Pyara Dushman – FF (twinj,Rivanya,kaira)~#3

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Hui guys Awatif here again thank u Sidmin,Fenil,Vinni05,Ramya,RUTU…..,Presha,Priya23,Sidmin23,sohi,Adeebarizwan,Twinjfan.tamanna,riya,aqsa,purnima.agarwal,Anya_Panday for the comments and suggestions.So let me tell u guys that kaira just a supporting character cuz I don’t watch yrkkh so there will be less kaira scence and I am not adding or removing any character is u guys request then it will be as cameo. Hope u guys r happy with my desicion and not hurt.
So let’s go with the flow.
Location:Taneja’s mansion
Everyone was at home except shivanya as she us late, when shivanya comes she directly goes to her room there twinkle was talking to chinki in phone when shivanya comes she ends her call then goes to shivanya and tells her about the whole day,she notices that shivanya was sad then asks her what happened
Shivanya tells her everything what happened today and started crying twi consoles her then they all go to sleep
Next day
It was Saturday they were having bf when 2 people entered the house went near table and closed twinla’s eyes others who were sitting the other side were about to shout but people signaled them to be quite then signaled kartik to to say guess who we r in different tone. Our twinkle got idea and said to leela: Maa u know today I have decided to tell u everyone’s secret guys should I tell ?
All: Nooo

Twinkle then u have to request me one by one.
All did when the last two person requested twinkle shouted: Anika di,Shivay jiju
Then everyone understood her trick
Shivika: Wah Masi hame tho bholi hi Gaye
( wow Aunty, u forgeot us)
Leela: no beta how can I forgot my bacha’s and hugged them.
They had some family time then decided to go out in evening
Everyone was ready and we’re going out just Then a car comes and stops infront of their car then twinthk comes out from car and tell them To move in tashan, uv&naira comes out and say we will not move our car u will,then they start there fight nanaji and Sarna’s come there
Nanaji: ke kam karo tum Dino appni kar pheche karo fir side ho ke jao.
They do as directed then leela asks Sarna’s to join them and they all go mall.

Leela goes to usha then tell her something ,after that they call twinj and tell them to somewhere together youngesters make ohh noo Wala face except shivika as they don’t know about twinj Dushmani
Twinj as an obidient kids go held hand then go from there(friends Wala)after they go far they leave there hands with a jerk
Twi:how dear u touch me ha? Idiot.
Ku: oo hello how dear u touch me ha u r not deepika padukon that I will hold your hand.(with tashan)
Twi:ohh really,well I am miss Amritsar punjabi pattaka and beauty with brains.ok so shut up. They went from there yo family and again acted sweet infront of them
After a bit fun they a go home.

Precap:good news and a part of the past to reveal.

Hope U guys like it and do comment and have a good week,keep smiling ??❣

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  1. Fenil

    Awesome chp…
    No need to thanks dear
    next pls…

  2. awwww….awatif…it was just fabulous episode….
    loved it to the core….
    post nxt part soon…
    love u….

    1. Awatif_Rahman

      Thank u adeeba inshallah I will post it soon love you too

  3. SidMin

    Wow Loved it …..
    The last Twinj act was just too good ?
    Love you post soon ?

    1. Awatif_Rahman

      Thank u sidmin

  4. Awww cuteii cuteii baby,☺hw r u..??? missed me.?? I think nah,?ok
    Nw cmng to point that..U told me ur prvs to skip other couples scene??well 4 ur kind infrmtion i let u knw??ki hw can i skip my bby’s writing whn i love it to the core,??? nd don wry i’ll read all couple scene,?so I didn’t mind with ur dction☺☺so carry-on the way u want??will always sport u my bby☺☺ nd twinj tashan was just,?? love the whole,?? So post next soon,☺☺

    1. Awatif_Rahman

      I am fine how r u Awww Awwww thank you so much love you too?????

  5. Presha

    Hey it’s awesome loved it post soon

    1. Awatif_Rahman

      Thank you Presha ❣

  6. RUTU.....

    Awesome episode dear just loved it

  7. Awesome awatif
    Cute one

  8. Aanya_pandey

    Twinj.. uunka jhadga??
    Amazing update

  9. It was awesome dear. Loved it to the core.

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