Qayamat Ki Raat 23rd September 2018 Written Episode Update: No one can see Gauri

Qayamat Ki Raat 23rd September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Prithvi says Gauri never speaks like this. Dharam says Raj how can you doubt me and Gauri. Raj says this is our family matter. Prithvi says but he is.. raj says please dad. Dharam leaves. Ajay says who will listen to Gauri now.

Karuna says to fake Gauri dont’ do all this. Fake gauri says he killed our papa. Karuna says it was an accident. Fake Gauri says I wont leave anyone. Raj hears all this. He says I can’t believe you are the Gauri I loved. This isn’t you. Karuna says she is with dharam to just torture you. Raj says plaese punish me but not my family. What will you get. Gauri says I will tell you on right time.

Kalasur says Gauri Raj will kick you out of that family forever. Kalasur turns into Ajay’s uncle and says I will get his wedding

fixed. Gauri says no.. Kalasur.. He leaves. Kalasur leaves. He gpes there as Ajay’s uncle. Everyone greets him. Ajay says uncle has a meeting after that we can get married. Fake uncle says we can do engagement today and wedding after two days. Gauri says no.. Everyone agrees.

Scene 2
The engagement preparations start. Fake Gauri goes up to get arti. She goes towards the temple. Gauri says can ananiya do arti? Roma says sure. Ananiya does arti.
Gauri and Raj give Ajay and Aditi blessings and do the rituals.
Fake Gauri starts dancing with Raj. Real Gauri tries to get out of the place. She tries to break the door.

Fake Gauri and Dharam go upstairs. Gauri hugs Ajay. He says what are you doing. Fake Gauri says I know you like me. raj sees all this. He shoves fake Gauri. Ajay says I am sorry Raj. I should leave. Raj says I will handle this. Don’t tell anyone. Ajay says she was forcing me what kind of wife do you have. I don’t to be part of such family. Fake Gauri says i am done. Raj is about to slap her.

Ajay goes downstairs and says I wont marry in this family. This gauri is a disgusting woman. Real Gauri comes and says this isn’t Gauri. She is Kalasur. No one can see er. Gauri tries to touch them but she cant. Gauri is dazed. Everyone scolds fake Gauri. Fake Gauri says I don’t care about what you all say.
Kalasur says to real Gauri you thought I can be fooled so easily. I knew you would come here so I had to stop you. He created a circle there. He says you crossed a wall no one can see you. You aren’t here for anyone.

Gauri says she is doing all this to take revenge from me. I can’t believe you can stoop so low. Gauri says shame on you. You first killed my chacha. Vikram says Gauri.. Fake gauri says shut up. Karuna says Gauri.. Fake Gauri shoves her and says keep quite. Raj says I can kill myself if you want. I am tired. Raj shoves her out of the house and goes upstairs. He locks himself and recalls the moments. Real gauri comes thee but he can’t see her.
Gauri and Raj are in tears. Raj breaks their photo and says this is what you want right? He calls police. Gauri screams she says someone please stop raj he is calling police. No one listens to her. Gauri comes back and throws away raj’s phone.

Precap-Gauri hides. The black hat woman looks for her. Karuna asks ananiya and roma where is Gauri. Kalasur says I want Gauri.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Liked this episode….Gauri as the fake one was impressive….Hope Kalasur and his accomplices will be exposed in the next episode….
    Gauri’s mother in law knows that Karuna is not a human….Why she does n’t tell her son Raj,so that he can understand what s happening in Gauri’s life.
    Serials like Naagin and Qayamat ki Rat lack serious story line as they are based on superstition ….For a change they are ok as they are aired only twice a week…

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