pyar toh hona hi tha (episode-3)

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Hey guys thanks for ur comments on previous chappy,the love story will soon start b/w raglak and swasan,till then enjoy the chappies.
One important thing:ragini’s mother janki died wen ragini was 8 yrs. Old and she died in a car accident ,no sumi-dadi we go:
Ragini cums back after an hr or so and steps inside her rum tip-toeing.suddenly the lights open and she sees dadi standing there furiously with fire in her eyes.
Ragini(fumbling)-dadi…..dadi maa u here,how?y?actually…..i…….its nothing…
Dadi looks at her arrogantly while she smirks and sits on the bed crossing her legs.dadi gets shocked and ragini gives her a haughty look.

Ragini(arrogantly)-wat r u rdoing in my rum?

Dadi(cuming towards her)(sweetly)-wat’s this laado?these clothes?y?u know na its ur marriage tomorrow and u r……
Ragini(seriously)-jst cut the crap and stop ur laado drama and even if its my marriage it doesnt mean I shud stop enjoying my life……
Dadi also changes her tone and strictly says-u r able to do it now,but wen u will be married then I’ll see how u enjoy ur life
Ragini(glaring her)-u don’t take my tension (sarcastically)DADI MA,I will see wat I have to do……..

Dadi(lets out a laugh)-it’s a completely traditional family and u think u will be able to behave lyk this there,go to parties hiding from them?
Ragini(fiercely)-do I hide from u?oh don’t I tell u?i told u that I m going to party lyk I always do
Dadi(venomously)-told me not asked?
Ragini(getting up from bed)-oh cum on its my life ,my rules so y shud I ask??and moreover if I wud have asked u,u wud surely say no…….
Dadi-but atleast
Ragini(cutting her)-no,I still remember wat u did with me few yrs ago……..i jst sked that cud I go to my frands b’day party and nyt out with her……..but u remember wat u did?……….(lil emotionally)u slapped me…….and warned me to not step out of house ………u remember?

Dadi nods and says-but it was for ur betterment
Ragini(irritated)-pls. its not a reason for u slapping a child,even for their betterment,u cud have made me understood but no…….arrggh I m really helpless that I m leaving here or I wud have gone from here wen I turned 18 only…..but no ,maa took a promise from me on her deathbed……to stay with u and papa,to take care of u …..jst bcoz of that
Dadi(glaring her)-I know its ur promise that has tied u to us,but u will be free from us tomorrow and go away,then I will be the happiest person

Ragini closes her fist to control her anger and dadi walks out smiling wickedly.
Ragini falls on bed and starts tearing-maa y u did this??y??u know she is very bad,she jst wants to make me her puppet,who shud do everything on her directions,but I cant….bcoz I m ur daughter,u only taught me naa to live life on ur conditions,that before anything else,its ur self-respect……so how cud I not apply them?its the only way I feelt connected to u,by ur values……..but I m fed up of living this 2-faced this traditional ,obeying ragini and other side the fierce,attitude ,jovial gini……..i m really fed up
She wipes her tears and says to herself”no u cant cry,maa always used to say that she likes my smiles so I have to smile”.

She changes her dress and cums out of bathrum.she thinks sumthing-swara?oh she’s sleeping in her rum,yaa y not who wud lyk to sleep in this messy rum,ooops sorry bride’s rum,which is filled with gifts all over……..i shud check on swara once”
Meanwhile in swara’s rum
She was sleeping but gets up hearing sound from window.she goes towards it and finds laksh trying to enter inside.she forwards her hand and he takes r now standing silently not able to think of anything.swara starts.
Swara(staring him)-y r u here?at this tym?

Laksh(nervously)-woah I came here to meet u…….
Pain was clearly visible in his voice which swara understood clearly.
Swara(trying to be strong)-but laksh u r about to get married to my sis……..(her eyes welled up)
Laksh(luking up)-I know but I cudnt control my heart,from tom. Our relation will change completely ,so I jst wanted to meet u 1 last tym………
Swara(gloomily)-but laksh………
Laksh(teary eyed)-pls swara pls………don’t snatch this right from me………
They both move towards eo and hug eo losing themselves.ther emotions whichthey had kept inside came lyk a volcane outburst and both cried bitterly.they break their hug and luk at eo teary-eyed.

