Qayamat Ki Raat 3rd February 2019 Written Episode Update: Raghav and Vaidahi marrying

Qayamat Ki Raat 3rd February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Family comes out and sees Sanjana there. She says give me Raghav. They say you cant come inside. Sanjana says if I cant come inside then someone else will. They all see Karan flying in air. She asks Karan to kill all. Priest try to stop Karan. Karan is growling like evil. Sanjana says I am coming inside, Gods stop her. Sanjana says nobody can stop me. She tries to attack God pictures but falls down. Raghav says to Vaidahi that I cant let her hurt you. Karan hits priest. He falls down. Karan throws Raghav and Vaidahi. Raghav grabs Vaidahi before she can fall on a thorn, his hand got hurt. Sanjana says I wont let them come together. Karan grabs priest and throws him away, he falls down and screams in pain. Karan grabs Raghav. Vaidahi stops him. Sanjana says I will not spare her today. Vaidahi says she cant take Raghav from here. Karan is pulling Raghav but priest wakes up and throws liquid at Karan, Karan faints. Sanjana and Virat runs from there.

Sanjana comes to her den and says I have to do something big. She is hurt from Virat. Virat heals her. Sanjana says we have to bring Kalasur back, he can bring Raghav to me. Virat says how can we wake him up?

Mom says that witch is dangerous. Priest says she will keep coming for Raghav, I have thought something buts its not easy, we have to use our minds to bring her here, we have to make her believe that we are not scared of her, she will come here to attack us but we will use our powers, Vaidahi is protection of Raghav, their togetherness will be end of Sanjana.

Virat says to Sanjana that how can you wake up Kalasur? you cant let your kids die as they are not here. Sanjana says I have to sacrifice some kid for Kalasur.

Priest says to family that we have to call witch here, we will get protection together, we have to stay together when she comes here. She will come here only when she knows Raghav and Vaidahi are getting married so we should get them married tomorrow. Vaidahi says we will fight her together. Raghav says her end will be here.

Virat and Sanjana sees a man in jungle. She throws gold coin at him. He sees them and starts grabbing them. Sanjana says let him fall in that trap. He runs to pot and puts hand inside. He gets stuck there. Sanjana says he was greedy so now he will die. She says what your hand is stuck? he says I want my hand back. She comes infront of him and says you are ready to do what I want? She makes him go inside pot. She makes him in spark and asks him to go to Kalasur and wake him up.

Scene 2
Family see thunderstorm coming. Priest says something wrong is happening.

In den, Kalasur’s casket is lying there. He is sleeping but suddenly he wakes up and gets out. He laughs evilly and says I am back. Sanjana and Virat bows down and smirks.

In morning, Priest says to family that everything will be fine, today Raghav and Vaidahi will marry.

Vaidahi says to Raghav that I am scared that something will happen. Raghav says we are together so nothing will happen. He gifts her necklace and says this is my proof of love, we will remain together. Vaidahi says promise to not let anything happen to family. Raghav says I will die but wont let anything happen to them.

Sanjana says to Virat that Kalasur was right. Flashback shows how Kalasur told Sanjana that they are creating a trap for you so fool them. Flashback ends. Sanjana says priest thinks he is creating a trap for us but we will fool him. Priest thinks why I feel something is wrong?

Vaidahi and Raghav gets dressed as bride and groom. Sanjana looks at them and recalls how Kalasur told her that they must have created some protection, look around for that, grab that and then they will be bear to you. Sanjana sees red threads tied around their hands and says their protection is in that thread. Virat nods. Raghav and Vaidahi exchange garlands. Sanjana says to Virat that we have to wait for a mistake that they do. They start marriage ceremony. Priest thinks witch didnt do anything till now? All family members are tensed. Shekhar says to Dadi that dont be scared, we are together. Raghav’s sister Nidhi goes to bring water for her. She is going from corridor. She sees lizard on wall and gets scared. She cries and tries to run. A servant asks her to come to a room with her, she goes.
Vaidahi and Raghav are taking pheras.
Servant tells Nidhi to give her red thread to her so she can kill her. Nidhi is tensed but gives it to her. Servant doesnt take it, she takes Sanjana’s avatar. Nidhi screams for help. All family members hear it.

PRECAP- Virat says to Vaidahi that Sanjana have taken Raghav with her, she promised to make him hers.
Kalasur makes Raghav look at black thread and makes him lose his memory. Sanjana starts marrying Raghav. Vaidahi searches for Raghav in jungle.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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