Qayamat Ki Raat 13th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Sanjana tries to fool Raghav

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Qayamat Ki Raat 13th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sanjana is very angry. Her help says stop. don’t be so angry. she says I want to kill that Vaidahi. She is coming close to that Raghav. They are failing my plan.He says I have a plan. She wont be alive anymore. Sanjana says I have to make Raghav make. Take his soul with me. He would be mine forever. He says I will live here with Raghav. Sanjana says I want Raghav to love me. Vaidhi shouldn’t come between us. Raghav is only mine.

Karan says to Raghav you should talk to Vaidahi. He says I am going to my room for now.
Vaidahi comes to the haveli. She says it looked different at night. It is beautiful. Raghav says I want to talk. Se says look around it is beautiful. Sanjana is looking at them. She says they are coming close. Stop them from coming together. Vaidahi says I want it the way I want. The caretaker comes and says I will elp him. Vaidahi sees a woman running. She stops er. Raghav tries to recall. She says I am Sanjana. I was paid to clean it. The caretaker says she can’t clean it without machine. Raghav says we would need her to clean the house. Vaidahi says she doesn’t give me good vibes. Raghav says we should keep her. We would need her. Sanjana says I will make food for you. Let me make tea. Sanjana brings water for them. Raghav and Vaidahi are about to drink. Raghav says I want to talk to you Vaidhi. e goes and leaves the water. He says I wanted to talk. I hope you don’t take it the wrong way. She says I know you will say you fell in love with me right? He says no that’s not what I wanted to say. He shows her a photo. Te photo is of their past life. He says I and Karan met an old man in the jungle he gave us this. Vadahi says what is this? Raghav says the person you saw in the dream was me and the girl I saw was you. Vaidahi breaks the glass. Sanjana comes and takes the photo. She says actually villagers got this fake photo made to stop you from coming here. Vaidhai says don’t play with my emotions Raghav. I don’t see you in my dreams. Don’t do this drama that we have a connection. Let me do what I am here for.

Raj comes back to hall and says what does she think of herself? She says thinks I got that photo made or something? Raghav drinks the water… He goes upstairs. Sanjana says I waited so long for you. She comes close to him. Raghav says who are you? Why am I compelled to you?
Vaidahi sees the same flashes. She says was Raghav right? How is all this possible. Someone throws rope in her neck and pulls her. Vaidahi screams. Karan comes and cuts the rope. He says Vaidahi run.
Raghav says who are you? She says even if I tell you you wont agree. He says yes I would trust everything you say. Promise.

Sanhana takes Raghav to the cave. There he sees his photos with her. Raghav is dazed. He says your and my pictures? She says no these are Raj and Gauri’s pictures. You are my Raj and I am your Gauri. I saw the same dreams you see. I knew you came for me. We are connected. I waited for you all these years. He says no you aren’t the girl I see in my dreams.
Karan attacks the masked face guy. The guy beats Karan and runs after Gauri.

She says I am Gauri. I cant live without you. I waited for you all these years. You came but you aren’t trusting me. It’s okay. I will wait till you trust me. These photos mean nothing if you don’t trust me. She burns the photos. Raj says what are you doing? She says all these are useless if you don’t trust me. Raghav says I might recall everything. We have to wait till then. Sanjana hugs him. She says promise me you will be with you.

Gayuri runs from the man. He says you can’t run from me.

Precap-Vaidahi says raghav I recall everything. You are my Raj. He says no you aren’t my Gauri. I found my Gauri. He goes to Sanjana.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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