Qayamat Ki Raat 20th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Raghav says he will marry sanajana

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Qayamat Ki Raat 19th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Police brings Karan home. Raghav thanks guru ji. He says my blessings are with you. He sees something wrong in sanjana. He sees the dark locket in his neck. Raghva says to Karan I am so mad at Vaidahi she said to everyone we have a connection. His mom comes and says what is wrong? She is a good girl.
Karan comes to Vaidahi. She says I thought he liked me but he was mad at me for no reason. Raghav’s mom says don’t worry he will be fine. Karan says he actually liked you. raghav’s mom gives her bangles. She says you are already my daughter in law.

Raghav is outside. sanjan comes there and hugs him. He says where were you I was waiting for you. She says I am with you every moment. He says no one can part us. Guru ji sees them. He says she is controlling him. I have to stop him. He goes after them. Sanjana’s friend stops them. He takes guru ji to jungle. He says you have to die today. You can’t come in out plan. He kills Guru ji.

Vaidahi’s dadi and dad come too. Dadi says Shekhar was missing you so much. Vaidahi introduces them to Raghav’s family. Dadi says Karna was talking about good news. Raghav’s mother is about to say Raghav.. Raghav comes and says I want you to meet my happiness. He takes Sanjana in. Rahav says she is my love. I love her. Dadi says this was the good news. Where is your family? Sanjan says I have no one in this world. Shekhar says we are your family. Don’t worry. Sanjana’s friend comes as guru ji. He says they are made for each other. Tomorrow is a good day. They can get married.

Raghav’s mom takes him to room. She says you broke my trust. Why are you doing this mistake? He says I love her. She says you can’t get married to someone in one day. You didn’t consider us. You don’t even know her. His dad says marriage is between two people who have same thinnking. She is a villager. She wont be happy with you. He says I love her and that’s all it is. Vaidahi says you are doing all this to take revenge from me?He says I love her. She says look in my eyes and say that. You kept telling me we have a connection and you suddenly love someone. He says I don’t care about you. I never said you are my anything. My partner is Sanjan. She says you don’t have any feelings for me? He says I don’t. He leaves in anger. Karan says I don’t know why is he acting so weird. There is something wrong. She says I thought I and Raghav were made for each other. He says we have to find out what this sanjana has done.

Guru says they can get married in three days. Dad syas you have to be calm and think before doing this. Raghav says I will marry her in three days. Dadi says what is the worry if they wanna get married in three days? Inspector comes and says guru ji is missing. We found his phone. He sees guru ji and says you are here? He says my phone fell.
Raghav says to sanjan come let me show your phone.

Guru ji is in inspector’s car. He says Raghav is getting married to sanjana. So fast? This is weird. Fake Guru ji says you suspect everything. He says I will go from here. Inspector says but it is so dark here. He says I will go. Guru ji walks out. Inspector sees his real face in the mirror. He wonders what is going on. He follows her.

Karan says to Raghav are you crazy. You know nothing about her. He says I love her. It just happened. He says you have gone mad. Raghav says i love her. I dont wanna talk to her. Kaaran says I am your friend. I wont let you do this stupidity. She is from a village. You can’t live with her. Raghav says enough. Don’t interfere in my life. Karan says what.. Raghav says I didn’t give you permission to talk about my real life. Go from here.
Inspector follow Sanjana’s friend. He turns into a lizard. Inspector is scared. He says what is happening.

Karan sees the lizard going to sanjana’s room. She laughs inside. She says he will be mine. The lizard turn into videsh. He is dazed. Sanjana comes out.

Precap-Sanjana says to Vaidahi and says please do my kaniya dan as my sister. Vaidahi says I will always loive you Raghav.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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