Qayamat Ki Raat 5th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Karuna tries to kill Dharam

Qayamat Ki Raat 5th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Raj and Gauri are on their way. Gauri recalls everything. She says what is in Sumendar? What will I find there? Raj says what happened? She says just upset. Raj says everything is weird. I hope everything gets better. Karuna is on a truck and follows them. She controls his truck.
Guru ma hears a voice. She says what is it? Gauri sees the truck behind them. It hits them. The car hits a truck.
Guru ma says where was the voice coming from? The person comes there with Kalash. Guru ma says who are you give me this Kalas. She tries to snatch it from jere. Guru ma shoves the person. Its a woman. She is dazed to see her. Guru ma says you.. She stabs Guru ma. Guru ma falls down and dies.

Gauri and Raj are injured. He takes Gauri out. He says your head is injured. Raj hugs Gauri and says thank God you are fine. Gauri says relax. He says don’t laugh. Karuna looks at them. Gauri sees her she is scared. Raj says why are you looking there. The car is not fine. I have to check. Karuna throws something on Raj. Gauri runs o save him. They both fall down the cliff and hang with a stem. Gauri says Raj I am so scared. He says keep holding my hand and try to come up. He shoves her up. Raj says go up. She says please come. He says go I will come once you go. Gauri says I wont go alone. He says the branch will break any moment. Please go. The branch is breaking. Raj says please take care of my family. she says please don’t. He falls. Gauri screams Raj.. He falls in the water. Gauri jumps as well. Raj comes out of water and sees the Gauri is not there. He goes to find her and takes her out of water. Raj hugs Gauri. He says are you crazy. Why did you jump too? She says you fell I had too. He says do as I ask you next time.

The person brings the kalas to jungle and brings Kalasur back. He says thank you for saving me. I will give you everything you want I promise you. The person leaves. Karuna comes as well. She says Raj has died. Gauri is alone. You can take her to your world. He says I will do that. Kalasur sees them. He says you thought you killed him? Gauri saved him. Karuna says today will be their last day together

Everyone is in the hospital. THey try to call Raj and GAuri but no one picks. Damini is scared. Prithvi asks dharam to go and look for them.
Raj says we have to go and look for the doctor. She says I am very tired. They go out of the jungle. Karuna is coming after them. Gauri walks faster. Some ropes grasps Raj. He says Gauri.. Se comes back and sees Karuna. Rj tries to get out of the roots but he can’t. Gauri pulls him out. Gauri says lets go. Gauri sees a temple and says lets go there. She says we can find someone and call from there. Karuna says raj will die in this jungle today.
Dharam says we have to go and look for them. Gauri says we don’t have a lot of time. They enter the temple. Raj says why are you so worried? She says we have to find a phone.

Scene 2
Damini walks in the house. Menakshi says damini.. But she doesn’t listen. Menakshi says why are you so worried? Se says nothing. I want to rest. Menakshi says you are worried. Damini says there is nothing, I will rest.
Raj calls Mahindra and says we had an accident. We are fine now. Dont’ tell everyone. Prithvi says dhaam is out there looking for us. We will find him. Gauri says lets do pooja for ananiya first. Karuna waits for them outside. Pandit ji ties a thread on their hands. Dharam reaches the temple. Raj says lets get a taxi. Gauri sees Dharam. She tells him everything that karuna attacked us. She was waiting for us outside as well. That’s why I got them here. Raj hears. He says wow Gauri you said you don’t think about that anymore but you were lying. we met an accident and you thought Kalasur did this. You are even blaming your sister. I can’t believe you. Dharam was Karuna. Gauri says please trust me. Di has died. This isn’t dharam. It is her. Di shoved her. she isn’t alive. Raj says enough Are you crazy? Dharam is here. You played with my emotions. She says look there. He says that’s dharam. Raj says now you will say that this is Karuna. He throws the thread away and says lets go and see what your sister can do. Raj says to Dharam come kill me. Raj says lets take him to the temple. He takes her to the temple. Dharam can touch the idol. Gauri says stop.
Precap-Raj says enough of all this. I am leaving. He leaves alone. Dharam says we have to stop him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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