Pyar ya saza (part 14) (entry of Cupid)

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“Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind. And therefore is winged Cupid painted blind.”

– William Shakespeare


Sanskar POV

Sound of ringtone woke me. Who will be at this time. It’s still dark. Stretching my arms, I searched for my cell in closed eyes. Without checking caller ID, I received the call ready to burst out.

“Who’s this? ” I asked with a hint of aggravation in my tone. No one can blame me. When someone is in deep slumber, if anyone called what would be their reaction. They won’t sit quiet talking softly and thank for spoiling sleep.

“So bad, bhai. I will be there within two hours. You’re still sleeping! Be ready to pick me.”My eyes widen hearing her. I jerked from my sleep like someone throw cold water upon me.

“Within two hours?” I ask incredulously, I almost forgot about Uttara arrival.

“Be ready.” I heard her chuckling.

“Uttaraaaa…….” She cut the call. I can never understand these girls. They are unpredictable. Having seen the time, I felt predicament. It is still three. She will be here within 2 hours. That means around five.

I didn’t even told Swara about her arrival. Now what will I do? Yesterday Swara slept when I went to her room to inform her about it. As I don’t won’t to spoilt her sleep, I too didn’t woke her up.

But now what?

“Do something, Sanskar!” My inner conscience remarked.

I can’t let my sister know about reality of our relation. No. She shouldn’t know we are staying in separate rooms. At last I decided to talk to Swara. With that thought I walked towards her room. Hearing no response for knock, I slowly opened door. A scene in front of me twitched my lips, she is sleeping just like a kid. Embracing the pillow with her hands, cuddling it.

It made me contemplate to buy a teddy for her to cuddle. She looks cute while sleeping. An urge to go to her and take her in arms builds inside my heart.

What was I thinking?

There is no time to devoid. I should do for which I come to her room.


Third person pov

Sanskar walked towards the bed. He devoured at her lovingly. Emotions flickering in his eyes, but he didn’t know what was it. He look way delighted to that. He was obvious to fact he already fallen for his wife. She was more than best friend to him. “Swara…” His voice barely whisper at her ears, she didn’t budge.

He is flinching to touch her. He too don’t know why he is feeling strange with her now. It’s strange, he never get shrink to touch her before. But why now, question popped in his mind for which heart already knows the answer. He slowly touched her shoulder and shook her a little.

“Swara……” For a moment he felt connection between them was deeper than before.

She buried her face deeper to pillow. She held the pillow more tightly with her legs. “Swaraaaa…. please wake up” He spoke in raspy low voice. This time, he shook her with little more energy. She just jerk her shoulder and sleep more comfortably. It have been about ten minutes, he is trying to wake her up. But she is sleeping like nothing happened. He gets frustrated as his all attempt to wake her get in vain.

“Swaraaa…” He yelp resulting Swara to jump from bed in shrink.

“Aaahhhhhhh..,…..” she screamed making Sanskar startled.

He looked at her who trembling, “Swara! It’s just me. Calm down.” He wiped her tears from her cheeks and took her to embrace. Agony was clearly visible in her face. At first she stiffened after a while she too hugged back and clenched his back. She cried heart out.

She couldn’t hold back tears. How much she tries to forget, try to run from her past. It’s not letting her to do so. When we are in sleep our real emotions unwrap. Same is happening with Swara.

She needed someone with whom she can let all her despairs out. She didn’t know how long she cried on his shoulder. She cried on her fate, she cried for guilt for eluding Sahil. She cried for her sisso betrayal. She cried how her best friend who supposed to be her brother-in-law turning out to be her husband. She cried for everything she went through in just a month. She cannot forget kindness with which he treating her. In return she only given his sadness.

Sanskar who not know real reason behind her turmoil contemplate she crying being shocked. “Hush! It’s OK. It’s me only. ” Swara breath become normal. She pushed Sanskar realising their proximity.

“What happened Swara?” He asks with concern. She has been sweating badly in quail.

“Same question I wanted to ask.” She retorts.

“I was waking you up.” He said in calm voice.

“Is this the way to wake me? Who will shout for that?” She stared at him in disbelief, is this man for real. Who on earth shrieks to wake someone.

“Miss sleepy head, I was trying to wake you from last 5 min and you’re only snoring.” He let out hoarse laugh.

