Qayamat Ki Raat 29th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Raj and Gauri meet each other

Qayamat Ki Raat 29th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
An old woman is listening to music. A man says ma they are coming. Guru ji is coming. You can’t o with headphones. She opens the door. Mehra and family come. They sit inside. They ask dadi where is your daughter? She says she is coming. She is having her relaxation time. Their daughter is Gauri. She does her yoga. Mrs. Mehra says she is our daughter in law to be. I want to meet her. The woman says your son doesn’t have anything to say? She asks Shekhar, have you Vadahi. Is she ready? he says I know she does her heart. But I know what is better for her. She will be 25 soon. Dadi says I will tell her you did all this not me

A guy in yoga class asks her to candle light diner. She calls his wife and tells him everything. He says what did you do? SHe says what people

like you deserve. She comes home. They see news about people dying in the village of thakurs. Gauri looks at the news surprised. Gauri sees flashbacks. The women says this is so scary. Shekhar says they just scare us with fake news. He says my daughter Vadahi. Vadahi says I don’t know you. The woman says you will know us soon. We are here to see you. Vadahi is angry. Shekhar says you should talk to him. The guy says hi I am Rakesh. Mr. and Mrs. Mehra say that we like this girl. Vadahi says I will decide for my life and not you. Mrs. Mehra says you saw him. She says I want to marry someone who believes in equality. she says I am not into housewife thing. I will do my business. I will keep running this company. the guy says you should do what you want. We are individuals. She says no one should expect my family planning. He says I would want to travel the world first. Dadi says yeah Vadahi likes to travel too. She says all my wealth will always be in name of my dad and dadi and will go to charity. He says 200 crore of charity? She says how do you know inside news of my company? You asked my employees right? And then you came here for money right? If you believe in your values, you would have stopped your mom. Mrs. Mehra says what do you think of yourself? She says you believe marriages are like deals. You wanna marry my wealth not me. I am a girl not a property. I am sorry but please leave. Dadi says Vadahi was right.

Shekhar comes to Vadahi and says what is all this? He says marriage isn’t a joke. She says yeah marriage isn’t a joke. Dadi says she is right. Vadahi says sit here please. Calm down. You can’t take your responsibility who will take your meds.
Vadahi says when I find the guy who isn’t after money, I will marry him.

Raj starts his bike. Vadahi says I will marry someone who isn’t selfish. Till then don’t talk about marriage.
Raj picks his friend. His friend says why are you always switching your jobs. He says we middle class people make upper class, upper class. I don’t like these small jobs. I wanna do something big. Then I will give you a petrol pump. The industrialists will run after me. He says my new shot is, Vadahi Khana.

There is a caravan of babas going for pooja. Raghav and Vadahi look at it. They both faint. Raghav says to his friend, I see weird things. I see a girl’s face. Vadahi says I see an old haveli. An scary face and a guy. Raghav says who is that girl? Raghav looks at Vadahi in the window. He waves. She shuts the window. They leave.

Scene 2
A guy comes to station. It’s dark. He says where is station master? An old man says your time has come. He says I wanna go to thakur suryewanshi’s haveli. The old man says don’t go there. Please that is a dark place. A car stops. The guy says can you take me to Prithvi’s place? He says that is what I am here for. The guy says what would you charge? He says the people of haveli don’t take money from their guests. He looks at his phone. Haveli comes. The guy goes there. He says I should give you.. The car disappears. He enters the haveli. It’s all dark. He says how did the door open itself?

Vadahi is walking in corridor. Raghav is there. He says this is an important day for me. He collides with Vadahi. Vadahi says how dare you.. She is about to slap.. Raj holds his hand.
The guy says is there someone here? He hears noise of anklets. He says who are you? A woman comes. He says where were you.
Precap-The haveli is being sold. The woman in haveli says I wont let anyone take this haveli before Raj and Gauri come back.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Yaar ek bat btao story ne 28 ka leap aya to gauri 25 ki kaise huyi raj gori ke marte he ek dum dosra janam le liya fir 25 ki kyu 28 ko kyu nhi😁😀😁😁😁😁😁😁

    1. All the way I came searching for this comment!Even I had the same doubt.
      I guess, it’s a result of bad editing..

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