Qayamat Ki Raat 11th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Raj becomes Kaal

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Qayamat Ki Raat 11th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
A man attacks Raj and Gauri. Raj fights him. HE beats the the thugs. One of them hits Raj on head. He faints. Gauri says Rak.. They run. The thugs call Uma and says we have done it. We have taken the thread from his foot. Dharam says to Uma I wanted to tell you something I saw a woman outside the house. I felt like someone is keeping an eye on this house. Uma wonders who could that be. Dharma says I am worried for Raj and Gauri. I should tell them. Uma says Dharam, they have seen bad days. I want them to spend time together. Dharam says you are right.

Raj gets up and screams. He holds his head. Lights turn off. Raj sees his face and is dazed. He shoves Gauri. Raj’s body changes in kall. Gauri is almost fainted. Raj goes towards her. Gauri says Raj there is someone behind

you. He says in kalasur’s voice its only you and me. Today is our night. we have to be one. He picks her up. Gauri says what are you doing Raj.
Raj calls Uma. His phone called Uma by mistake. Gauri says Raj what are you doing. He comes close to her. He shoves Gauri. She falls down. The woman in black saree comes and puts something on Raj’s forehead. He faints. Uma says Gauri shout. Is she dead. Gauri says who are you? Uma wonders who is Gauri talking to? The woman leaves. gauri faints.

Uma comes to the farm house. She says gauri you in this condition? What happened? What is all this? gauri says where is raj? She tells Umaa everything. Gauri says how did you come here? Uma says I had been calling you both. I was so scared. I came here for you two. Gauri says lets go and look for Raj.
Raj is running in the jungle and screaming. Uma and Gauri are in the car.

Dharam collides with Prithi. Prithvi says why you look worried? He says Raj and gauri aren’t home. Uma isn’t home either. Prithvi says lets go and look for them.
Gauri says to Uam I heard Raj shouting. They go inside the jungle. The black saree woman is following Prithvi and dharam.

Gauri sees Raj and says Raj.. His face is black. Raj looks at his had. Dharam says to Prithvi I saw a woman. She hides. Prithvi says we have to look for Raj. We can’t stay here for this woman. Prithvi says I will look for this woman you and look for Raj. Dharam says don’t worry.
Prithvi looks around for the woman. He tells Vikram.
Some thugs come. Raj beats them. Gauri is dazed.

Prithvi says to everyone we have to look for that woman. She has to be at ease so we can cathc her. The woman comes near the library. Everyone in the army is looking for her.
Garui says what is raj doing. this isn’t normal behavior. What is he doing. Gauri says Raj.. Please stop. Gauri says Raj please don’t kill them.
Prithvi comes near the library. the woman hides.
Gauri says Raj what are you doing. He isn’t even saying anything. What is he doing. Um says I don’t understand anything. Dharma sees their car. He stops. He hears Gauri’s voice.
gauri says Raj don’t go near jungle. Gauri says kalasur did something. Uma says but he is dead. Dharam stops Raj. Raj throttles him. Gauri says raj please leave dharam. He is your friend. Raj shovs Gauri. Dharam puts a locket on his forehead. Raj drops Dharam. He faints.

Scene 2
Gauri brings Raj home. She is in tears. Gauri recalls her moments with Raj. Gauri comes to temple and says I thought we will all be happy now. We killed kalasur but nothing fixed. Look at Raj. The woman is hearing. Uma says Gauri.. Gauri hugs her. She says this all is happening because of me. Uma says we can’t do what kalasur wanted. We can’t give him your secret. Gauri says you are right. We will keep protecting that secret. we will all fight. We should tell everyone what happened in the jungle. Uma says no we shouldn’t everyone would be worried. Dharam says doctor is here.
Gauri feels like she saw someone. Gauri goes after the woman but she hides. Gauri says who was this woman? What does she want? I have to find out who she is and what does she want. I have to do it before she does something.
Precap-Uma sees her locker that its empty. She says who opened this? This means she is back.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. May be that black woman will be Raj real mother

  2. I hope so because I don’t think uma is Raj mother but don’t know this is ekta kapoor show after all she likes to butcher characters uma was the best character in d show from the start I was thinking it going to b meenakshi who was d black hat woman because she hated Gauri so much but it turned out to b Uma

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