pyar toh hona hi tha (episode-3)

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Hi guys I m back again with nxt part of pyar toh hona hi tha:
“swara wat r u thinking?”ragini asked shaking a lost swara.
“nothing”swara said with null expressions thinking of her moment with sanskar.
“see how I m looking lyk a yellow ghost with this haldi’s color all over me”ragini said pouting sadly.
“don’t worry,its gud for skin only,so think of it as any beauty treatment”swara said consoling her.
“swara,u will be married in few hrs. I cant believe,wow”ragini said screeching happily and side hugged swara,swara caressed her hair nodding and blushed lyk anything.
“arre ragu beta,see here,ur lehenga from ur sasural”sumi entred the room excitedly and showed them the lehenga.both their eyes were beaming with happiness to see such beautiful lehenga.
“its awesum,maa”swara said caressing the heavy work on lehenga
“after all the bride deserves to luk this gud,so the lehenga had to be her level”ragini winked at swara.
“ok beta I m going,u try it”sumi caressed her cheek and went away
“ragini,but I cant have it,u know its for u,not me”swara said sadly
“ohho,wen ragini’s here then y to fear”ragini side hugged her and swara luked at her confused while ragini moved to cupboard.

“tadaa”ragini showcased the same lehenga from her wardrobe and swara was astonished to see this,
“but how?”swara asked with happy tears
“I know how imp. Value it holds for u,so my sis and the bride is going to wear this lehenga only”ragini announced to her.
“u r best sis in the world”swara said hugging her tightly
“not more than u”ragini said complying

After 1 hr or so
“maa swara’s frand met with an accident and she needs her now,so swara wont be able to attend the marriage”ragini said holding sumi’s hand
“shone but its ur sis’ marriage,how cud u?”sumi saids worried
“but maa,a life is more imp. Than some1’s marriage so let her go”ragini said with utter honesty.sumi nodded sadly and went from there.
“ragini,how cud u speak lie to maa”swara said in low-spirit
“bcoz I know my truthful sis wont be able to say such thing,evry1 thinks me as sanskari but u r more sanskari than me”ragini said rolling her eyes
“hmm”swara remembered sanskar from sanskari and her mind went back to that memory,how she hugged him in washroom and the haldi incident.
“ok now go”ragini pushed swra towards the door with the bag in which lehenga is kept.swara hugged her feeling an unknown fear but covered it nicely.
“taxi”swara waved her hand and went in a taxi smiling thinking of her bright future.
“hello laksh u r coming naa”swara said over phone to laksh
“swara,I will cum in few hrs.actually I have to show them that I m ready so at last moment they wont be able to find me”laksh said wearing his sherwani.
“hmm”swara said and waited for his reply
“don’t worry,till then u go to beauty parlour and get ur make-up done”laksh said to lighten the mood.
Swara hung up letting uot a sigh and went to beauty parlour.
“jst 2 more hrs”laksh smiled contently
“u don’t even know how ur life will turn upside down”sanskar luked at him hiding behind his door,his face stiif with null expressions.

“ragini u r ready beta,barat is jst coming”sumi asked analyzing her
“yes maa,u don’t take much tension”ragini cupped her face and said.
Sumi went from there.”I hope maa is able to bear this,I don’t care about dadi or papa,but she,she’s such innocent soul”ragni luked at departing figure of sumi.
“I reached mandir but where is he,not even picking my call”swara said worried standing on the stairs of mandir.she was looking like a royal princess in a mahroon lehenga with heavy embroidery work and the jewellery making her look more breathtaking.
“everything will be fyn swara,nothing wrong will happen,u r doing right,and this tension jst before marriage ,its common in evry girl”swara said breathing in and out handling herself.
“beta woah,laksh,he….he didn’t came,ur marriage……..”sumi said with tears in her eyes luking at ragini
“what?”…no maa……..check once…..he might be cuming”ragini said tears developing in her eyes
“no beta,he wont cum,he ran away”sumi said b/w her sobs hugging ragini
“I cant live here maa,I cant ,this all will haunt me,I cant live here”ragini said stumbling with her vision blurred by the tears.