“Don’t lie! I never snore, duffer. Why it’s so dark here.” She said scanning the room. Just then he realized that he forgot to switch on the light. He switch on the light, making Swara to blink twice to adjust with light.

As her eyes land on time, her eyes widen.


Sanskar turned towards her after switching light. To his dismay, got hit by pillow. “What the hell! Why are you throwing pillows?” He got hit by next pillow. “Ouch!” he starts rubbing his chest as if it’s aching.

“Is the time to wake me, Duffer!” She said in defiant tone looking directly to his eyes.

He gulped seeing her red face, “Swara that just……” He stumbles not finding words.

“Not a word duffer. Get out. I want to sleep. You’re mad!”

He look at her with puppy eyes, “listen to me Swara.”

“No. I want to sleep…” She said again laying on bed making Sanskar to slap his forehead. He narrowed his eyes to her.

“Swara, Uttara is coming.” Swara opened her eyes abruptly and look at him. He gave a helpless look.

“When she is coming” she queries.

“Around 5 am”

“What? And you’re informing me now?” Her voice quavers.

He glance at her giving her apologetic smile. “She told me yesterday night only. When I came to inform you, you were sleeping. I didn’t think that she will come this early.”

“Oh God! Sanskar. It would be better if you wake me then.”

“Yes. But what can we do now? We can’t let her know anything which going on.”, he said while looking down.

She knew what he meant. She felt sorry for him. It’s her responsibility now to handle situation. She walked to him and held his arm. “Don’t worry Sanskar. We will manage her.” She assured him though she was not sure.

He seemed lost in thoughts. His trance broken by her. “Yes Swara. We can’t let her knew anything. Please help me in this.” I just stare at not knowing what to to say.

“Arey! I know that. I’m with you na.” She said with bona-fide smile. He look at her with mixed emotions. He is struggling for right words, she understands it.

Ignoring the confused expression sprawled across his face, she said “Sanskar we can’t stay separately now. What she will think.” She made up her mind at once. Sanskar become amazed with her question. The words he wanted to say her couldn’t say, she said it like reading his mind.


Swara Pov

Now I’m standing at the door step of our … Ufffo… his room. I’m shifting to his room now. It’s incredulous how our relationship progressing. What is my relation with Sanskar, it’s definitely more than friendship. With him I feel so special which I never felt around Sahil.

Gosh! What was I thinking.

How can I compare both.

“Why are you standing here. Come inside.” He has carried a bag in his hand. He is helping me in shifting.

“Come Swara” He took my hand in his hand and make me enter in his room. I felt strange as cold wind hit me softly.

I walked towards the wardrobe still holding the bag ” where will I keep clothes.”

“Swara, keep your bags here. ” He instructed pointing at the corner.

“What did you think I will put my clothes here. I’m shifting to your room. That means this is now my room too. I will use wardrobe.” She told him.

“No way. Its full of my costumes. I won’t let you to spoil that. It’s a well maintained one.” He says crossing his arms on his chest.


What he think about himself?


Third person POV

Swara look at him angrily and drop her bag making it fall in Sanskar’s leg.

“Ahhaaa. My foot. Are you blind. Can’t you put it somewhere else.” He said holding his foot and jumping like monkey making Swara chuckled. She was about to open the wardrobe.

“Don’t open ” he yells. It was too late Swara already opened it. Her mouth widens in bewilderment.

“What’s this. ” she asked in shock. The whole wardrobe messed with his clothes. He put everything together and mess it. It is hard to identify his casuals and suits. Some suits fall down when she opened it.

“Sanskar, this room seemed to well maintained one and this wardrobe. What you done to it? ” I asked raising an eyebrow.

“That na….. Yesternight I was searching for something. Because of tiredness I put it like that…” He said by scratching his hair.

” hahahaha…. Seriously Sanskar! What were you searching that made poor wardrobe become prey. ” I couldn’t help, bursting into howls of laughter.

“Stop it. Now be quiet and put all those costumes inside. Keep it like how it was.” He stiffened.

She pulled a long face. “Tell to your servants.” She snapped. Seeing his shocked face, a giggle escaped from her lips. She pick all the clothes from floor and arranged it neatly. She make space for her clothes. Put her costumes in his wardrobe in other half of his shelf.

