Qayamat Ki Raat 28th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Gauri kills Kalasur

Qayamat Ki Raat 28th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Guru ma takes the hand to temple. Kalasur throws fire towards them. Kalasur floats Uma. She says leave me please. He says ask them t stop all this.
Dharam and Raj are trying to stop Mishka. Gauri says leave mummy ji. i will give you your hand back. She picks his hand and says leave Uma first. Kalasur brings Uma down. Gauri shoves him and stabs him. She says this is what you deserve. Kalasur says you are mine. Gauri stabs him more. She pulls him out of the house.
Raj and Dharam stab Mishka. she disappears. Menakshi picks the hand. It is a fake hand. the real hand walks out. Guru ma ties the fake hand.

Raj and Dharma come home. They tell Gauri about nani. She cries. Uma consoles Gauri. She says Kalasur might come back. Guru ma says he is very popular. Prithvi says lets take his body to the temple and put a trishul on him.

Everyone comes to the temple. they do pooja with guru ma and bury kalasur in a trunk. Gauri puts a trishul on him.

Scene 2
Everyone looks for the library way to Kalasur’s place. prithvi finds it. They come underground to kalasur’s place. Prithvi says he was living under our house. We have to do pooja here and clean this place. thank you for saving our whole family Gauri. Menakshi says he is gone. We will all live now. uma says we will celebrate Karwa chauth tomorrow. Gauri says we couldn’t find that black hat woman. Gauri says we couldn’t see who she is. Raj says don’t worry. Raj takes her nani’s photo from there.

Gauri comes to her room and says raj where are you? Raj hugs her from behind. She says someone would come. He gives her a necklace and makes her wear it. Gauri says it is really pretty. They come close t each other. Raj kisses her.
Uma comes to her room and sees the hand. Uma picks the hand. She says I am so sorry and cries. Uma turns into an old witch. she says you are my brother. I will bring your back. I have been there for you for 100 years. I will ruin Gauri’s life.

Uma knocks at Gauri’s door. She gives her sargi. Gauri says thank you. Gauri says eat something before you fast. This is a big night for every married girl. You will never forget this night. You will get something that you never even dreamed of. Gauri gets ready and eats sargi.
Gauri comes and says you are eating. You have to fast for my long life. She says I can’t stay hungry. He says it is karwa chauth. If wife eats on Karwa chauth husband dies. She says I have to eat. He says okay eat it. You don’t love me. Gauri eats it. Raj says you ate? you don’t love me. She laughs.

The hand comes to Anjali’s house. It graps Anjali.
Dharam says raj why are you angry? Gauri comes. Dharam says I am sure Raj must have done something. Raj says I am not wrong always. How can you take her side. Dharam says tell me what happened. Raj says she was eating today is karwa chauth. She was eating in front of me. I was so shocked. I could die. Dharam says she can never do that. She was eating sargi stupid. Your mom gave it to her. she is fasting. You didn’t even ask her. You will make her eat after pooja.

Anjali’s mom says please leave my daughter. I will do what you ask. THe hand leaves anjali. It writes go to temple and dig that body out of the temple. Or I will kill your daughter. she says I can’t do that. The hand comes towards anjali again. Her mom says okay I will do it.
The weather gets rough. Guru ma is worried. Prithvi says its just raining. He asks dharam where are anjali and your mom? He says they must be on the way.

Gauri is getting ready. Raj ties her blouse. She says you said you would trust me but you didn’t.
Dharam’s mom comes near the body and takes the trunk out.
Raj brings Gauri close and says i will make up for my mistake. He says i will always love you.

Precap-Uma says Gauri if you are thirsty drink some water. She says i will only drink from Raj’s hand after pooja. ANjali comes crying to their house.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Yesterday’s episode totally killed it. I really loved all the Raj-Gauri scenes. If I’m not mistaken this is the first time in QKR that Raj-Gauri are having their moments without being interrupted by Kalasur’s danger I was just blushing when their moments started.
    I really loved the bedroom scene
    Everything in the episode was just sooooo……. (out of words)
    Even the villain scenes were so interesting
    Actually I don’t care about all that Kalasur whatever As long as our Gauri and Raj wouldn’t be seperated. I don’t want to talk about any Kalasur scene because right now I don’t want my mood to be spoilt.

  2. Nice episode. Enjoyed the episode

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