“laado is it a tym to take nap,get up its ur marriage”dadi said shaking ragini
“wat happened,u r shouting as if an earthquake came”ragini said in sleepy tone.
“if the bride will sleeps lyk this on her wedding day then surely an earthquake will come”dadi taunted her.ragini sniffed luking at her and got up.
“it was jst a dream but now after the marriage drama,I will leave this house,I cant stay here for more”ragini thought and smiled.”wat r u thinking?”dadi asked skeptically.”about my marriage”ragini gave ger a fake smile.
“oh god ,wen will sum1 cum to tell that the marriage is not taking place”ragini said luking at watch.
“arre,I guess u r too desperate for ur marriage”said 1 girl in the rum
“its right of evry bride,don’t worry”said another sitting there.ragini cudnt believe that how ud some1 poke their nose in her matters but her controlled herself and faked a shy smile to evry1.

“barat’s here”one girl came runnig and panting to there room,ragini was shocked wud be an understatement,wen everything was decided then how cud it be,barat here?aint laksh with swara,if he is then who’s here?she was puzzled by this.evry girl ran to the balcony to see the groom.”let me also see”ragini said trying to reach to balcony which was full with the girls.”ohho,brides don’t see ther barat,u sit there only”said 1 girl giggling.ragini huffed and sat no bed trying to dial swara’s no. but it was unreachable.”where r u swara,I hope u r fyn”ragini said praying for the best.
“laksh u came”swara said feeling a hand on her shoulder.she turned around and much to her shock it wasn’t laksh but……sanskar.”sanskar……wat….wat r u……doing here?”swara asked fumbling.”u came here for marriage and me too”he said in a stern voice.”sanskar ….u…..u r talking normally,how?”swara asked moving backwards wen sanskar moved towards her.she was about to fall backwards from the stairs but sasnakr held her hand and luked at her ,his eyes now filled with warmth rather than hate,she luked at him with soft eyes but soon he pulled her towards him ,her fronts hit eo’s and swara gasped to this,they were too close to eo feeling the other’s hot breath on their neck which send shivers to them.”wat u r doing here?”swara asked moving back composing herself.”

its gud I m here or u wud have fallen”sanskar said in mysterious tone.”wat do u mean and u r talking normally it means u r normal ,u were acting as mad,why?”swara asked screaming on him.”ahh,don’t scream I can hear properly”sansakr said rubbing his ear.”where’s laksh?”she asked horrified thinking of wat’s cuming nxt.”he’s at his marriage………with ragini”he said raising his eyebrow.”no…..he was supposed to be here…….with me…..he is marrying me…… where is he?”swara sked holding his collar.”chill its about marriage naa,then ok,I will marry u”sanskar said holding her hand tightly.”no ,wat ru speaking”swara said jerking him and tried to run away.”stop there only swara,one step and ur family will be ruined”sansakr said dangerously.swara halted her steps and turned towards him scared like hell.”wat ru speaking?u……u didn’t do anything naa?speak up”swara asked hyperventilating and falls on his chest crying miserably”pls l;eave themi will do wat u say”she said hopelessly.”hmm,that’s a smart decision”sansakr said making her luk into his eyes.

The girls were taking ragini downstairs for the marriage ceremony while ragini was confused by all this and wanted to run away but she cudnt.she was made to sit at her place besdes the groom and then she saw his face with corner of her eyes,he was laksh only,sitting with null expressions as if a robot.”wat is he doing here?he had to b with swara,then y here?laksh wat r udoing?”she thought bending her head making a fist to control her urge to scream.she pinched laksh to make him llok at her bcoz he didn’t even once looked at her.”he didn’t even reacted to the pinching,wat’s happeninig”ragini thought completely puzzled by his rituals started but laksh didn’t even once looked at ragini..

