raj says I wont sit silently now either.
Viduth enter the temple. Gauri its the candle stand and it falls. He hears the noise and comes out. Dharam and gauri hide. He goes inside. Viduth says I found it. Gauri says who is he talking to.

Raj says who is gauri to break this relationship. Dadi says she is karuan’s sister. She is scared. we don’t wanna lose her. Raj says how can we break this relationship. She says we need time. Prithvi says I thought you would keep your word. Prithvi says raj prepare for their go back. We will do the idol placement together and then they will leave.
Viduth digs. He says I am here. You will come back too. Pandit comes in. He says what are you doing here? Tell me? Why are you digging here? Vidhuth says what are you doing here? He strangles his father and says you saw me but no one will see you. You are dead. Gauri and dharam are dazed. Viduth shoves his father. His head hits a pillar. Dharam comes and shoves him. He says what are you doing. Killing your father? Viduth shoves him in a pillar as well.
Raj and prithvi are bringing the idol to the temple. Viduth says so.. you were playing this game with me gauri? Drama right?

Everyone is heading towards the temple. Viduth says wanna go from here? You will only go to skies. Dharam tries to get up. He says you will die. Head says viduth I am here. Please get me out. He takes out the trunk. He says I found it. Gauri hides. Dharam says don’t let him go stop him. Gauri tries to stop him. He shoves her. She ties a cloth from temple on his hand. Head says get me out. Tantrik’s hand takes out the trunk from the temple. He says you can’t stop me like this.
Precap-Gauri takes the trunk. She says we will open and see whats’s inside it. Tantrik says now they will open me themselves.

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