Swara(forwarding her hand)-promise that u wont think of me now,u will keep my sis happy
He keeps his hand on her and exclaims-promise” pressing his lips to control his urge to scream.
Ragini enters in swara’s rum and sees them holding hands.
Ragini(puzzled)-laksh u here at this tym?and y r u both crying?
Swa lak wipe their tears and says”no..nothing”
Ragini(holding her waist)(she came to her gini attitude)-oh cum on,u r crying and saying “nothing”,and moreover u r in my sis’s rum at this tym,now u both tell me,wat’s happening……

Swara tries to lie but ragini is stiff on her place to know the truth.
Laksh(weakly)-ok I will tell(ragini nods),actually I and swara love eo,……loved eo,I mean we were college frands then we became lovers……
Ragini(cutting him in b/w)-and now u r going to sacrifice ur love for me,fro ur family…………(she sniffs)u stupid people.r u mad?y r the new gen hell bent on being another laila majnu……..arre sumtyms u shud think about urslef too,it doesn’t give u anything wen u always think about other people happiness,be a selfish sumtyms,it wont be as if u did a crime……
Swa lak were shocked by her statements,her confidence filled voice which was exactly opposite from the ragini they were living with from months.they luk at eo then at her widening their eyes.
Ragini notices their gaze and continues-wat?
Swara(shocked)-ragini luk at urself how u r talking…….
Ragini straightens her posture and continues speaking in strict tone this tym-swara,I m here talking about ur lyf and u r noticing jst me,cu on be eroius guys,its about u not me,so concentrate…
Laksh(gulping)-ok,we will,so u r saying that u r ready for my and swara’s marriage,u don’t have any objection…..
Ragini nods and cums beside swara-y wud I have any objection,(in dramatic tone)and btw elder sis shud get married 1st then only this younger is’s no. will cum,and I m too small…..

Laksh(glaring her rom top to bottom)-small?!!!
Swara giggles and ragni smiles seeing her lyk this.
Ragini(keeping hands on swara’s shoulder)-now I got to know y were u lyk a dukhi atma for 2 days…….but thank god I got my sis’s smile back………..
Laksh (clearing his throat)-but now wat shud we do?tom.’s marriage….
Ragini (getting up)-hmmm…….i will run away and then u do drama of getting really hurt then ask for swara’s hand in anger,they will think of theor respect and get u both married(she smiles brightly)
Laksh(holding his head)-I didn’t knew u had such a sharp brain,that u can use for plotting too…..
Swara(pouting sadly)-but it’s a bad idea,wat will people think of u,and wat if it backfires(ragini tries to speak)no ,u cant change my view,I m right……
Ragini(keeping finger on her chin as if thinking )-hmmm so there’s only 1 option left……(swalak luk at her hopefully)

Laksh(excitedly)-tell fast
Ragini nods and says on dramatic tone-the life savoiur of today’s couple………..runaway……swara u run away with laksh
Swara(opening her mouth)-wat?……..
Laksh(supporting ragini)-no she’s right,its best,no one will say anything to ragini then and it cant even backfire bcoz we 3 will be only involved in it……
Swara(she nods)-ok………but wen and how?
Laksh(smiling mischievously)-u don’t worry,we will go only after haldi ceremony,and I wont cum on mandap and then
Ragini(grinning widely)-perfect!!!!
Raglak hi-fi eo and smile brightly.swara cums and hug her thanking her.laksh nods and thanks her.
Ragini(cupping her face)-then if u wud have made me married then I wud have been beating u now ………so no need for thanks
Laksh cums forward to hug her but hals.ragini signals him to cum and he smilingly goes and gives her a hug muttering in her ears”u know u have given me the biggest joy:”
Ragini nods and they break their hug-jeeju now don’t cum near me or my sis may get jealousss and ya leave noe if anybody sees u it will be a problem
Laksh(folding his hands)-ok saali ji(raglak giggle)
He goes and ragini hits swara’s head lightly saying”stupid”.swara puts and hugs her.they say gud nyt to eo and sleep in swara’s rum only.

