Qayamat Ki Raat 22nd December 2018 Written Episode Update: Gauri goes to kill Kalasur

Qayamat Ki Raat 22nd December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Gauri says I will kill Kalasur now. I will destroy him now. Prithvi says this time he can’t come back. We will kill him. Raj says he has to die from our hands. He took our brother from her. Menakshi says but we killed him many times he comes back every time. He has that stone as well. Gauri says we will do what he does. We will deceive him.

A girl is getting married. Kalausr comes there. Everyone gets scared. The groom tries to kill him but he shoves the groom. Kalasur takes the girl out and takes her with him. Everyone in the house is looking for solutions to kill Kalasur. Gauri says he will make girls his. He needs many girls. People tell Prithvi what happened at the wedding. He says the girls are very scared. Gauri says we wont let anything happen to them. Gauri says I have found a way out.
Gauri says to Raj why are you so worried? He says I am really worried for people. She says we have will not let anything happen to them. Raj says I can’t let you risk your life. She says if you are with me, I am stronger. We have to attack him together. We have to do what i planned. He has ruined our lives, now it’s his time. Raj hugs Gauri.

Scene 2
Kalasur says I have to find girls who are married but virgin I will make them mine and sacrifice them. Uma says then you will become really powerful. Uma says I got a call that Gauri is alive. I have to go and check. Gauri is outside. Uma leaves for the hospital. Gauri says she is going to kill me in hospital. I will go in front the back side. Gauri says dharam and you control things hre. Gauri sneaks in the house from the back side.

Gauri and Dharam are on their way after uma. Dharam says we will come in front of her car. They hit Uma’s car. she comes out. Uma says you twoo. You died. Dharam says no we were not dead but you would be. They take out guns. Raj says we can kill you right now. Get ready. Raj points gun at her. He says you have nowhere to run to. Nothing can help you. Your brother wont be able to make you alive. Uma says Gauri.. They turn back. She runs. Raj and Dharam run after Uma. Uma sees a ditch. She says I am the death, they can’t kill me. How are they alive? They can’t catch me.. She jumps in the ditch.

Gauri sneaks in the house. She says the temple is not there either. these devils have ruined everything in the house. She says where is Kalasur. Gauri sees him upstairs. She hides. Gauri goes after him.
Raj and Dharam catch Uma. They rope her. Dharam says her brother didn’t give her any powers. He gave her nothing. She is just a puppet. raj says a real son Savitri’s son will take revenge from a fake mother today. Uma says i am always a step ahead. Uma says Raj.. I gave you so much love. Let me go. Raj says don’t fool me with these fake motherhood tears. My heart is of stone for you. She says my brother will come to save me.
Kalasur comes downstairs Gauri follows him. Kalasur says I smell a human.

Raj says we will take revenge of all these years with you. You killed entire Gauri and Dharam’s family. My brother Aman.. You have to die. Avni comes there and shoves them. She says you can’t kill your own death. You are a useless brain. She says see how you two are on ground now. Uma says i killed your family and I will kill you both too now.
Kalasur says who is here? Gauri is hidden behind a sofa. He leaves his black smoke to find the human. Gauri goes behind the books. Kalasur goes there too.

Uma says Avni this is my son. He wanted to see me scared of death. Now I wanna see the same. Give them so much pain. Raj gets up. He says there’s a fire inside me against you. Avni says I will kill you both. She attacks them with fire. Raj and Dharam sit down. Uma says you can’t save yourself. You have to die today.
Kalsur has detained all the girls there. He laughs. The girls are scared. Raj shoves Uma. She falls down. Avnia says didi are you okay? Raj says yeah yeah ask her. In the end the devil is always on the ground. Uma says avni please heal me. Dharam and Raj throw gangajal on Uma again. She screams. Raj says you can’t save yourself today.

Gauri says ow can I save these girls. Kalsur starts his pooja. He opens his eyes and sees Gauri. She stands in front of the girls. Kalasur says you came? your brother said you died. I shouldn’t have believed that. She says I am here to save these girls. I will kill you. He says you will die with them. Gauri says only you will die today. You can’t harm these girls. He says let’s see.
Precap-A powerful girl from sea enters the village.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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