Qayamat Ki Raat 15th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Gauri saves Raj and Dharam

Qayamat Ki Raat 15th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Dharma comes with an axe. He says you can’t kill my friends till i am here. Mishka tries to rope him but he cuts her ropes. Gauri says Kalasur tried to force your sister. Not my brother. Dharam says I will kill you kalasur. Dharma attacks him ubt he hides. Dharam attacks him. He asys you will die today. A pillar falls on Dharam.

Menakshi wonders what was in that trunk. She asks her daughter to check it too. Roma and Ananiya are going out. Menakshi steps in that room. Ananiya goes up. Menakshi comes to the room and wonders what is in the trunk.

Gauri faints. Dhamra faints too. Gauri comes in face of Kali mata and fights Mishka and Kalasur. Gauri says Kaal will always pay for his sins. Kalasur says you can’ teach us a lesson. Gauri steps on Raj by mistake.

Scene 2
Next morning Gauri wakes up in the cave. She says where are Raj and Dharam. Where did Mishka and Dharam go? She sees Raj and Dharma they are both injured.
Gauri comes out and looks for help. THe haveli owner and his friends are outside. They see her.

Menakshi sees Karuna and says how did you get locked her? Karuna says please take this off. Please help me come out. Karuna says Gauri did all tis. She think Tantrik is here. When she got to know Raj killed papa she has lost her mind. she said I am tantrik. can you believe all that? She is saying weird things. Menakshi says why would Roma and Ananya help her? Karuna says made them believe I am tantrik. Menakshi says we have to tell everyone before she tells everyone. Karuna says she is playing a big game. I am worried for her.

Raj wakes up in hospital. He says how are we here. Ajay says I saw you all three fainted in Sumegarh haveli. I have met Garui before Raj says what were we doing there. Gauri says Raj. Raj says Gauri are you okay? What were you doing there? How did I get there? Gauri says some people kidnapped you. We came there to save you. We fought them and fainted as well. Raj says to Ajay thank you for helping us. Gauri says lets go him. They go home.

Karuna comes to Kalasur. Mishka throttles her. Karuna says what are you doing here. Gauri has ruined the whole game. Kalasur says I know she is pretending. Karuna says you know it. He says I always know more than you. Raj pays the hospital bill. He says I will pay my bill. Raj says I am your brother. And it all happened for saving me. Gauri says come with us. Dharam says I made a mistake. Vikaas didn’t do all this. I am sorry. Raj syas how do you know Vikaas didn’t do it? Gauri says I explained him.

Raj comes him. Roma hugs him. SHe says never go away from us. Ajay comes and says your phone. You left it in our car. Roma says Ajay? He says how do you know us? Prithvi says your parents are our friends. They spoke about you for wedding. They call Aditi downstairs. Raj greets Ajay. ajay speaks to his parents. He says okay. Roma says Ajay you will live with us not in hotel. He agrees.

Raj says Gauri are you really mad at me? Thanks for saving my life even after all the mistakes I did. Gauri says I.. He says I made a huge mistake. I know you can’t pardon me. If I could I would fix it all. I can’t. I don’t want to forcefully come to your life. I will live in this half of the room. I will wait for you to come to me. He closes the door. Gauri cries.

Karuna waves at Gauri. Gauri is dazed. She says how did she come out?
Roma says to Ajay be easy. You can talk to Aditi.
Gauri looks for Karuna. Karuna comes to her and says you locked me but other people brought me out. Gauri says I will take you to where you belong. Karuna says I know you are not normal. Menakshi is overhearing. Gauri says you are doing all this. Karuna says there is time you can still understand. Gauri says I am standing with my family. Karuna says this is my family as well. Gauri says you will be kicked out of this family.

Ajay says aunty left us alone. I thought this only happens in city. She says we are open minded and they trust us. You have already impressed my brother so half exam is passed.
Karuna says to Menakshi aunty you saw what Gauri said.

Precap-Karuna says to Gauri if you go near Raj I will kill your whole family. Gauri holds Raj’s hand. Karuna goes after the black cap woman.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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