Qayamat Ki Raat 19th August 2018 Episodic Analysis

Sorry for short update but Jitna yaad tha update kar diya and sorry i don’t know much names as i have start to watch it from last week only…

Episode start with marriage rituals of karuna and raj, and she behave weired under veil.
On other side aghori ask Gauri to leave and find way and he try to stop kaalasur. Gauri find her way using diamond?and reach on study??. She thinks that might be kaalasur den is beneath house.

Gauri reach marriage venue and ask dharam to divert everyone from this place. He think of plan and make waiter to spoil guest juice and use his gun to fire. Everyone rush outside but Gauri stop karuna.
She say that she will stop her marriage with raj and karuna hold gauri neck and says that i will marry raj and he and whole family will die and push gauri in room.

Aghori-kaalasur and Gauri-karuna fight and try to stop villians, but both kaalasur and karuna uses their powers and make them faint (don’t know aghori died or not). Karuna further says that today new history will be created that a dead ?woman is marrying alive man and laughs????…

Secene suddenly change into marriage progress and dharam is in tension that how to stop marriage, and just about when raj is about to fill bride hairline, someone says use cloth as until vidai and all rituals, in-laws can’t see bride? face, and it happens just said and pandit ji announce them husband and wife. Just than karuna shout stop this marriage, and all come to know that bride? who married was gauri. This shock???? everyone

Family make guest out for dinner? and gifts and confront gauri for betrayal. Karuna thinks that gauri will bad mouth for her and family will hate but gauri said that she loves Raj and talked to Karuna, but she didn’t listen as she is not my sister but cover up saying that she is not my old karuna di. Karuna try to deny but family say, you should have told us. Gauri say I tried but situation was out of control as aman is missing and di was in depression and till i realised my love ❤ it was too late.

Someone say that you may be right but what if raj don’t love❤ you. Gauri say he does (even raj is shocked?). Raj take Gauri inside and they both talk to each other.

Kaalasur see them using his powers and karuna turn small just like rat? and hide near table to listen to them.

Raj say I can’t understand you and your things. Why did you do this and said those things. Gauri say I don’t know, but if caring is love that it is, if two people think same, understand each other than it is love and ask him if he doesn’t love her?

Raj is totally confused and say I don’t understand you, even you can’t face me and you are saying all this. And their confrontation continues, which is enjoyed by karuna and kaalasur.

Finally after much talk (as it was too long confrontation, i don’t remember full word by word) raj says I am going to leave this relation.
Gauri get angery? and say fine, if you don’t love me, don’t understand me, than I should leave from here and your life and even end this relation.

Karuna dances ?? and kaalasur say yes raj leave her and gauri come to me, come to me…
Gauri is about to exit from room but raj stop her. Kaalasur and Karuna get shocked and karuna hit her head.

Precap: Kaalasur shout that my curse will continue on gauri.

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