Qayamat Ki Raat 29th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Gauri comes back

Qayamat Ki Raat 29th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Gauri says Raj she drops his phone. Gauri is dazed. Karuna comes there. She says Raj don’t do all this. raj says haven’t you seen what Gauri is doing with my family. I should be punished. I can’t believe Gauri is doing all this. Karuna says she did so wrong. Raj says why is she doing all this with my family. I will never forgive her. I hate her. If she comes to be I will be so angry. Gauri goes out crying.
Kalasur says Gauri your raj is gone. Gauri slaps him. Everyone comes. Gauri says you can’t kill me. If you kill me his mission will fail. You can’t harm my family. If you do anything I will kill myself. You will pay for the mistake you have done. You told me I am my own power. This mangalsutra is my power. I will save my family from you like

my mother did. I wont let you harm my family. She leaves. Mishka says you couldn’t stop a woman from slapping you. Kalasur says if she dies I will die too. He throttles her and says stay quite now.

Menakshi says what is this gauri doing. Fake Gauri comes there. Menakshi says why are you back here again? Gauri says I have enough right on this house to come back when I want. Vikram says if you do anything today I will call police. Raj says what drama will you do now? She says I will live where my husband lives. Raj is about to shove her. Women rights activist come and say you can’t kick her out like this. Prithvi says this our family matter. The woman says you can’t kick her out like this or we will call police. Menakshi says she is having an affair with our son in law to be. Gauri says they don’t like me. Menakshi goes upstairs in anger. Prithvi says you can live in the house but not in the family. We have no relation with you. If anyone talks to Gauri I will have no relation with that person either.
Gauri touches the temple. She says this means I can touch the temple. She drinks water from the temple. Gauri throws that water on them. They scream. Gauri says now what? You feel helpless? Tell your Kalasur, stay away from my family or I will kill him.

Ananiya says to Roma this can’t be Gauri di. Gauri comes ther and says that wasn’t me. It was Tantrik. Ma you think I am playing game? Tantrik is doing all this to take me away from you all. She shows papa and says Ajay has died. Roma says I will tell everyone everything. Roma says Adiit’s life. Gauri says we can’t tell them right now. we will expose him tomorrow. Gauri says he has killed Dharam as well.

Scene 2
Dharam is in hospital. doctor says his life being saved is a miracle. He was saved my a spider web.
Gauri comes to her room. She says Raj if I say something would you trust me? Gauri says that wasn’t me. that was someone else. He gives her divorce papers. He says are you talking about double roles? This is real life. I will see you in court tomorrow morning. Gauri sits down and cries. Raj shits the door. Gauri sits next to him. She holds his hand.

Kalsur is walking. Gauri hidden in Mata’s chunri shits her with a vase. Karuna can’t see her. sHe says something is wrong.
Ananiya says to Roma Gauri isn’t home.
Ajay asys Gauri will try to stop the engagement. We have to do something. Kalasur says what will you do now. Ajay says to Mishka go to gauri. Karuna says she isn’t home. Ajay says find her. We have to to do something.

The preparations are going on. Roma says I am really worried for Gauri. Ananiya says she will stop this wedding. Karuna says aunty I want to talk to you. Karuna says to Roma where is Gauri.. Gauri comes there and says shut up. Go and tell your tantrik that stop anniying my family. If ajay makes Aditi wear the ring I will tell everyone about your reality. I have done all my preparations.

Ajay and his fake mama come downstairs. Gauri comes. Menakshi says why are you coming here. We wont tolerate you. Better stay in your room till you are divorced. Gauri says I am part of this family. You can’t stop me. Prithvi says please don’t do any drama. Gauri says this is my family. I will stop anyone who does any drama.
Roma says Gauri do something. Aditi’s life is in danger. Gauri says he can’t do that. Band comes. Mishka comes with them as Ajay’s sister. She meets everyone. She says where is Raj? Lets start the party. Raj comes there and says I am raj. He meets her. She says prove that you are the Raj I met in childhood. She dances with Raj. Lights turn off. Gauri is worried for Raj. Raj wonders where is Gauri.
Precap-Gauri wears the chunri and says I will win for first time today and they will lose. Aditi says to everyone that tantrik is alive.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Yeah show is going as planned. Gauri has come back to reality, and Kalasur when will u leave our Gauri alone to live and enjoy her life? U r so annoying, I feel like strangling u, stabbing u 99 times, burning u into ashes putting the ashes in a box and then throwing it into the river. Raj I’m really disappointed in u. Smart Raj is turning into foolish Raj. After all u love gauri but by signing the divorce papers u r sacrificing ur love for Kalasur. I think Gauri u have to take the same step ur mother took but this time bury his body in the temple.

  2. I also want to get rid of that Kalasur of a thing. Gauri you are the only one that has the power to kill Kalasur then what are you waiting for? Raj you must be so foolish to divorce Gauri. I hope they don’t go to the court.

  3. Gauri and Raj love each other and when there’s love there’s trust. I don’t even know why Raj is doing this to Gauri. He knew for a very long time that Dharam is Gauri’s friend then why is he doing this? Raj if you and Gauri divorce then you will end your life in regret after knowing the truth.

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