In morning:
“cum on,there yes”dadi’s voice cums to ragini’s ear woi is trying to wake swara up,she huffs and shakes her more but swara isn’t affected.ragini thinks of sumthing and smiles .
“swara get up,laksh came with baraat ,u r getting late”ragini says and swara getsup immediately.
“wat?how?”swara says jumping on bed.
“arre I was joking to break ur sleep my sleeping beauty”ragini giggles.
“ragini u!!!if I am sleeping beauty then u r….u r cinderalla”swara says thiknig of wat she said.
“cinderalla?me?”ragini says puzzled.
“yes bcoz u r sumthing at home,sumthing outside,which igot to c yesterday only”swara says mischievously.
They giggle and hug eo.”now get ready fast”ragini says pushing swara in bathrum with a simple yellow salwar suit.
Sumi cums in room and sees ragini ready in yellow-white lehenga with her hair left open.she sees her emotionally while ragini smiles at her and hugs her.
“maa no crying”rragini wipes her tears.
“ok,now cum,I will make u wear these flower ornaments”sumi makes her sit on dressing table.
Ragini sits on the chair and sumi adorns her with flower jewellery and kisses her forehead after its done”evrything’s done,u r luking really gud ragu”.ragini smiles nodding and remembers her mother.”no crying ragu,u jst said”sumi said wiping her tears,ragini nods and gets up.swara cums out of washrum wearing a beautiful yet simple yellow anarkali suit with hair tied in side pony tail.
“maa u go swara will get me down”ragini winks at swara,sumi leaves caressing swarag’s cheeks.

“wat happened”swara asks puzzled
“here,see this is the haldi bowl that came from groom’s house…..i stole it”ragini takes out a bowl and luks at swara.
“but y?u stole it,its ur haldi naa”swara sits pouting confused.
“buddhu,u got a memory loss or wat?its ur marriage …….so ur haldi too”ragini hits her head.
“oh but wat bowl wud we use down then?”swara asks.
“I have kept a duplicate bowl,with exact decorations at that table”said ragini smirking
“oh,so it will be on my dressing table and the fake bowl there”swara says amazed and ragini nods.
“cum I will put haldi on u,ur sasural has already cum out”ragini says taking haldi in her hand and forwarding to her face

“swara get ragini down”cums sumi’s voice and swara stops ragini and takes her down.
Maheshwari women smile bright luking at theirto-be bahu and sanskar is noticing evrytihng aroung keenly.ragini sits on the seat and women cum and bless her.
“oh I forgot the haldi bowl,where wud it be?yaa I saw one in swara’s rum,let me get it”sumi says moving towards swara’s rum and taking the bowl which actually came from laksh’s house.haldi ceremony starts and evry1 put haldi on her,she smiles at evry1 who cums and now swara puts haldi no her.ragini winks and whispers in her ears”wait in few minutes u will also be fully bathed n haldi”,swara blushes and moves aside.sanky puts haldi on her screeching happily lyk a kid.ragini smiles at him.swara is standing besides a pillar blushing seeing laksh’s message.sanskar moves and his legs get entangled in the wires laid around and he falls on swara who supports herself on pillar,a yellow cloth falls on them covering them.swara luks into his eyes while she into his.they r too close to eo while evry1 outside is still grasping wat jst happened.inside sanskar’s hot breath r falling on her face and she closes her eyes feeling a shiver ran down her spine.sum1 removes the cloth and they part away,sanky smiles sheepishly and says in childish tone”I tripped”.