She look at her work and turns toward him expecting appreciation. He was staring her, but when she look at him he quickly drawn his eyes from her. And look at the wardrobe. She gives a her ‘OK’ look which irked Swara.

“How’s it?” She asked hoping appreciation.

“Your dresses are not suiting here. I don’t know whether tomorrow I will get confused and will wear your scarf instead of my tie.” He said with frown.

“Seriously! I thought you had at least some sense. Don’t prove that you’re Duffer. Oops! I forgot your Duffer only.” She says with an innocent smile.

“Swaraaaa” he gave her fat look.

“Sanskar.” She paused and continued “Enough of your stare. We’re getting late, its half past four. We should go now and pick uttu.”

“Ok boss. Let’s go!” He said before walking out of room.

“Duffer.” A smile acrossed on her face.


As train reached Bangalore railway station, Swasan looked on train for their doll walking arm in arm. A groan of boy capture both attention. Their focus turn to voice from and finds a boy badly injured. A twenties girl hitting the boy with her bags. She had blond hair pulled up into neat bun. They gasped and run towards girl giving a pity look to boy.

“Now you’ll think twice before teasing a girl.” She gave stern look. Sanskar gets proud seeing his sisters courage. Her red lips curl up into a smile seeing Sanskar. He clasped her and gives boy waspish look. The boy who was already scared by seeing Uttara Marshall acts frightened seeing him and run to save his life. Seeing Swara, Uttara turns and gave her bone crushing hug. Uttara is like her own sister to her though they are of same age.

“Bhabhi, I’m happy to meet you after so many days.” She said hugging Swara.

“Only Swara, not me!” Sanskar growled with pout. She kissed his cheeks and hugged him.

“Ok enough of drama! Come doll.” He said as he turned, but stopped seeing Uttara not budging. He gave ‘what look’. Uttara shows her bags and signs him to hold it. He holds her bag with frown.


Sanskar drove car to Nandi hills as demanded by his doll. They reached base of the hill at 5.50 am. The gate of hill opened at 6.00 am. He started car, struggling between series of cars and bikes he drove warily. The drive was extremely pleasant. Seeing early mornings are divine. Palm trees are swaying in breeze. The clouds got denser and darker as they approached the hills. The mist covered the roads and hills.

As they were nearing the peak the fog was getting thicker and thicker. Driving car on zigzag road was tough, so he stopped his car and parked it on side. Then they started walking. The mist gets condensed on their skin.

They reached the top of the hills. Devoured the beauty of Nandi covered in the clouds. The blaze of rapidly changing colors of the snow peaks as the sun strikes is splendid view. It is the time when the day casts away the cloak of night. Uttara clicks lots of selfies and photos of sunrise. That when a mischievous idea pop in her mind.

“Bhai, let me take both of your photo.”

Sanskar stands near Swara contemplating whether to touch her arm or not. “Bhai, its your wife not random girl. Keep your hand on her arm.”

Swara face turns crimson red as his hand touched her arm. Uttara smiles seeing her plan worked. She only came Bangalore for mending their relationship. She knows her brother and best friend relation well. She can see it clearly in their eyes. Swara and Sanskar forgot while being acting before her couple that eyes are the mirror to soul. Eyes reflects true emotions. Nothing hides from Uttara eyes, she also saw emotions in Sanskar eyes for Swara. Nothing wrong being cupid to brothers love story. A sly smile appeared on her face.

Swara engrossed admiring natures beauty, her heel slips. She was about to hit ground, a warm arm wrap around his waist pulling her up. He held her gently to his chest. Her arms around his neck. She closed her eyes in fear of falling. Realising she didn’t fell, she slowly open her eyes. Her eyes pierced to him. His warmth radiating off to her. Her breath hitched. They stared each other for few moments.

He tucked her a strands of hairs behind her ears. She wriggle in his arms “leave me! Everyone is seeing.”

“Let them see! I never going to leave you ever.” Though his voice was teasing, his expression said he is serious. She said nothing as a shiver ran down a spin. A cough interrupts their sweet moment. They composed themselves. Uttara took opportunity to snap perfect shot.

Swara coolly thought their moments, a shyly smile curls up on her lips. This shouldn’t be happening. Her feelings betraying her. Irresistible attraction and forbidden feelings building with in her. When her gaze shift to Sanskar, he gave her a smile that could have meant anything.


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