“keep ur hand in his hand”pandit said to the groom and bride.swara unwillingly kept her hand on his sobbing continuously.ragini kept her her uninterested in his while he was still staring the fire of the altar.
“get up for pheras”.swara didn’t tood up and was sitting there lyk a statue ,sanskar huffed and took her in his arms in bridal style while her sobbed even more.laksh stood up still no expressions evident on his face while ragini thought now sumtihng will happen,this marriage will surely stop but no nothing happened.”ragu beta,get up for pheras”sumi persuaded her.ragini got up with slight tears developing in her eyes.both the couples took phers giving eo the precious promises for their seven lives,which will tie them to eo for their cuimng births ,wether they want it or not.

“put sindoor in bride’s hairline”laksh did so fastly and withdrawed his hand.a tear escaped ragini’s eyes while a little kumkum fell on her nose.sanskar filled her hairline while swara had her eyes closed remembering her moments with laksh and a pinch of sindoor fell on her nose too.”see,wen sindoor falls on the bride’s nose,it means ur husband loves u a lot”said a lady admiring them”so lucky,the bride is,she got such loving husband”antoher lady said.
“put manglasutra around the bride’s neck”.laksh makes her wear it while ragini luks at him shockingly,their eyes met but laksh’s eyes showed no pang of expressions while ragini’s eyes were flooded with emotions,anger,hurt,frustration,hope but now evrythnig ended with this.sanskar put mangalsutra around her neck while a tear escaped his eyes tooswara turned into a lifeless body now,she thought that this is jst a dreamit wont happen but now her all hopes shattered and her world scatter in front of her.”I m sorry swara,I know I m being unfair to you,I know u will be hurt the most in this process but I had no other choice,u r the one whom laksh loves madly and now he will see how his love gets away from him,jst lyk he did with me yrs back”.raglak took blessings from evry1 while ragini sobbed and laksh stood lyk a statue.
She cried woefully keeping her head on sumi’s shoulder ,it wasn’t that she was going away from her family but her pain and anguish which was cuming into the form of tears.laksh and ragini were made to sit in the car and ragini looked at him venomously while his vision blurred and he closed his eyes holding his head.

he opened his eyes with a jerk and looked at a crying ragini sitting besides him.”ragini wat r u doing here?and in this car?i was going to swara naa?r u also cuming?”he asked holding his head.”laksh,don’t say u don’t know anything,wat u did insdie,u don’t remember anything”ragin asked ,her eyes popped out while laksh noticed her mangalsutra and vermillion.”ragini……..we………r…we married?”laksh asked waiting for a no,ragini nodded helplessly.”laksh u don’t remember anything,u destroyed my life,ur lfie and my sis,how wud she be”ragini said worry and hurt visible in her eyes.”swara,I will call her”laksh said serachig his phone.”its no use she aint picking up the call”ragini said in trembling voice.”dontu rember how all this happened u reached here,our marriage,nothing”ragin asked wiping her tears while laksh shaked his head.”I was jst leaving to go to temple but then sanskar came and he gave me ladu to eat and then I don’t remember anything”laksh said remembering .”sankar?it means he is behind all this……but how?he is mentally sick…….”ragini asked shrinking her eyes.”I don’t know”laksh said frustared pulling his hair recapitulating the marriage incident.”wow u don’t remember anything,as if u got an accident or head injury or u r an innocent kid who is given sumthing and u don’t get to know”ragini said in frustration looking the other side.

”ahh”ragini fell on laksh’s chest wen the car halted at red light making her fall on him while laksh encircled his hands around her wasit to hold her.they looked at eo silently ,not saying anything ,jst lost in eo but then the car moves and ragini tries to part away but her manglasutra gets entangled with his sherwani button which makes her falls back on him,this tym her head on his chest feeling his fluttering heart beats which emerged a tickling sensation in her too but she got away and tried to remove it harshly.”its wont get out lyk this,let me do it”laksh said luking at her innocently,she nods.”something shud be done with patience and ease ,after understanding it,I thought u r intelligent enuf to know this but I guess I m here to teach u this”he said concentrating on the button,she luked at him trying to understand wat he said and luks deep into his eyes.”its done”laksh said pursing his lips and luking uot of window again.they reached mm andas ragini was about to get down ,she gets a pebble below her leg,she stumbles due to pain but laksh holds her shoulders tightly not letting her fall.”no need”ragini said arrogantly.”I m not doing it for u,its for my family”he says in same tone.

