Qayamat Ki Raat 11th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Raj to marry Karuna

Qayamat Ki Raat 11th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Kalasur says wow Karuna well played.
Raj says now you will say that this is real dharam and karuna left. Raj leaves. Gauri says please stop. He leaves. She cries.
Karuna looks at Gauri’s picture. She says is that gauri? Her picture here? Kalasur throttles her and says stay out of my secret. Do as I say. If I can alive you I can kill you to. Go and do what I brought you here for. Karuna leaves.
Raj leaves. Gauri says please stop. She says dharam please stop him. Dharam says why are you so worried for him? You always had anger for him. Do you love him? She says no what are you saying. He says no you love her.
Dharam says I loved you ever since I knew you. She says there is no such thing in my heart for you. I know you are hurt but this is true. I don’t love you. Your life partner would be very lucky but that’s not me. We won’t meet each other because that would hurt you. Thank you for everything you did for me. She says I am goig. He says let me come with you. She says it will be difficult for both us. She leaves. Kalasur says now I will make Gauri mine. This story will end.

Karuna says take her to your world. He says no the old Gauri gave me sharap that I will die if I try to forcefully make her mine. She has to come to me or I will die. You have to talk to her and convince her to be mine.
Gauri is on road. SHe says of di sees Raj she will kill him.
Raj is on his way alone.
Gauri is crying for Raj. Kalasur says I wont kill him but do something that Gauri will hate him forever.
A woman saves Gauri. She says says the car could hit you. She says I wanted to go to Sumergarh. The woman says this is sumergarh. Gauri says is there any old place here? She says there is an old palace here. Kalasur says she shouldn’t go there.

Raj comes to hospital. Dadi says where is gauri? Raj says she is with dharam. Raj says I have to meet ananiya once. I want to talk to her about something important. He goes in,
Raj asks Ananiy are you okay? She says you here? He says in heart I want to know. Raj says tell me how you fell. Please tell me how you fell. She recalls what karuna did. Raj puts curtain oon door and says dont be scared. Please tell em what happened with you. Ananiya says in heart this could be karuna. SHe is here to test me again. She says I fainted and fell from the fence. He leaves. Aaniya cries.

Scene 2
Gauri comes to old palace, Kalasur says she will know the old secret. Gauri comes to the haveli. She sees Kalasur. He says come to me. she says you can’t attack me. She says you can’t kill me. You had many chances but you want to make me yours. You can’t stop me. He shoves her and floats in the air. Gauri says stop leave me. Everything in the house breaks. Gauri finds a thread. SHe says you can’t do anything now. sHe hears a noise and follows it. KAlasur says I wont let you enter this door until I want to take you there. He disappears the door.
Gauri picks a photo. It has her photo. She runs out. Dhrama says are okay? She says dharam see this painting. Its mine. I have to show it to everyone. He says I will come with you. She says not you. We are good friends but things have changed now. I will handle. He says I loved you without conditions. But you are my friend too.

Raj is boxing. Karuna comes there and says drink water. She says Gauri said I am not alive. I am dead. I don’t know what to do. My sister said that about me. Gauri used to make stories when she was a kid. sHe thought she was an old queen. She said I shouldn’t go in front of anyone. Am I a witch. Aman brought this mangalsutra for me. He loved me. I know he wont come back. I was there. A rod stabbed him. There was a lot of blood. I fainted and he fell in the water. I thought gauri would care for me but she is accussing me. I should die. She takes off her mangalsuta and says I don’t wanna keep it. I shouldn’t be alive. She leaves.
Raj asks everyone if they saw Karuna. He says Karuna was really worried. She asid she wants to end her life. They all look for Karuna. She has locked the room. Karuna says I wan tto die. Raj tells dharam karuna isn’t opening the door. Gauri says in heart what is she doing now.

Precap-Karuna is crying. She says I will kill myself. raj breaks the door and stops her. Dadi says what she do with her life. How will she live now. Who will marry her. raj says I will. Gauri is dazed. Everyone prepares for Raj and Karuna’s wedding. Gauri is upset.

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