Qayamat Ki Raat 14th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Gauri brings Laxmi back

Qayamat Ki Raat 14th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Nani says to Gauri I had to tell you that secret one day. He is after you for that secret. My 50 years of pain will end now. I will tell you that secret and how to end him. We are very close to Ram. We have a secret that we handover to our generations. My father gave me that secret. I was married. A servant came to our house for that secret. That was kalasur. Swahasni was born. Karuna is overhearing. Nani says I had that secret. He attacked my house and killed my husband. He abducted Swahasni. Laxmi was running on the roads. Kalasur was running after her. He said I will take you daughter you will have to tell me that secret. Laxmi left Swahasni in a temple in the forest. She said I will leave you here my daughter. God will protect you. She ran from there. Kalsur ran after Laxmi and took Laxmi with him.

Raj knocks on Ajay’s door. He says Ajay please open the door. Raj is about to open the door. Ajay opens. Raj says what is on your face? Menakshu says you removed the haldi. He says I am sorry. I am allergic to it. Prithvi says it is okay. They all leave.
Kalasur says to Mishka (disguised as Ajay) where is Ajay? SHe takes him to washroom. AJay is there. Mishka says are you okay? Mishka says dont’ worry about him. Ajay says you have so many powers why are you worried? Kalasur says I am very angry. I need to know where Gauri is.

Laxmi says Kalasur brought me here. He abducted me. He tortured me all my life but I never told him that secret. She shows her bruises. Laxmi says he looked for Swahasni. He showed me how he followed Swahashni. Someone asked Swahasni to come here. I don’t know who. Your mother cut him into pieces. I was happy that my daughter killed him. There was a woman who used to come here and make me eat so I can be alive and see my generation in trouble. She was helping Kalasur. Gauri says was she wearing all black? Laxmi says yes. Laxmi says tatrik wants that secret. THe one who has it can be equally powerful as God. It is called shaligram. It has God’s powers. If tantrik has it, he can rule over the world. No one can stop him. I lost everything. I don’t wanna lose you. I wont tell you where that shaligram is. I can’t risk your life. Karuna says wow what a story. Nani I felt like I was watching a movie. I will do it. She stands up and throws a fire ball towards them. Karuna says take me there old woman. Laxmi says I would never tell you. Karuna says I will kill Gauri. Karuna throws fire towards Gauri. Raj feels like Gauri is in trouble. Laxmi protects Gauri. Karuna says I am Kaal. Gauri says I am Kali.

Raj knocks on the door but it is locked. everyone comes in but Gauri isn’t in her room. Raj sees a rope. Menakshi says she ran away again.
I told you kick her out. She has no shame. Raj bleeds from nose. He faints. He says my head hurts. Kalasur mishka and ajay look inside. Raj says please look for Gauri.
Gauri and Laxmi tie Karuna with a chain. They throw her near the idol and a trishul falls on her. Karuna dies.
Kalasur feels and says Gauri killed Karuna. Gauri is crying and says di.. Gauri says what is shining in the idol. It is a key. Gauri takes the key. She says we have key to the second door.

Gauri and Laxmi come to the magician jugni. She says who is this woman Gauri? She looks just like you. Gauri says she is my grandmom. Can you keep her here? Laxmi says I am really worried for you. Gauri says I will be fine. Jugni says Gauri you dont’ have much time. You have to come back on time.

Scene 2
Gauri sneaks back in the hope. Menakshi is getting things ready. Ananiya sees Gauri and takes Menakshi one the other side. Gauri goes to her room and washroom to change. Raj is there. She falls on him. He holds her. Raj says where were you last night? Who did you want to meet? You dont’ have an answer. I hate liars. Gauri says please.. He goes out. Guri says are you better? He says do you care? You will kill me someday. Gauri says please dont say that. He says that is truth. Why do all this drama? Anyway, he gives her papers and says these are our divorce papers. Raj coughs. Gauri says please drink water. He says leave me alone. I don’t want any drama on my sister’s wedding. Dont’ come out of this room.

Roma goes towards Gauri’s room. Menakshi says I knew you were helping gauri. You are helping her. Roma says how will I answer guests when they ask for her? I can’t let people insult us. I will just tell Gauri not to do any drama today.
Roma comes in and says Gauri our respect is in your hands please don’t do anything wrong. She leaves with everyone.
Garui wonders how will she stop the wedding. Ajay comes adn says you killed Karuna. You think you are smart? You can’t stop this wedding anyway. I will see how you stop me. Gauri says you will see how I stop this wedding. Don’t even image marrying Aditi. Ajay says why are you saying that? Don’t stop this wedding. Raj comes there. He takes Gauri from there. Raj says why do you do all this? Please kill me but don’t torture my family. don’t do this to my sister. I will divorce you but please don’t do this to my family. You love torturing people. I hate your face. He coughs. Gauri says Raj.. She caresses his face. Gauri says why is Karuna lost? Why are you sick? Gauri says Ajay is dead. Just like Karuna was. Ajay’s uncle is Tantrik. Please trust me. stop this wedding. Connect that dots and you will have answers. You didn’t kill papa. Tantrik did. He threw him in front of you. Raj says can you prove all this? All made up stories once again. Do what you want. I wont let you torture my family. Aditi will get married tonight. He leaves. Gauri is in tears.

Precap-Kalasur takes life from Raj’s body. He says you can’t do anything now. these people will open this trunk and everything will go as per my plan.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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