Sanskar made swara stand up supporting her by her shoulders,he felt pain in his heart seeing her lyk this but still his mind and the feeling of revenge had overpowered him making his blind to see that he destroyed one life.he took a taxi and they drove off to mm.”swara now u have to do as I say”sanskar said to a numb swara.swara dint replied anything.
“cum beta cum inside”ap said doing aarti of raglak ,her happiness visible in her eyes.raglak looked at eo painfully and turned their heads.her grahpravesh was done while laksh had lheld her all the tym not letting her stumble due to pain and they moved inside.”maa ,cum out,where r u all?”sanskar sreamed from outside.”its sanskar’s voice ,but y is he saying lyk that,he was in his room ryt?due to his bad health”ap said to sujatha worried.every1 moved out and raglak went hastly to see sanskar in wedding attire and with him standing was swara…..laksh stumbled while ragini held him supporting him looking at him painfully and sympathetically.”swara where were u?r u fyn?y r u crying”ragini asked cupping swara’ss face with tears rolling from both of their eyes.”she is fyn,mrs. Ragini laksh maheshwari,my wife,swara sanskar maheshwari is fyn”sanskar said giving a tashan wala look to evry1.ragini luked at swara as if she’s an alien to know that swasan r married while swara lifted her head only to see vermillion in ragini’s hairline.”wat r u speaking,how cud swara marry u?”ragini screamed on top of her voice.”y cant?she loves me ,after all I came back for her,aint it swara”sanskar said keeping hands on swara’s shoulder.”

Swara?”ragini asked not believing all this.”its true”swara said in tears not looking into her eyes.”sanskar,beta u r normal I cant believe”sujatha said smilng.”yes maa,swara is the one who made me fyn,with her love”sanskar said looking at laksh and smirking which went unnitoced by all except raglakswa.”u I wont leave u”laksh said whispering which ragini heard but held his hand stopping him to fight with sansakr,they had a brief eye-lock and ragini was able to melt him to drop his anger at this tym.”now do our grahpravesh too,lyk u did their’s”sanskar said to sujatha.sujatha nodded happily with tears in her eyes while sanskar looked at laksh who had left all hope in his life.the rituals were done and raglak and swasan stood in the hall looking at eo’s blank faces trying to digest wat all happened in this one day which changed their life completely.”sumthing’s fishy,sanskar is normal and laksh don’t remember anything about the marriage,it means sanskar is behind it”ragini thought.”swara is married to sanskar,how,y?my bro. but did she betray me?”laksh was thinking with hurt visible in his eyes.”so laksh is married to ragini,my sis.,now I cant do anything,everything’s destroyed and the reason for all this is sanskar ,I hate him”swara luked with rage towards him.”now the game starts,u r sum1 else’s husband and swara is now my wife,I will make sure u go through the same pain which I bore wen I lost my love”sanskar looked at laksh with null expressions.

Sujaatha was extremely happy as she thought that swara is the reason of sanky’s well being so she didn’t had any problem with this marriage and moreover she cant repeat the same mistake of refusing his love for a girl and loose her one doubted them and accepted them happily.dadi was in 7th heaven to make ragini married and get away with a problem now she had no worries,as usual shekar was not much affected by this but a satisfaction and happiness but visible in his eyes that his daughter is married while he didn’t knew anything about swara’s marriage.sumi had made a connection with ragini quite quickly and considred her daughter jst lyk swara and she was sad sumwhere that she was unble to spend much tym with her daughter ragini.

Precap-no more rona dhona .heroines karengi apne heroes ki naak mein dum

Did u liked this chappy?tell me through ur comments and if any suggestions on how to improve then that too ,wating for ur comments.

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