Qayamat Ki Raat 6th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Raghav meets the witch

Qayamat Ki Raat 6th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Raghav says Karan went to station where is he. There’s no network. This is a weird village. Rghav sees a girl. says it’s a village girl.
A guy comes to Vaidahi. She says who are you? He says I am caretaker of the haveli you purchased. She says okay come in. He says you are so pretty why are you living in this stupid hotel? You purchased such a big haveli why don’t you live therre? She says arrange everything in two days. I will come then. He says I will handle everything. I will arrange everything. I am here for you. He sees a locket in her neck. He stops. Shekhar gave it to Gauri.

The girl falls. Raghav says are you okay? I heard there is a witch in this village. You can take my help. He pocks her up. The girl walks away from him.
Vaidahi opens the door. It is inspector. He says I heard that Raghav went out he might be in trouble. She says I am not interested. He is an adult. He can take care of himself. Inspector says there is danger in the village outside.

The girl falls. Raghav holds her. She says I knew you would hold me.. Raghav picks her. She says my pots are there. He says I will bring them once I drop you. She says this jungle is dangerous.. He says I can do anything for you. She says this jungle has a witch.
Inspector says what if Raghav loses his life? I have to find him. He is your responsibility. Vaidhahi says okay I will come with you.

The witch says you came and did I had to do. You came because you had. He says were you waiting for me? She says yes. He says who is in your family? She says I live alone.
There are villagers outside. They say by now the villagers must have killed her. The witch eats everyone. Vaidahi says have you seen anyone? It could be an animal too. They look around for water.
The witch says I want water. Raghav says there is no water.. She says you have satisfy my thirst. Vaidahi sees Ragahv. The witch leaves. Vaidhi says who was this girl?? Were you flirting with an innocent girl?

The guy says to the witch why were you so close? She says we have a mission.
Vaidahi says never do any such thing. Raghav faints. Vaidahi says he is doing drama. I saw him with that girl. A villager says he is under her control. That girl must have been the witch. They take Raghav to village. The witch says I could do what kalasur assigned me but Vaidahi came. Couldn’t you stop her? He says that Vaidahi was wearing locket. I couldn’t stop her. The witch says I have move this vaidahi from my way.

The villagers treat Raghav their way. Pandit ji pours water on his face. Vaidahi says so he woke up with a few drops only? Raghav says how am I here? Who are you all? Inspector says we saw you with a girl and then you fainted. He says no I wasn’t with any girl. I was looking for a dhaba for food. Pandit ji asks her about the girl. He says I didn’t see anyone. There was no girl. Vaidahi says there was a girl. Pandit says the woman you saw.. Anyone who saw that girl was never alive. You are lucky.
Vaidhi says you lied. He says you were lying why would you lie that I was with a girl. You say weird things to fool people. She says you are defending yourself? He says I wasn’t with anyone. But why are you jealous even if I was. I saw you saying all those lies. She says you were doing drama. How do you remember me when you don’t remember that girl. He says probably I wanted to remember you only. Vaidahi says stay away from me. She leaves.

Vaidahi gives Raghav water. She sleeps on her side of the bed. The witch comes in at night and says Raghav.. Come here. He walks towards the window. Raghav goes after her to the jungle. Vaidahi turns back.. She says I am your death. She shove him. Raghav wakes up. He was dreaming all this. The withc says I made you see that dream. I wont let you come close to you. We have to do our mission. Raghav wakes up he sees Vaidahi. The witch says I will make Raghav kill her. The witch asks Raghav to cme to the jungle.
Precap-Raghav goes after the witch. Vaidahi goes after him. She says there is no one there where are you looking?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. SBanga12

    I am eagerly waiting for Vaidahi or Raghav to save each other. Vaidahi was judging too much about Raghav today, it felt very heart breaking to me. She actually did get jealous. The way Raghav face was when he was arguing with her about seeing “the girl”, he actually seemed serious but then Vaidahi did not take him seriously. It looked like he knew something about the past, or was hinting at it, or something thing else like that. That was a little creepy to me.

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