Sumi cums near swara and says her to wipes her face.swara is puzzled and asks “wat?”,sumi whispers that u have hladi on ur cheeks,swara touches her cheeks and runs from there to ragini’s rum as her was also filled with ladies using her rum.she luks at herself in mirror trying to catch her breath and notices the hladi on her face”it wud have got wen he dashed with me,he had haldi on his hands,yaa there only”she says consoling herself and trying not to think of that moment.she goes inside washrum while ragini cums inside the rum taking bowl from swara’s rum and sits on bed waiting ofr swara to cum.

she turns her head and sees laksh jumping inside.”u wat r u doing here?”ragini asks shocked.”well I came here to meet my saali”he says stepping forwards with a smirk.”oh jeeja ji,ur bride is inside,pls leave me and go after her”she says giving a smirk.”oh but I thought to spend tym with my saali,oh no,now she’s not even interested in spending tym with me”laksh says faking a cry.”hmm flirt with ur saali,not gud,jeeja ji,wat will jeeji think”she says raising her eyebrows making a sad pout.”so wat,let her hink whatever she wants,after all u r laso my adhi-gharwali”laksh says winking.ragini giggles and they hi-fi .”seriously I didn’t thought that u wud be lyk this,so frands?”he says forwarding his hand.”frands forever”says ragini shaking his hand with hers.swara cums out and sees them talking with eo and smiles at laks blushing hard.”I think I shud leave and give u both sum privacy”ragini gets up but laksh holds her wrist and reasons out”evry1 will think that y is bride roaming around and her sis sitting in rum,so its better u stay here”,ragini nods and sits at a corner.”now cum on put haldi on eo”ragini winks at them and they blush.laksh takes haldi from bowl but stops as sanskar enters in rum at jst that moment.laksh withdraws his hand while sanky luks at him puzzled.”wat u r doing here?”he says scratching his head.”wo…wo he came here to meet ragini..yes”swara says fumbling.”oh so u r here to put haldi on her lyk evry1 did,ohhh”sanskar says innocently.”cum on,put it”sanky says pushing him slightly towards her,ragini gets up and smiles awkwardly,laksh puts haldi on her cheeks while ragini tightly closes her eyes.swara has tears in her eyes while laksh is frowing ,sanskar furrows his eyebrows and luks at the 3 person’s expressions,”wat’s going on,it is laksh’s marriage with ragini,then y is swara tearing and these too laso uncomfortable”he thinks puzzled by their behavoiur.he sees phone in swara’s hand and thinks of sumtihng.”swara cum,make me wash my hands,

lets leave them alone”sanskar says holding her hand and pulling her with him in his childish behavoiur.”cum here,wash it in this rum here’s the washroom”swara shows him washroom,sanky asks for help and tries to take her phone but she is not leaving phone from her hand.he sees a lizard on wall and shouts ludly”lizard”,swara jumps and hugs him tightly dropping her phone on floor.she tightly closes her eyes and buried her head in his chest while sanky is shocked that she reacted so scared,he careses her head and says”swara,it went,u toh get scared lyk a child”sanskar says in his childish tone.swara breaks the hug and luks down embrassed and runs from there hastly.sanskar smirks and takes swara’s phone from floor and reads sum messages.”so laksh lves swara.interesting and I sp lanning to runaway,now wait and watch”he says fire emitting in his eyes.
“wat happens to me,y I behave so stupidly around him,he’s jst like a kid,don’t think too much”swara mutters while walking to ragini’s rum.

“u had to do the rasam with swara not me,but ur bro he at tyms behaves lyk adult ,how he took swara with him saying he wants to give privacy”ragini roams around the rum frustrated.”ragini relax,its jst haldi,and me and swara r getting married na,so jst that matters nothing lese”he tried to calm her down.”hmm”ragini says twisting her lips.”ragini its ok,don’t worry,and u r again turning to the boring ragini who always keeps her mind occupied with tensions,jst chill and show sum qualities of my frand”he says cupping her face and luking into her eyes,she calms down and nods.”laksh now leave me,I cant be in this siruation for more tym”ragini says pointing to his hands on her cheeks.”oh sorry,jst got too filmy”he says removing his hands and rubbing his neck.”now I shud leave”he jumps from the window.”her eyes r so beautiful,I jst noticed today,……….wat m I thinking”laksh says smiling but then frowns.

Precap-raglak and swasan marriage bu t how?

Done with episode 3,hhush,we r moving quite fast,I must say but tell me how u like it,were the scenes uptomark?how their marriage happens ,any guesses,well sanskar is fyn then u can think of anything.

Waiting for ur views and comments,have a little patience then u will see a full-fledged story of raglak and swasan and yes both couples will be given equal importance,I hope u have got to know by now…..

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